The Possibility of Something New

If you’re watching the news, its apparent that in this shrinking world, some things are not working well. In fact, some things are deathly wrong and cry for attention, repair, healing.

One thing that academics are called to do is to think new thoughts and come up with new ideas that address such pain—whether they are policy researchers, work in a medical lab, or study the prophetic role of art.   But is anything truly  new  possible?

           Easter is testimony to resurrection of the dead—something truly fresh and new rising from the ashes. In Jesus Christ we witness a bright and glorious morning after a few days of deep darkness and despair. Some doubt its possible, including the disciples of that day. It seems preposterous, unbelievable: life after death.

           If you think about it, however, this is not the first time such a miraculous morning came out of nowhere. Resurrection is a mirror of an earlier inspiration, one we call creation. In fact, the redemption Christ offers is a renewal of creation, the launching of re-creation—new life for all creatures.

           So when you read the news on the internet, and you feel like it's old news, bad news, the same awful story playing out again and again, take heart. We can have hope. The good news is that Jesus Christ, God-made-flesh, has risen from the dead, a graphic re-enactment of the first new beginning. Yes, new things—new ideas, new policies, new treatments, new stories are possible. History has shown us that history is not locked in endless repetition. History is not pre-determining. There is always a chance for a new start.

           You’ll read below about some new things springing from our humble corner of God’s world. Its good to know we serve a God who declares, “Behold, I am making all things new!” (Rev. 21:5)

- Dr. Peter Schuurman, Executive Director
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We will continue to add to the site in the coming months, so keep checking back at . Visit the site to discover updated information and GSC news from around the world.
New professor!
Dr. Andrew Barron was newly-appointed for sessional work with GSC. Dr. Barron is an expert in the Jewish background of the New Testament and taught in a seminary in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is looking for similar opportunities to teach overseas in this subject area during the summer season. He lives in the Toronto area and directs Jews for Jesus Canada.
New Board Member!
Samir Gassanov is a lawyer in Ontario and joined our board just before Christmas 2018. Already he is sharing wonderful ideas and connections for GSC.
New Online Community!
On March 1st Global Scholars USA launched the  Society of Christian Scholars - this site offers webinars, curricula, job postings, grants, mentorships, editorial services, and much more. GSC is a partner in this much-needed and requested initiative. Click below to watch the the first SCS webinar – Prayer and the Academic Calling with Dr. Gordon Smith of InterVarsity...
For the first time ever - GSC is hosting the   2019 Global Scholars North American Retreat . The retreat is scheduled for July 25-28 at Tyndale University College & Seminary in Toronto, ON. Planning is well underway, and we are expecting attendees from scholars worldwide. We hope for a time of relaxation & fellowship for all.
Our special guest speaker for one evening is Reverend Dr. Esther Acolatse , Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at Knox College in Toronto.
Manhee Yoon - The Gambia since 2017
Teaching Christian Studies to hundreds!
Adrian & Wendy Helleman
1st GSC Professors - since 1995
Semi-retired & helping with
Gambian Scholarships
Dia Diafwila- Cameroon since 2016
Teaching many online courses in Counselling, Missions & Theology.
Rudy & Marlene Wiebe
Nigeria since 2003
Semi-retired & helping one of their students with community outreach
Stephen Ney - Sierra Leone since 2011
On leave & planning to return this summer
Andrew Barron - Ethiopia since 2018
Teaching sessional courses at seminary
Anonymous Professor in Central Asia
Name protected for security reasons
We have others interested in serving overseas with GSC.
Hopefully the partnership opportunities will unfold in the coming months.
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