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Global Leaders From 11 Nations Meet In Kuala Lumpur - With O ver 320 Family First Asia Partners At The Celebration Dinner Ending Spring Summit 2017 On A High Note
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Family First Asia (FFA) hosted 72 of its leaders from 11 nations at its Spring 2017 Summit in Kuala Lumpur. The Summit was hosted by FFA in partnership with Fellowship of Fathers Foundation (FoFF) and Family First Malaysia (FFM). The Summit closed with 320 in attendance at a grand Celebration Dinner for FFA's Asian partners.

"Our Spring and Fall Summits allow us as a team of national leaders to come together, share ideas, pray, and plan for the future," offered Tan Tek Seng, Chairman of Family First Malaysia. "I believe the Summits are invaluable as FFA continues to grow so quickly and serve an ever larger number of families throughout Asia."

Each FFA Nation presented its progress over the past months, and its plans for the coming six months. FFA Nations include Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Myanmar, among others. FFA is on track to serving over 2 million families in Asia this coming year!

"We are a partnership and each FFA Nation has its own leadership team and tailor-made national strategy. But, we all share ideas, resources, and lessons learned. So there are  great benefits in working together," shared FFA's Chairman, Gregory Slayton. "Every FFA Nation has the same goal: helping families of all backgrounds to be stronger, happier, and healthier. Working together helps us be much more effective across the board."
Dr. Grace Sumbillo, Executive Director of Family First Philippines, shared, " I thought our very successful Fall 2016 Summit in Chiang Mai Thailand would be hard to match. But the Kuala Lumpur Summit was simply amazing. " She recapped for all those in attendance " 

We thank God for the great energy, the team spirit, and the many lessons we learned at this Summit. "
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