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Stuart Bradin


I wanted to thank everyone for the wonderful support we received last year. The Global SOF Foundation (GSF) ended its second year, and we exceeded our milestones. If you know anything about the GSF you know that we are partner/member run, and we do not do squat without a lot of support and involvement from our partners and people that are willing to give up some of their very limited time to ensure the GSF executes what we said we would do.
The annual reception in Tampa last month was fun. If you did not have fun at that event then you are dead. We had over 850 people walk through the doors, and the venue was awesome. We want to thank Paul Anderson and his team at Port Tampa Bay for being great partners. We are working with Paul's team to make the event in 2017 even better -- yes, it is possible.
For those of you that have not met our new hire I would like to introduce you to Charlynn Driscoll, our Director of Partner Relations. Charlynn lives in the DC area, and she comes to us with a lot of experience and we were frankly shocked that we got her. Having Charlynn ensures that our partners get full-time support, and it allows Meaghan more time to make sure the machine is running at a high RPM.
If you have not looked at the GSF website I encourage you to look at the GSF events calendar and see what is planned. We are really excited about the Global SOF Symposium - Europe in Vilnius, Lithuania on October 13-14, 2016. We are co-hosting this event with the Lithuania Defense and Security Industrial Association (LDSIA) and its 50+defense companies.
If you go to the symposium website at www.globalsofsymposium.org you will see a solid agenda and welcome letter that is co-signed by the Lithuanian Minister of Defense and Chief of Defense. The Prime Minister is going to provide the welcoming remarks, and we have the nation's full support -- it does not get any better than that.
The Lithuanian MOD has asked the GSF and LDSIA to bring forward specific capabilities that they are interested in seeing. I posted this list several times and if there are any questions please reach out to us for more details. We are encouraging everyone to register early, make flight reservations early, and get ready to have a great time in one of the great old cities of Europe. I assure you that the venue is world class and this is going to be a special event.
The GSF is headed into its third year. We have made great strides, and we are truly thankful to our partners and members for helping to unite the global SOF community. You can read more about our accomplishments in this report.

If you are not an individual member then you need to fix that. If you have not attended a GSF event then you are missing out. We look forward to another great year and remember: persistence beats resistance.


Join us for our first non-U.S. event in Vilnius, Lithuania! 
We've invited 60 countries, and the Lithuanian government has given its full support.

SOF for Life made it happen

When it comes to making the dreaded military-to-civilian transition, many Green Berets may find initially that they are unprepared for the mission...  Read More. 

-- an article written exclusively for the Global SOF Foundation by Juan Perez

Over 850 SOF professionals from 37 countries attended the GSF annual reception in Tampa on May 23rd!
Thank You to Our Featured Partners
 AnchorFree is the world's largest platform for private and secure Internet access. Our Hotspot Shield app has been downloaded 400 million times by users in 190 countries on mobile phones, tablets and computers. Up to 200,000 new installs occur daily. We are the #1 security-related app on i-Phone and i-Pad, and we also support Android, PC and MAC.

Klas Telecom is an engineering and design company with over 25 years' experience developing highly capable, lightweight communications solutions for use in austere environments where low size, weight, power (SWaP) and ruggedization are required. Klas Telecom operates in the U.S. and international defense, first responder, disaster relief, law enforcement, and transportation markets.

  Ntrepid has been protecting businesses, government, and consumers from online threats for more than 15 years. Ntrepid's focus as a technology company is on building solutions that support cybersecurity and privacy, eliminating threats to an online workforce.

Want to see how far we've come
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Accomplishments Report Highlight Video
Why Belgium Needs a Special Operations Command
Special operations forces are in high demand... Trained in all forms of unconventional warfare, special operations forces constitute a versatile tool for countering terrorism and training partners abroad. Across Europe strategic-level SOF-structures have boomed. A NATO Special Operations Headquarters was stood up in 2007, and a long list of European nations followed suit in establishing joint SOF entities, including, most recently, Denmark, Estonia, Norway and neutral Sweden.  Read More. 

-- by Dr. Alexander Mattelaer, Fulbright Schuman Visiting Fellow, Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University

Save these Dates!
  • Oct. 13-14, 2016:   Global SOF Symposium - Europe in Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Nov. 16, 2016:
    Annual National Capital Region Reception at Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City
  •  Feb. 21- 23, 2017 : Global SOF Symposium at Innisbrook Resport in Palm Harbor, FL
  •   May 15, 2017 : Annual Reception in Tampa, FL









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