Global initiative targets climate resilience

Coral matchmakers win Reef innovation challenge

Who will win the People’s Choice Award?

Brain corals outsmart the heat

Mass coral spawning 2018

Seashell inspiration for Oroton collaboration

Reef People

Fundraising feats: Reef wrap


Global initiative targets climate resilience

A world first project will give World Heritage listed coral reefs the best possible chance at survival by building resilience in the face of climate change.

Find out which reefs are involved and meet the partners working to make this happen.

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Coral IVF & RangerBot creator join forces

Coral matchmakers win Out of the Blue Box Reef innovation challenge

An out of the box idea to match-make coral and deliver new coral ‘babies’ using robotics onto the reef has won the Great Barrier Reef Foundation’s Out of the Blue Box Reef Innovation Challenge, securing $300,000 AUD (approx. $225,000 USD) to bring the idea to life.

Southern Cross University’s Professor Peter Harrison and QUT’s Professor Matthew Dunbabin are wasting no time and are getting set to use this new funding immediately to help restore damaged reefs starting this month during the annual coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef.

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Who will win the People’s Choice Award?

Another deserving idea generated by the Out of the Blue Box Reef Innovation Challenge will receive up to $150,000 to bring the concept to life. 

Help decide which one. Voting closes this Friday 9 November.

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Spotlight on Science

Genomics research reveals brain corals may be more resilient to bleaching


Brain corals outsmart the heat

It’s all in the genes! 

Some corals may be better equipped to withstand and survive bleaching thanks to a key genetic difference - a discovery made possible due to our world-first genomics research project - Sea-quence | ReFuGe 2020. Scientists from JCU and ANU have just published their amazing discovery.

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Sex on the Reef heats up


Mass coral spawning 2018

November is the month when corals famously reproduce en masse. Plenty of eyes will be on this years’ spawning. Our Out of the Blue Box Challenge winners Professors Peter Harrison and Matt Dunbabin will launch their mega spawn catching plan and use the new LarvalBot to deliver coral babies back on to the Reef for the first time.

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Creature Feature

How coral babies are made

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Spawning at the SeaSim

The National Sea Simulator at the Australian Institute of Marine Science will also be a hive of activity. Take a look at what’s happening in the SeaSim this spawning season.

Inside the SeaSim

Collaboration for coral

A large collaboration will see researchers from JCU, Southern Cross Uni and University of Technology Sydney, team up with renowned cinematographers from Biopixel, Aroona Boat Charters, Reef Magic Cruises, Traditional Owners, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, volunteers, Citizens of the GBR and others for this year's spawning event off north Queensland.

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Seashell inspiration for Oroton collaboration

Marking the third year of this stylish partnership, Oroton has launched its latest Reef-inspired collection, with 100% of proceeds donated to the GBRF. 

Nautilus Scarf

Containers for Change

Container recycling scheme is go for Queensland

The Great Barrier Reef’s home state of Queensland introduced a new Containers for Change recycling scheme on 1 November. In the first weekend alone almost 1.5 million cans, plastic bottles and glass bottles were turned in for recycling.

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Reef People


New GBRMPA head

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has appointed a new chair. Dr Ian Poiner takes up the role from retiring chair Dr Russell Reichelt.

Dr Poiner is a former member of the GBRF’s International Scientific Advisory Committee and was CEO of the Australian Institute of Marine Science for seven years including during the landmark CReefs global research initiative to fill gaps in our knowledge of what lives on coral reefs. program in which the GBRF was a key partner. Mr Bruce Elliot has also been appointed GBRMPA’s Acting CEO.

In welcoming Dr Poiner to the position, GBRF's Anna Marsden paid tribute to Dr Russell Reichelt who leaves the role after 11 years and a lifetime dedicated to studying and serving the Great Barrier Reef. Dr Reichelt remains on the GBRF board and is a member of the International Scientific Advisory Committee.

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Tourism Award honour

One of the champions of the Raine Island Recovery Project has been honoured at the 2018 Whitsunday Tourism Awards. 

The prestigious Bob Porter Award, which acknowledges outstanding contribution by an individual throughout the year, was awarded to Damien Head of Queensland Parks and Wildlife (pictured above right with GBRF's Anna Marsden) for his ability to bring new ideas to the table to support the Great Barrier Reef and enhance the Whitsundays’ tourism offerings. His efforts to successfully raise industry concerns to support funding for infrastructure in the Whitsundays were also acknowledged.

Fundraising feats


Girl Guides have Reef fundraising wrapped up

Since choosing the Great Barrier Reef as the Queensland Girl Guides’ ‘good deed’ for 2018, the local Oxley guides in Brisbane have adopted a unique fundraising idea for their group.

The girls aged seven to 10 years and their leaders made and sold around 200 wax wraps to take home and use for sandwiches instead of plastic wrap, even using beeswax sourced locally from Stradbroke Island. 

As well as making a generous donation to the GBRF from the wraps, the girls have become active recyclers, been involved in clean up days and are learning more about the Reef.

The Guides have shared their wax paper recipe here for anyone who wants to make their own.

Download wax wrap recipe
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