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Fall 2016

October 12, 2016
In This Issue
From the Director
Dear Global Studies students, faculty, staff, friends: 
I hope you will enjoy reading our Fall 2016 newsletter, with interesting opportunities for your work, research, and intellectual sustenance. I call attention here to news about two clusters of events that are evidence--in profoundly different ways--of the vision and ambition we aim to foster at the Center. As contrastive as they are, the two clusters share a commitment to the Center's 2015-2018 focus on Human Rights, Human Security, and Global Health. They highlight the work of colleagues from such diverse communities as Philosophy and Social Work; they offer an opportunity for collaboration with partners as (normally) distinct from each other as the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and United Steelworkers. The first cluster of events is the October culmination of the 2015-16 series on global ethics, Coevality; the second is the November beginning of a 2016-17 series on livable cities, the Housing Summit.  These two clusters share an interest in what the Pitt Global Plan refers to as Transnational Pittsburgh, demonstrating the ways in which our local communities participate in transnational and transregional issues and struggles in evidence elsewhere throughout the globe. 

Peter Singer (Th.-Fr., Oct 13-14).  As part of the yearlong 2015-16 series Coevality: Global Ethics in a Time of Total Change, organized by Inaugural Global Studies Faculty Fellow Prof. Terry Smith (Mellon Professor of Contemporary Art History and Art Theory), this two-day visit by Prof. Peter Singer will be the culminating occasion of the series. Described as the world's most influential living philosopher, Peter Singer (Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics, Princeton; Laureate Professor at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, University of Melbourne) is ranked by the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (2014) at the top of its list of Global Thought Leaders; Time has named him among the world's 100 most influential people. Our principal sponsor for the two-day event is the University Center for International Studies (our institutional home); we are grateful to the Humanities Center, the Year of the Humanities, the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences Department of the History of Art and Architecture, as well as to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh for their additional support.  

AY17 Global Studies Faculty Fellow.  In the course of this 2016-17 academic year, Prof. Jackie Smith (Sociology), the new GSC Faculty Fellow, will be leading a series of events that address the issue of the global housing crisis. The first of these events is the Housing Summit (Th.-Sat., Nov 10-12). Pittsburgh's economic re-development has earned it the reputation as one of the country's "most livable cities"; some might ask "livable for whom?" In addressing this issue, Jackie's efforts give us the opportunity to work with several new external partners, including Homes for All Coalition-Pittsburgh, the Human Rights City Alliance, United Steelworkers, and the University Human Rights Network.

As of December 31st 2016, when I hand the Center leadership to my colleague and friend, Prof. Michael Goodhart (Political Science), I will take up the directorship of the Center for Russian and East European Studies (also a federally-funded Title VI Center of Excellence within UCIS). Many of you will remember Michael's outstanding job as Interim Director of GSC a year ago, and I have confidence that he will keep the best of the past and be undaunted in initiating new projects that will retain GSC among the very few federally-funded Global Studies Centers in the US.

As I step down as the inaugural Director of the Center, I am proud that I had the chance to participate in the staff effort to bring the Center through its second competitive funding cycle with top rankings, securing substantially increased support from the US Department of Education and supplementary funding by Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships (FLAS). As one of only seven US global centers to have survived that federal competition, we saw a 75% increase in our FLAS fellowships. Today Global Studies is in the implementation stage of its successful bid and now is a good time (well before the 2018 competition) to consider new directions we might take for the upcoming competition.  In the meantime, happy reading!

Nancy Condee, Director, Global Studies Center 
Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures; Film Studies Program

GSC Faculty Fellowship
The Global Studies Center proudly announces Professor Jackie Smith, Ph.D., as the 2016-17 GSC Faculty Fellow. Each year, the GSC selects one outstanding University of Pittsburgh faculty member whose scholarship supports the Center's research, curricular, and outreach priorities. This award is  design ed to advance and showcase faculty research related to GSC's themes. The fellowship will provide up to $5,000 for travel, research, and curricular development and up to an additional $15,000 in support of a major scholarly event.
With GSC's help, Smith, a professor of Sociology at Pitt, whose research often focuses on, and addresses, the relationships between economic globalization, social conflicts, and popular struggles, will help bring awareness to the global dimensions of the local housing crisis that currently plagues Pittsburgh, and many other metropolitan areas across the United States. Through the support of her GSC Faculty Fellowship, Smith has organized Pittsburgh's Housing Summit, to take place November 9-12, which will provide a space for community residents, students, scholars, activists, and public officials to learn about the global factors that shape displacement and urban housing crises, while simultaneously exploring some of the solutions that have emerged, in Pittsburgh and worldwide, in response to the lack/loss of affordable housing. For more information about the Housing Summit, or to register for the free event, click here .
Smith, and the interdisciplinary steering committee for the Housing Summit, comprised of faculty from Global Studies, the School of Social Work, Urban Planning, Sociology, and Public Health are working with organizers from the Hill District Consensus Group, Northside Coalition for Fair Housing, Labor Council for Latin American Relations, Center for Community Justice, and Casa San Jose to build the Summit agenda and organize community and campus outreach.
Additionally, as a Global Studies Faculty Fellow, Smith developed her new course, "Globalization and Health," offered through the Sociology department and cross-listed with the Global Studies Center and other international programs at Pitt. 
Peter Singer and Coevality: Global Ethics in a Time of Total Change  
Thursday, October 13, 7:00 pm at Carnegie Library Lecture Hall and
Friday, October 14, 6:00 pm at Frick Fine Arts Auditorium, with a reception to follow.  Both evenings are free and open to the public.

The Global Studies Center is co-sponsoring the two-night event,Coevality: Global Ethics in a Time of Total Change , where the world-renowned moral and philosophical thought leader, Peter Singer, will present his lecture, Ethics for One World , on Thursday evening. Peter Singer, the Ira W. DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University, and a Laureate Professor at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics at the University of Melbourne, who has also been ranked by Time as one of the world's 100 most influential people, will discuss the perils and the potentials inherent in globalization. Professor Singer will argue that the most important issues we face today are global rather than national.  From climate change, economic globalization and extreme poverty to the responsibility to protect people from genocide and crimes against humanity, he will make the case for the need to challenge both the prudence and the ethics of those who put forward narrow nationalistic perspectives. 
On Friday evening, Professor Singer will engage in the conversation, Global Ethics in a Time of Total Change, with Terry Smith, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Contemporary Art History and Theory at the University of Pittsburgh and a professor in the Division of Philosophy, Art, and Critical Thought at the European Graduate School, Switzerland. As the inaugural 2015-16 GSC Faculty Fellow, Professor Smith organized Coevality-a research project, a graduate seminar, and a series of public lectures and symposia offered by University of Pittsburgh faculty, students, and a number of distinguished visitors. The year-long Coevality series will culminate in this final two-night event with Peter Singer.  

Faculty Development Seminar
Humanizing the Global, Globalizing the Human
The Global Studies Center's support of the Faculty Development Seminar, "Humanizing the Global, Globalizing the Human," which began last year, in partnership with Pitt's Year of the Humanities initiative, will continue, with four more events scheduled through 2016-17. The popular and provocative lecture series will examine the global and humanistic themes of Empire and Imperialism  beginning on Thursday, November 17, with Imperial Amnesia: Reparations, Global Justice, and Why History Matters presented by  Jeanne Morefield, Professor of Politics at Whitman College. Professor Morefield will discuss topics such as the relationship between the contemporary and historical rhetoric(s) of imperialism, along with the conflict(s) between democracy and sovereignty.


For more information about attending the series, or for more details about future Empire and Imperialism lectures, please click here.


The Global Studies Center is pleased to welcome two new additions to the GSC staff-Lisa Bromberg, as the Assistant Director of Outreach and Jessica Pickett, as the Director of Research and Global Programs.  

Dr. Lisa Bromberg
will plan, develop, and implement the Global Studies programming initiatives for the region's K-12 educators, as well as for the University and the greater Pittsburgh community. Dr. Bromberg earned her Ph.D. in French Studies from the 
University of Pennsylvania, and her research focuses on the development of "Frenchness" in Revolutionary and post-Revolutionary French thought. She has taught undergraduate French language, culture, and literature courses, and as the Head of Foreign Languages at the Tuxedo Park School, Dr. Bromberg designed the K-9 French curriculum, mentored new teachers, and led pedagogy workshops on second language acquisition and teaching.
Dr. Jessica Pickett will spearhead strategic initiatives designed to advance the GSC's intellectual agenda under the University's Global Plan. Among other priorities, Dr. Pickett will develop the Governor's School for Global and International Studies, oversee the Global Academic Partnership, Faculty Fellows, and Kabak endowment programs, and will also teach courses in the Global Health concentration. She earned her Ph.D. in managerial science and applied economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where she explored the impact of consumer information on the market for primary care in rural India. Dr. Pickett has a decade of experience bridging the academic, business and policy communities, including previous roles with the Center for Global Development and
the Indian School of Business.  

Student Spotlight on FLAS
One of the recipients of the Global Studies Center's FLAS (Foreign Language and Area Studies) Fellowships is Miranda (Mina) Hogsett, a third-year student in the University' s Social and Comparative Analysis in Education PhD program, who will also obtain a global studies certificate with a concentration in conflict and conflict resolution. Mina's scholarship includes the research of migration, gender, and humanitarian issues in the Levant region, along with her background in physics and math. With the FLAS fellowship, a prestigious award that enables the recipient to devote full time to graduate study, Mina has had the opportunity to take Arabic courses as a complement to her studies. The FLAS award has also enabled Mina to spend less time teaching courses at Chatham, which has, in turn, provided her with more time to focus on finishing her  graduate work.
In addition to her doctoral studies, Mina traveled to Germany this summer (funded by the Fred C. Bruhns Nationality Room Award), where she interviewed teenage, Syrian refugees, who were mostly male, and had arrived in Germany unaccompanied by parents or other family. Mina will present what she learned from her interview participants and experiences in Germany at a GSC-sponsored workshop for educators, hosted by GSC's Assistant Director of Outreach Lisa Bromberg. The workshop will help educate local teachers about the Syrian war and the current refugee crisis to better their own classroom instruction on these topics. Mina is also working with her advisor, Dr. Maureen Porter, to analyze the interviews and submit an article for publication by 2017 that explains how the teenagers she interviewed navigate various threats to their asylum status, safety, and dignity. 
Without the FLAS fellowship and its financial support, Mina believes she would have dropped out of her program and discontinued her doctoral studies.The FLAS freed Mina to study and better analyze the relationship between education and social justice, with a global perspective, and through a critical and interdisciplinary lens. For Mina, "the GSC has brought me so many learning opportunities during my two years at Pitt...I have attended informative, critical, unique, and inspiring talks given by speakers they've brought in from around the world; I was able to take an amazing class taught by a visiting professor they brought in, Dr. Luke Peterson; I was able to attend the annual meeting for the American Anthropological Association last year in Denver to present about the colonial infrastructures that Bedouin students mobilize under while living as citizens in Israel and the counter-narratives their lives and studies represent; I've been connected with incredible people from numerous backgrounds who dedicate their lives also to interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, global concerns. I also wouldn't have been able to go to Germany to interview Syrian refugees because Elaine Linn at the GSC connected me with the opportunity for the funding I received to conduct that research. The GSC has profoundly impacted my life. All the GSC offers continues to align with and propel my career toward experiences that will enable the projects and professional endeavors I'm involved with in the future to be more profound, informed, and coherent."
Upcoming Fall Events

International Career Toolkit Series
Fridays, October 21, 2:30-5:00 pm & November 18, 2:30-4:00 pm
4217 Wesley W Posvar Hall
This GSC-sponsored series introduces students to the many careers available in the international field as they have the opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of professionals. Many of the guest speakers include Pitt alumni and those that have graduated with an international studies certificate. By attending one or all of the panels, students will gain insight on career choices, what specific careers entail, how to articulate and prepare for short and long term career goals, as well as how to utilize the resources at Pitt to make their goals a reality. October's event will focus on careers in human rights/social justice and, at November's event, students can discuss their opportunities abroad after graduation with alums from the Peace Corps, English Program in Korea (EPIK), Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme, Americorps, Teach for America, and the Fulbright Scholarship Program.  
Global Trivia!
Wednesday, October 26
9:00-10:30 pm
O'Hara Student Center Ballroom
For the second year, Global Studies will sponsor Global Trivia, part of International Week 2016 events at Pitt, where t eams of five students can test their knowledge of unimportant facts and minutia. Grand prizes include study abroad scholarships and ice cream! Teams  will complete against each other by answering questions from the following six categories:
  1. Current Global Issues
  2. World Geography 
  3. World Cultures
  4. World Sports
  5. Global Pittsburgh
  6. Global Competence of Hillary and Donald
To register teams of five for Global Trivia, please click here and/or for more information about all of the events occurring during International Week, visit 

Making Climate Policy: A Historical Simulation
Friday, October 28
11:00 am-3:30 pm
233 David E Lawrence Hall
As a part of Pitt's International Week, the Global Studies and European Studies Centers have partnered to offer students the chance to participate in a simulation of an important period in the history of international climate policy negotiations-the end of the Cold War and the creation of the European Union, spanning the years between 1979 and 1989. During this half-day event, students will immerse themselves in a role (a representative from Poland, a British diplomat, a climate scientist) and participate in active negotiations, answering questions such as these: How did climate science impact policy negotiations? To what extent did national interests trump environmental concerns? And how did large industrial countries respond to complaints from smaller, down-wind countries? Presenters will include Allyson Delnore, Interim Director of European Studies Center, Veronica Dristas, Assistant Director of Global Studies Center, and Michaël Aklin, Assistant Professor of Political Science. For more information, please send inquires to .
Global Issues Through Literature: Multicultural Societies
The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears , Dinaw Mengestu
Wednesday, November 2
5:00-8:00 pm
4130 Wesley W Posvar Hall
The Global Studies Center continues its ongoing Global Issues Through Literature series for University, Community College, and K-12 educators with Dinaw Mengestu's debut novel, The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears. This reading group of globally-minded educators aims to introduce participants to works of fiction that they can then use in the classroom to teach students such global competency skills such as empathy, intercultural dialogue and understanding, tolerance, and critical analysis. This year's theme, "Multicultural Societies," is inspired and co-sponsored by Pitt's "Year of Diversity." The first session focused on multicultural France, and this upcoming session will explore immigration in the United States through the eyes of an Ethiopian refugee living in Washington, D.C. Future sessions will focus on multiculturalism and migration in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Latin America. The November discussion will be led by Professor Gayle Rogers of Pitt's English department, and interested participants can click here to register. For further information or questions about the series, please contact Lisa Bromberg at

For a full list of upcoming GSC events during the Fall and Spring terms, please click here.

Malmberg and Heinz Fellows
Fall 2016 Carl Malmberg Fellow
Mahao Mahao   
Mahao Mahao comes to the University of Pittsburgh as the
Carl Malmberg Fellow. Mr. Mahao hails from Lesotho and South Africa, where he is a graduate of South Africa's University of the Witwatersrand. His decision to pursue a Masters in International Development at Pitt's GSPIA
(Graduate School of Public and International Affairs) was informed by his desire to expand his expertise after establishing the Siyaphila (We are Alive) Youth Literacy Program, a free tutoring program that links tertiary students with underprivileged students in South African townships. Mr. Mahao has a deep rooted passion for Development Policy, Human Rights, and Environmentalism, and he is a NextGen Climate volunteer in Pittsburgh. While at Pitt, Mr. Mahao will also be pursuing both an African Studies and a Global Studies Certificate.  

Fall 2016 H.J. Heinz Fellows
Nika Rassadina
Nika Rassadina is a graduate of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Kyiv, Ukraine, where she holds a Master of Laws degree. Ms. Rassadina was  an intern with Baker & McKenzie and has also been working with Ukraine's Ministry of Economic Trade and Development. She is currently pursuing the LLM degree at the University of Pittsburgh's School of Law in order to achieve academic excellence and to develop valuable professional skills.  Ms. Rassadina's interests include international trade
law and international commercial arbitration.  
Kelvin Ogelo
Kelvin Ogelo graduated from The University of Nairobi with a Bachelor's Degree in Education (English/Literature) and he is currently finalizing his project for a Master's De g r e in Lin guistics from the same University. Mr. Ogelo has been teaching English in countryside Kenyan high schools for the past four years, an experience tha h as instilled in him the need to me ntor youths to embrace quality education. His love for youth education also cemented a desire to research "the social impediments to quality education facing the Kenyan rural girl," a paper that he is currently working on. Mr. Ogelo comes to Pitt as a Heinz Fellow under the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistantship  for Swahili and will be working  with both Global Studies and African Studies. He loves music and football.

FLAS Recipients
Fall 2016  
Sana Chowdhry (History, Arabic, 3rd year)
Roisin O'Dowd (Molecular Biology, Persian, 3rd year)
Esosa Ohonba (Natural Sciences, Swahili, 3rd year)
Nicholas Caskey (Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Persian, 2nd year)
Miranda Hogsett (School of Education, Arabic, 2nd year)
Brandon Libert (Business School, Arabic, 2nd year)
Chelsea Pallatino (Public Health, Hindi, 3rd year)
Katelyn Sives (Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Portuguese, 5th year)
Kyle Watson (School of Law, Arabic, 2nd year)
Summer 2016 (Graduates and Undergraduates)
Studied at Pitt's Summer Language Institute
Tory Blackeslee (International Relations, Duquesne University, Arabic, 1st year)GRAD
Ashley DiGregorio (Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Arabic, 1st year) GRAD
Brandon Libert (Business School, Arabic, 1st year) GRAD
Studied Abroad
David McCoy (Political Science, Portuguese, 4th year studied in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) GRAD
Christopher Montgomery (Economics, Arabic, 4th year studied in Amman, Jordan) UNDERGRAD

Student Awards
Critical Language Scholarship
Nicholas Caskey (International Development, Graduate School of Public and International Studies) Persian; Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Steven Moon (PhD candidate: Music, Cultural Studies) Turkish
Roisin O'Dowd (Molecular Biology, Linguistics, Chemistry) Persian; Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Ashley Saxe (Senior: Rehabilitation Science, African Studies, Global Studies, Pathokinesiology Rehab) Swahili; Arusha, Tanzania
Fulbright Scholar Program
Maria Sofia Barboza ('16, BA Anthropology) will teach English in Brazil
Harinee Suthakar ('16, BS Rehabilitation Science) will pursue a MA in Gender and International Development at the University of Sussex
Aly Yingst ('16, Sociology, Biological Sciences; BPHIL-IAS/Global Studies) will pursue a graduate degree at the University Centre of the Westfjords
Project Go 2016
Sydney Escoe (School of Nursing) Navy ROTC, Tanzania
The Nationality Rooms and Intercultural Exchange Programs Scholarship 
Chimuanya Osuoha, David L. Lawrence Memorial Grant; Yokohama, Japan
Ying (Bailey) Lien, Rachel McMasters Miller Hunt Scholarship; Quito, Ecuador
Ruba Idris, African Heritage Room Committee Scholarship; Iringa, Tanzania

Nicholas Langston, George F. & Mary Ann McGunagle Scholarship; Entebbe, Uganda
Truman Scholarship
Lea Petrose (
Economics, Neuroscience)
Udall Undergraduate Scholarship
Ying (Bailey) Lien (Neuroscience, Chemistry and Film Studies minor)
Faculty News
Professor Mohammed Bamyeh (Sociology) published a book-length report that has been two years in the making entitled, Social Sciences in the Arab World: Forms of Presence ( click here to read his full report). The report has been presented at various events in Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, Germany, Canada, and the US.

Dr. Luke Peterson (Professor of History/Arabic) was awarded a short-term research grant from the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT) in order to continue pursuing his ongoing research project entitled "Palestine-Israel and the Neoliberal Ideal." The project will produce an article in the IIIT journal in December of 2016 and will serve as the foundation for Dr. Peterson's next monograph to be published in 2017.
Assistant Professor Dennis Schebetta (Head of MFA Performance Pedagogy, Theatre Arts Department) was awarded a Hewlett grant and traveled to Amelia, Italy in June to participate in an week-long arts residency led by Russian theatre artist/educator Sergei Ostrenko. There were 17 participants from 10 countries engaging in physical theatre practices derived from Ostrenko's experience at the Moscow Theatre School, including Vyesevold Meyerhold's Biomechanics and Michael Chekhov's gesture work. 
Professor Andrew J. Strathern (Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Anthropology) and
Dr. Pamela J. Stewart (Strathern) [Anthropology] have a new Edited book,  Research
Companion to Anthropology by Routledge Publishing (2015).  Stewart and Strathern are also the Series Editors of a new book series that  they have created entitled PALGRAVE STUDIES IN DISASTER ANTHROPOLOGY.

Student News
Natalia Blewonska ('18, Chemistry) interned this past summer with Clean Water Action, where she worked on developing a lead hazard awareness campaign and a project to help get justice for local communities, whose water was poisoned with PFOAs.
Rachel Bukowitz  ('17, Environmental Science and Sociology) studied sociology this summer at Neapolis University in the coastal city of Paphos, Cyprus through a study abroad program led by Dr. Epitropoulos.
Jacqueline Choffo ('18, Nutrition/Dietetics) studied abroad in Alcalá de Henares, Spain, with 20 hours of practicals at the Hospital Universitario Príncipe de Asturias, where she also took healthcare-concentrated classes in Spanish and shadowed a medical resident. 
Sana Chowdhry  ('17, History) studied Anthropology in Jordan at the NCSU Petra Archaeological Dig School due to the generosity of the Gilman International Scholarship, OCC Advantage Grant, AIA Scholarship, and the A.J. Schneider Award.
Fiona Eichinger ('19, Biology, BPhil, and Spanish) interned at a refugee camp in Germany and studied abroad in Tanzania, where she focused on Public Health, Swahili, and Culture.
Caroline Harpel  ('19, Economics) completed the National Council on US-Arab Relations Summer Internship Program in Washington, DC and was placed with Hands Along the Nile, a nonprofit that works with civil society organizations in Egypt.
Carrie Kramer ('17, Political Science) interned this summer for the United Palestinian Appeal, where she researched how to construct a sustainable, university-owned dairy farm in the West Bank.
Esosa Ohonba ('17, Natural Sciences) interned with the Center for Disease Control in the  National Center of HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB under the ESPS Unit. He worked on policy directives following the World Health Assembly's proposition for the eventual elimination of Viral Hepatitis and conducted an epidemiological assessment of Viral Hepatitis in the Appalachian region.
Mallory Perillo ('18, Mathematics/Economics) studied abroad in Cuba this summer and this semester will research the impact of post-revolutionary US policy on modern Cuban race relations with Professor Vazquez from the Africana Studies department with the support of a Brackenridge fellowship.
Ashley Saxe  ('17, Rehabilitation Science) received a Critical Language Scholarship to study intensive Swahili in Arusha, Tanzania.
Rebecca Toto  ('17, Political Science/IR focus, German) interned in Berlin at Polis180, a grassroots think tank on foreign and European politics. She worked for their migration program and completed research on topics such as the EU-Turkey deal, alternative routes to Europe, and labor market integration of refugees.
Sara Zang ('17, Political Science/IR focus, History, and Administrative Justice) spent the summer working for the Think Tank and Civil Societies program as an undergraduate research intern with Dr. McGann at the University of Pennsylvania.

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