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Winter 2015
GK Leaders in Paris for UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) 
GK Leaders Brianna and Digna at COP21 in Paris
Global Kids took two GK Leaders Digna Rosales and Brianna Johnson, both seniors at the High School for Medical Professions in Brooklyn, to Paris for the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21).  Kevin Murungi, Global Kids' Director for Human Rights and Foreign Policy Programs, accompanied the students on the trip, where they met up with another GK Leader, Victoria Barrett.

Before heading to Paris, Digna, Brianna and Kevin went to Italy to meet with Global Kids' partners in the Sustainaware project, a multinational initiative dedicated to promoting the youth voice in sustainability matters.  The Sustainaware partners discussed what climate change issues they've been working on in their local communities. Digna and Brianna spoke about their work on mandating climate change education in all NYC schools and led a mock COP21 conference workshop during the session.

When they arrived in Paris, Digna and Brianna attended a United Nations event featuring world leaders, including President Michelle Bachelet of Chile and President Juan Hernández of Honduras, and they participated in UNICEF's #YouthPower event.  The students also visited the Climate Generations Area where they got to see and experience clean energy alternatives. 

In addition to attending the UN Climate Change Conference, they visited a class at Lycée Gustave Eiffel vocational high school in Paris.  Digna and Brianna spoke to the students about their climate change work and what their typical school days are like.

Click here to read their article about COP21 for The Huffington Post.  Listen to a Stanford University podcast from COP21 with an interview with Digna and Brianna
To find out even more about their incredible trip, click here to read their blog posts on Global Kids' Tumblr page, "On The Ground:  The Global Lives of Global Kids."
Running To Support Global Kids' College and Career Program

Cheering on the GK 5K participants at Flushing Meadows Park
This October, over 200 people, including GK middle school and high school students, participated in the GK 5K at Flushing Meadows Park to support Global Kids' College and Career Readiness program. 
It was a huge success, raising over $40,000.

Truffle Pig was the lead sponsor of the GK Run/Walk and Astoria Federal Savings Bank, Bareburger, Big City Graph-x & Printing, Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company, Deloitte, Fat Rat Press, Red Stone Equity Partners, Stop & Shop and The Umlaufs were co-sponsors of the event. 
Through GK's College and Career Readiness program, youth can explore their school options; go on college tours; get help with their college, scholarship and financial aid applications; attend career days; participate in internships; and receive job readiness training.  

"Global Kids demanded more learning from me than most of my high school experience and prepared me for college in ways I only realized years later," says GK alumnus Fernando.  "It challenged me intellectually and provided a foundation for engaging others as an adult."

Click here to see photos from the Run/Walk on our Flickr page. 
GK High School Students Report on Their International Summer Travel   
GK Leader describing her trip to Japan this past summer.
This December, Global Kids held
a report back event about GK's summer trips to Japan and Haiti at Baruch College. GK Leaders talked one-on-one with GK supporters, friends, family and staff and made presentations about their travel experiences. The students remarked that traveling to a different country is an incredible way to gain knowledge about that country's culture and heritage, and they said that they would teach peers in their c ommunities about what they learned. 

Students from the Japan trip spoke about how much they discovered about Japanese culture from their homestay families and how they related disaster relief efforts in Japan after the tsunami to what they've seen in their own communities following Superstorm Sandy.

GK Leaders who went on the Haiti trip presented what they learned about current issues in Haiti and how they produced their short documentaries with Global Kids' partner, Ciné Institute in Jacmel, Haiti.  They screened one of the films they created in Haiti about the issues people of Haitian descent face living in the Dominican Republic. 

When asked if they wanted to return to the countries they visited, all the students enthusiastically raised their hands.

Click here to see photos from the event on Global Kids' Flickr page and check out the GK Leaders' short film on Haitians in the D.R. and a "behind the scenes" look at their trip on GK's YouTube page here.  Check back on GK's YouTube page in January for the students' second documentary examining international aid issues in Haiti.

Roundtable Discussions at the CFR
CFR roundtable discussion on Iraq 
Global Kids' roundtable talks at the Council on Foreign Relations are in full swing, engaging GK Leaders in timely, relevant foreign affairs issues.  Two roundtables have been held thus far this school year.  CFR Fellows and Research Associates have presented and facilitated discussions on the immigration situation in Europe and the dilemma of whether or not the US should re-enter Iraq.  Over 40 GK Leaders have participated in each event. 
Youth Lead Digital Media Workshops
GK Leaders at an Election Day Young Innovators Squad event 
Global Kids and partners from the Hive NYC Learning Network have been conducting Young Innovators Squad
digital media events held at various locations throughout the city and are youth-led.  Students are introduced to new digital tools, such as littleBits and "Mediabreakers", where youth get to hack news media and edit the content to reflect their opinions on current issues that matter to them. 

Global Kids has partnered with The Lamp to introduce the "Mediabreakers" tool to GK Leaders at events like the Young Innovators Squad and at Global Kids headquarters for its citywide Online Leadership Program.  Global Kids uses the "Mediabreakers" tool in its new curriculum that helps middle school students critically analyze media and learn how to remix and create original media.

High School Students Reporting Back on Their Trip to South Africa

GK Leader speaking at the GK-DC South Africa Talk Back event in Washington, DC
On Wednesday, October 21st, Global Kids Leaders shared their experiences and the impact of their 13-day leadership trip to South Africa for a room of over 50 peers, family, community partners and supporters. Generously hosted by KPMG, the event began with GK Leaders Miyako Handon and Quonnetta Jones introducing Evie Hantzopoulos, Global Kids' E xecutive Director and Deborah Carrol l, Director of the Department of Employment Services. The program also included a short film highlighting the students' experiences as well as a panel discussion from the participants. The audience was impressed and inspired by how transformative this experience was for Global Kids youth.

Click here to see photos of the talk back!  
College Application Support
GK Trainer Roy assisting students with their college applications 
Global Kids hosted two college application events at GK headquarters assisting over 50 Global Kids seniors with the daunting college application process.  Students received one-on-one support from Global Kids staff, members of GK's Board and Young Professional's Committee, and employees from Time Warner Cable.  Global Kids will continue to give individual support to GK seniors throughout the winter at their schools and at additional FAFSA help events at our headquarters in NYC, as well as at our office in Washington, DC. 
Youth INC/Canaccord NASDAQ Closing Bell Event

GK Leaders on the NASDAQ screen in Times Square
This past October, Global Kids Leaders from Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists, Transit Tech High School and the Wingate Campus High Schools participated in a NASDAQ Closing Bell event to celebrate Trading Week for Kids.  The event was sponsored by Canaccord and our partners at Youth INC.  GK students helped ring the bell, met with professionals in the finance industry, and went to a post-event dinner and reception hosted by Youth INC. 

Click here to see the media coverage of the closing bell event!

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 a teacher and every time I'm in the classroom, I am using the skills that GK instilled in me to teach my students."
−Diana, Class of 2003

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Student Profile
Kazi Ateea

Kazi Ateea is a senior at the High School for Medical Professions in Brooklyn. Kazi has been an active Global Kids Leader since she was a freshman. At GK, she participates in the Human Rights Activist Project where she's working on mandating and promoting climate education in New York State schools, grades K-12.  Her work has led to the climate education Resolution 0375 which is awaiting a vote in the NYC Council. She believes that all youth (and those in power) need to become more involved and knowledgeable about protecting the Earth and climate change policies. Unfortunately, many fail to realize that actions not taken today to prevent the effects of climate change will damage the world that they are inheriting. 
When she is not advocating for climate change issues, Kazi keeps busy with other leadership roles and activities. She is the President of the Student Council, President of PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions System), and the head of the Science Club. Outside of school, Kazi is a part of BSAC, the Borough Student Advisory Council. She plays soccer on the Canarsie Campus Varsity team and becomes committed to anything that helps others do better. 
GK-DC Student Profile
Christian Phillips-Gilbert

Christian is a senior at Eastern High School, and an active Global Kids Leader for the past year and a half. As a participant in the Marion Barry Youth Leadership Institute, he had near perfect attendance for weekly GK workshops throughout the school year.  In the summer, he attended the GK-DC Summer Institute at a Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International
fairs. He also traveled to South Africa for GK-DC/DOES 13-day service-learning and leadership development trip.  Last month, he developed an action plan to educate his peers on the effects of climate change globally during the GK-DC Sustainaware Retreat which brought together a small cohort of youth to take action on sustainability and climate issues. He has committed to University of Iowa where he has earned both academic and athletic scholarships, and plans to enroll in courses that will help him pursue his career goal of working for Doctors Without Borders one day.   On Global Kids, Christian has said,   
"I want to be a part of the group that saves the world and not the one that destroys it."  


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