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GlobalMindED Conference Tracks

  • Rewarding Competitive, Bold Ideas: The Rather Prize
  • Keeping it Real: Authentic, Real-Time B usiness Projects
  • Social Impact Accelerators: The New Paradigm of Education for All Generations
  • Funding Collaboration: How Networks and Partnerships Fuel 21st Century Schools to Create a Better World
  • Personalized Learning: Students at the Center  
  • Curriculum + Community Enterprise for Restoration Science  
  • What You've Always Wanted to Know About Competency-Based Education but Were Afraid to Ask

  • Data Analytics, Big Data and Improved Access Outcomes (K-12 - College)
  • Cybersecurity and the Talent Pipeline: Collaboration to Pre-empt Risk and Fill Jobs
  • Radical Inclusion: Diversifying Technology and Technology Companies  
  • Artificial Intelligence: Amplifying Our Cognitive, Physical and Perceptive Abilities
  • Next Gen Tech Talent: How IoT Changes the Game for Employers, Job Seekers and Learners
  • Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality: Opportunities in Education
  • True Connections in the Digital Age: How to Imagine, Employ and Moderate Technology to Create Meaningful Human Connections 

  • The Foundational Cause and Cost of the Skills Gap: Strategies for Career Literacy
  • Collaborating to Employ Displaced Workers Along the Pipeline
  • Generous Leaders and the New Economic Paradigm
  • Experiences that Give Grads Workplace Credibility and Expertise: High School Apprenticeships Creating Professional Success
  • Economic Mobility, Technology and Access for All:  New Learning Options Driving Employability and Opportunity
  • A "Moneyball" View on Youth Talent Engagement, Readiness and Placement
  • How Workforce Readiness Programs Leverage Behavioral Profiles

  • Privilege, Power, Place: Privates, Ivies, Elite Colleges Tell How They Are Leveling the Playing Field
  • Think Global, Act Local:  Equity, Diversity and Preparation in Effective Study Abroad and Inclusive At-Home Options
  • How Innovative Educational Practices Are Influencing Collaborative Learning Across Different Educational Disciplines  
  • Community Colleges Put Students at the Center:  Innovations Driving Access and Equity
  • Collaboration in Equity Outcomes
  • Business Imperative for College Grads: What Do Colleges Need to Deliver So That Grads Have Jobs Commensurate with Their Education?  
  • Success in Higher ED for First-Gen:  Evidence-Based Results that Can Scale

  • Health Equity: Reversing Rural and Urban Food Deserts 
  • Health Leaders Setting Inclusive Standards 
  • Emerging Health Technologies:  Mobile, Wearables, Telemedicine and Other Breakthroughs Improving Access 
  • Global Initiatives, Local Lessons 
  • Healthcare Innovation:  Creative Solutions for Health and Wellbeing
  • Ability Networks: Inclusive Healthcare Access and Cross Sector Collaboration 
  • The Mental Health Imperative:  Choices, Coaching, Outreach, Cognitive Resilience  

  • Learning for Access: Quality Education for All
  • Scaling Global Competency Education
  •   Opportunities for Employing the Hard to Employ: Realities of What Works Short-Term/Long-Term with Degree Attainment and Career Success
  • Economic Mobility Through a Diverse Talent Pipeline
  • Free Speech, Truth in Journalism and Democratic Values in the Digital Age
  • Innovative, Responsive Policies to Lead in K-12 Education
  • Student-Focused Strategies for First-Gen:  Bold Moves, Needs Goals and Courageous Deliverables

  • Hidden Figures: Diversity in Aerospace
  • Computing as a Necessary Language: The Fourth Literacy
  • Innovation Station
  • From Beauty School to Neuroscience: Engineering the New Entrepreneurial Identity 
  • Fail Forward, Fail Fast:  Young Risk Takers Compete to Expand their World 
  • STEM Equity in Advanced Manufacturing, Engineering, Gamification and Career Exploration
  • STEAM, Life with Passion

  • Foundations Facilitate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Partnering with Community and Nonprofits
  • Gender Impact for Low-Income Access and  Opportunity
  • Investors and Funders Leveling the Playing Field
  • OER Content, Zero Text Costs, and Training Needed to Make It Work 
  • Impact Investors Making Profit and Creating Inclusive Leadership
  • Creative Funding and Investing Strategies to Fuel Collective Impact, Maximize Human Talent and Produce Outcomes
  • Public/Private Pipeline Partnership for Student Success
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First-Gen Student
 Leadership Program

Recruit your outstanding students for the 2017 First-Gen Leadership Program. 

Program includes:
  • Design-Thinking Pre-Conference - 6/21 
  • Reception for First Gen students - 6/22
  • Career Fair - 6/23
  • Networking Development - throughout!
All applications must be in by June 1, 2017.

The Digital Inclusion Award 
Deadline for nominations: May 8, 2017
Notification of winner by: May 15, 2017

The Digital Inclusion Award sponsored by WCET/WICHE and GlobalMindED is a unique recognition of an individual, organization or program having shown significant impact on first- generation learner populations with regard to increasing involvement in Global Digital Leadership. Digital Inclusion is not about infrastructure, it is about what learners DO with the infrastructure to harvest the bounty of new ideas and perspectives.

We look forward to having you join us in June!
Rates increase June 1st. Register now!
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