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December 8, 2014
Dear Valued Customer,

Are you using the world's safest static dissipative bulk bags that do not require grounding? If not, you must read the following information on our new CROHMIQ FIBC bulk bags!

                  CROHMIQ is the world's safest static protective Type D FIBC  

CROHMIQ is internationally recognized as the genuine Type D static protective bulk bag packaging technology. The proven safety record of CROHMIQ is unmatched. Over 30 million CROHMIQ FIBC have been safely used, including extensive use in hazardous flammable environments.  Only CROHMIQ's FIBC technology provides a level of safety equal to a properly earthed Type C FIBC, but without the risks of human error. For these reasons, leading global companies have converted from Type B and Type C bulk bags to the optimum safety of CROHMIQ FIBC.  Over 4 million CROHMIQ FIBC have been safely reused after refurbishing. The static dissipative properties of CROHMIQ FIBC are permanent; therefore, its performance does not decay with time nor wash off during wet reconditioning processes as happens with inferior Type D FIBC.  Grounding CROHMIQ is not required, but CROHMIQ can be safely grounded for applications that demand groundable bulk bags.  CROHMIQ FIBC fabric is FDA and EU food contact compliant, including 21 CFR 177.1520.  CROHMIQ FIBC are continuously tested in a world-class testing laboratory. Over 15 years of thorough testing by the world's leading test laboratories has proven the safety of CROHMIQ's technology. CROHMIQ complies with all the latest National and International safety standards for static protective FIBC. Worldwide technical support is available to all users of CROHMIQ FIBC.

CROHMIQ is a registered trademark of Texene LLC.

�Texene LLC 2012-2014                                                                                                                                                                                                                    For more information visit our





 Discount Inventory
We offer liners for roll-off containers. Easy, one person installation from outside of the container. Liners can also provide coverage, reducing dusting, odor problems and provides an ultimate leak protection during transit. Liners also reduce washout costs and increase container longevity. Our liners will also benefit you by decreasing your turn around time at landfills.

Global-Pak, Inc. Roll-Off Container Liner Installation

Global-Pak, Inc. Roll-Off Container Liner Installation



The end of 2014 is quickly approaching and  our warehouses are overstocked with bulk bags, poly-woven bags,  multi-wall bags, liners and more! Please click on the link below and check out the items we can offer you in stock today.


Looking for something specific? We would be glad to assist you in finding the right bag for your specific need. Call us today, for your bulk bag solution.







Listed below are the market indicators that tend to impact the pricing within the packaging world. Here you will find the most current market price and the percentage difference from the previous quarter.  We continuously evaluate these items in order to provide our customers the most competitive prices.



  • Polypropylene down 11% to $1356/Metric Ton
  • LDPE down 13% to $1390/Metric Ton
  • Oil down 26% to $76/Barrel
  • Natural Gas down 8% to $3.87/Million BTU
  • Diesel Fuel down 18% to $2.78/Gallon

Exchange Rates:

     Rupee at 61.87 - Lost  1.7%      against the dollar

     Yuan -stayed flat at $6.14


It is our vision to be the most responsive, knowledgeable, provider of bulk packaging materials, and to provide service, support, and value beyond our customers expectations, so that the only logical choice for packaging solutions is Global-Pak. With the current moves toward downsizing and leaner organizations, companies must do more with lower budgets. It is our job to work with our clients as partners in order to strengthen their position in the marketplace.We offer the broadest line of products, services, and support available today backed by a thoroughly trained and experienced team of sales and service professionals. Give us a call today for a free "packaging audit" and put Global-Pak to work for you.


Kevin Channell
Global-Pak, Inc.

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