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Global Warming Zealots At It Again - The More They Lie - The More The Science Community Suffers
Mitch Battros Research of the Sun - Earth Connection and 2012
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"Solar Rain: The Earth Changes Have Begun" and
"Global Warming: A Convenient Disguise"

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September 20, 2011    

Global Warming Zealots At It Again - The More They Lie - The More The Science Community Suffers

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes


More evidence of the 'global warming cabal' changing scientific facts and a distinct plan to condition the population into believing the 1988 made-up name of 'global warming' is melting the Earth "permanently." The global warming zealots have actually "changed the World Atlas which has erased 15% of Greenland's permanent ice cover." This is nothing less than a "LIE."



The discrepancy was first brought to the SPRI's attention via a media release accompanying the publication of the 13th edition of The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World stating that the Atlas is 'turning Greenland 'green'. Scientists from the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) were extremely puzzled by this statement and the claim that 'For the first time, the new edition of The Times Comprehensive Atlas of the World has had to erase 15% of Greenland's once permanent ice cover - turning an area the size of the United Kingdom and Ireland 'green' and ice-free'.


The Three People Who Made-Up Global Warming


SPRI scientists compared recent satellite images of Greenland with the new map and found that there are in fact still numerous glaciers and permanent ice cover where the new Times Atlas shows ice-free conditions and the emergence of new lands. Furthermore, the low-lying fringe of the main ice sheet appears to be shown as land - not ice. They concluded that a sizable portion of the area mapped as ice-free in the Atlas is clearly still ice-covered.






To My Facebook Fans and Classmates



Thank you so much for your well wishes and Happy Birthday's, and a special thank you to my graduating class of 1975. One of my classmates reminded me that they only know me as "Mitchell" and that it will always be. So true, and it really touched my heart. It shoots me straight back to the 70's and all the memories that go with it.



Thank you Lisa, George, and Tom from Coast to Coast AM. It was most considerate for you to call me and see how I was doing. Well let me put it this way ... I am doing just fine and at the ready for our next interview. And believe me when I tell you - it doesn't matter what time you call, I can assure you I have had plenty of bed rest. J




On A Personal Note


Many of you already know it has been a bit of a rough ride for me that last four weeks. An Achilles tendon replacement turned into an even more risky surgery due to getting two blood clots in two separate veins. It went from not being able to walk for 4-6 weeks - to not being able to get out of bed for four weeks.



Yes, I know ... you might think lying in bed all day and night would be a favor. I guess it might be for some, but not for this person's personality. I am absolutely going nuts. My wife takes care of me as if I'm an infant (bib and all), but I wasn't prepared for her waking me in the middle of the night (as if I can tell night from day), and placing my leg back on the pillows to keep it sitting above my heart (Doctors order).


To make matters worse, it is hard to shake my guilt from having her take care of me while she is 6 months pregnant and I should be certainly taking care of her. Yes, I know, surely there is a lesson for me in all of this. Maybe it is to give me the personal experience of how others will feel when they experience helpless and perhaps being overwhelmed.



Sure, I've had training from the best there is like FEMA (not the political end) and Red Cross. Sure, I've helped others in times of disaster such as earthquakes, fire and tornadoes. But what I may have missed in my training and experience, is the possible "guilt" one might go through for not being there for others due to their injuries and/or immobility. Maybe this is my lesson.



What I write above is a snapshot of what I believe is coming for most parts of the world if not all as it is written in ancient text. No, not a doomsday scenario, we're not all going to die, and we are all not going to be rendered helpless. However, every ancient text message I have studied, certainly does say we are in a time of eminence fast moving change. Furthermore, they all say it will come in the way of earth changing events in the way of natural disasters and to some form of geo-political uprising.



In summary, I am hopeful we are all open to whatever our journey asks of us - and to have the internal integrity to carry it out. What that looks like for any one person is most likely already defined, or will be very soon. This is the great mystery. It is not for me to know, but for you to find.


I give you my best wishes - as you have already giving to me. Cheers, Mitch and Mitchell



Mitch Battros Research of the Sun - Earth Connection and 2012
Mitch Battros presents fascinating, and sometimes shocking, research from the world's top scientists. After years of dialogue with these experts, Mitch has been accepted into the guarded halls of NASA, NOAA, ESA, Royal Observatory, the US Naval Observatory and other highly esteemed scientific bodies. In addition to the latest research on the Sun's influence on our "weather".

Mitch also presents ground-breaking evidence of how the Sun and other celestial orbs produce 'charged particles' and their impact on humanity.

Just as the Sun's solar activity affects the Earth's magnetic field which has a dramatic affect on Earth's "weather" i.e. earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, hurricanes; so does this wave of electrical currents affect the human body's magnetic field. Mitch also reveals a little-known development from modern medicine known as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). TMS provides empirical evidence of how magnetic fields can influence human emotions.  

Solar Cycle 24 has begun - and it has been predicted by NASA, NOAA and ESA to be up to 50% stronger than its 'record breaking' predecessor Cycle 23 which produced the largest solar flare ever recorded. The Sun will reach its 'apex' (maximum) in late 2011 into 2012.

"I believe it will be the magnetic influence produced by the Sun which will usher in what is described by our ancient ancestors as "the transition" bringing us to a new state-of-being". (Mitch Battros)



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