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Summer 2015
US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power Visits Global Kids in Staten Island

Ambassador Power with Global Kids Leaders at Curtis High School, May 28, 2015
Ambassador Power addressed students at Curtis High School during a question and answer session led by Global Kids Leaders.  Hundreds of students and educators were in attendance.

According to Patrick Newman, Global Kids Leader and a senior at Curtis High School, "For a lot of students at our school, this was a once in a lifetime experience.  To be exposed to such an influential individual helps us realize that we can make a change in the world."


"We are thrilled and honored that Ambassador Power spoke to our students at Curtis High School," says Evie Hantzopoulos, Global Kids' Executive Director.  "Her visit was an incredible opportunity for our youth to gain knowledge and perspective from one of the world's leading voices in international relations."

Click here to see the news report on NY1 and click here to see more photos of the event.
Global Kids Tech Leaders at Emoti-con! 2015

Global Kids Leaders from William Cullen Bryant High School accepting an award for Best Pitch.
Global Kids students from 10 GK school sites and our headquarters participated in this year's annual Emoti-con!, an event held at the New York Public Library where students showcase their digital media and technology projects and meet with technology professionals.

GK Leaders from middle school and high school got a chance to show off their digital media projects that dealt with issues ranging from the conflict in Nigeria and Boko Haram to exploring immigration in East Harlem, past and present.

All the GK Leaders did an incredible job presenting their tech work. Students from the Academy of Health Careers won the Point of View Award and William Cullen Bryant students received Honorable Mention for Best Pitch.

Click here to see a narrated photo montage of the event!
GK Leaders Explore Issues of Justice at the 2015 Youth Conference

This April, approximately 600  high school and middle school students and educators gathered at Baruch College to explore the intersection between justice and global issues such as climate change, education, immigration, and dis crimination at the Global Kids 26th  Annual Youth   Conference .

After the events in Ferguson and Staten Island, Global Kids students chose to explore justice issues at this year's conference, which they named  "Know Justice, Know Peace." As always, the event was student created and led-- they were the conference organizers, emcees, workshop facilitators, performers, and attendees.


GK's and Ping Chong & Co's Undesirable Elements performing at the conference
The audience heard from GK Leaders, U.S. State Department Diplomat Kimberly McClure and Erica Garner whose father was Eric Garner, among many others.

Click here to see a fantastic short video on the conference and click here to see more pictures from the day. 
GK Climate Activists Rally for Climate Ed and Win an Award for Their Work
GK Leaders and Trainers at the Social Justice Expo on May 6.
Global Kids Leaders continue their work towards mandating climate change education in New York City schools.  On April 22, Earth Day, GK Leaders joined New York City Council Members Costa Constantinides and Mark Weprin, EPA Administrator Judith Enck, National Resources Defense Council's Eric Goldstein and Maayan Cohen from the Alliance for Climate Education calling for New York City Council Members to adopt Resolution 0375-2014.  Click here for pictures from the event. 
The rally was covered by the Queens Chronicle and District Administration.

In May, GK's climate activists presented their work on climate education at the Social Justice Expo at New York University and won the social media award!
High School Students Travel to Costa Rica

GK Leaders and Educator on a hike in Costa Rica
Global Kids took eigh t high school students from the Bronx Studio School fo r Writers and Artists (BSSWA) to Costa Rica.  While they were there, the studen ts learned about environmental sustainability, wellness, and indigenous culture.

According to GK Leader Juleisy, the first day in Costa Rica, "was the best day of my life s
o far.  We met so many great people and experienced so many new things.  [It] inspired me."

Check out our Flickr page for more pictures and our Tumblr blog for the students' reflections.
Ed Skyler is Honored at Global Kids' Annual Benefit 
Ed Skyler with GK Leaders at the Annual Benefit
Over 300 people attended Global Kids' 2015 Benefit at the Council on Foreign Relations.  Ed Skyler, Citi's Executive Vice President, was honored for his commitment to improving the lives of New Yorkers.
As part of the evening's program, GK alumni who now work at Global Kids shared their inspiring stories about their time in Global Kids during high school and how those experiences inform their work today.

Check out the news coverage of the event in The New York Times and Bloomberg News.  You can find the photos from the evening on our Flickr page.

Overnight Retreat for GK Middle Schoolers
Global Kids middle schoolers and educators at the Princeton-Blairstown Center
This past April, Global Kids took over 60 middle school students from five school sites on an overnight leadership retreat at the Princeton-Blairstown Center.  Students participated in a variety GK activities that helped them build leadership and collaboration skills, learn more about physical and mental health, and gain knowledge on how to provide basic first aid. Princeton-Blairstown Center staff led activities as well, including a low-ropes course and a night walk.
Global Kids-DC Takes on NYC!

On Thursday April 16, 2015, 35 Global Kids-DC Leaders traveled to New York City for  Global Kids' Annual Youth Conference.  This year the students tackled global and local social justice issues.  Nine students from DC composed and facilitated their own workshops on gentrification. 

Global Kids-DC youth also had the opportunity to engage in i nspiring and thought-provoking activities outside of the conference such as a visit to the US Mission to the United Nations where they received a briefing about the  organization and its work from a senior team leader and a scavenger hunt in Times Square to get them better acquainted with New York City. 


Global Kids-DC Leaders outside Baruch College during the 2015 Annual Youth Conference




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GK Student
Deloris Soto

When I joined Global Kids in 2013 at the Secondary School for Law, I had a vague idea of what I was getting myself into, but I wasn't fully aware of the multitude of doors that Global Kids would open for me. I felt welcomed when I met their amazing staff at my school-- it was love at first sight.

As a freshman, it felt like I had grown three years instead of one with all that I had learned and accomplished. I had the privilege of interning at the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) during Global Kids' Summer Institute at the CFR. Highlights of my first year include, volunteering with the Global Poverty Project on International Mandela Day, making history with thousands of climate activists at the People's Climate March, and attending the 2014 Global Citizen concert in Central Park.

This year, I'm excited to take on a new responsibility of being a Global Kids Board Member.  
Global Kids has helped me find the voice in me I never knew existed. 
Global Kids-DC/Marion Barry Youth Leadership Institute Student 
Miyako Handan

Global Kids was an amazing new experience. What I value most from Global Kids was being able to learn about things going on in the world that are not taught everyday in classes or shown on the nightly news. Our workshops were eye-opening and made us appreciate the life that we have within the United States. Global Kids has helped me realize that I would like to pursue a career with the US State Department. Before GK, I was not aware of the opportunities that were available to me like study abroad, fellowships, and the Foreign Service.


The opportunity to go to places and talk to people in international affairs such as human rights development lawyers would not have been possible without the help of my amazing trainers Libby and Martice and I am grateful for them.


My highlight in Global Kids would definitely be our trip to New York City! I was able to bring together all the experiences I had over the year in D.C. and teach a lesson on gentrification to my peers in New York City. I also enjoyed meeting the NY kids, doing the workshops, and teaching them DC dances.

We loved seeing our alumni and former staff at our GK reunion!  Click here to see photos from the party.
Global Kids has been introducing students to human rights and global issues for over 25 years. Help us continue our important work.   Support Global Kids today!

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