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Last month, Betty Gronneberg spoke on the STEAM track at the 2017 GlobalMindED Conference in Denver, CO. Betty is the Founder and Executive Director of  uCodeGirl, a non-profit organization that creates a pathway to technology careers for teen girls by tapping into their curiosity, skills, and potential.  A native of Ethiopia, Betty has over 20 years of experience in the technology industry. In her role as a Software Engineering Manager, Betty led software engineers and directed a broad range of projects and initiatives while participating in planning, analysis and implementation of global solutions.  As a recipient of the prestigious Bush Foundation Leadership Fellowship, Betty is challenged to continuously think big and think differently. 
Betty's interview can be found on Carol Carter's HuffPost here.
Article Spotlight 

As David Brooks mentions in his New York Times editorial "How We Are Ruining America", the barriers to educational equity expand across more areas than one may think. He discusses how zoning restrictions, the college admissions structure, and cultural barriers all contribute to an unequal playing field in education. Brooks' article details information from Richard Reeves of the Brookings Institute. Reeve's book "Dream Hoarders" explains the structural dilemma of how the educated rig the system.  He also cites Elizabeth Currid-Halkett's book "The Sum of Small Things", which addresses the barriers of class. At GlobalMindED, we recognize and confront all of these barriers to a diverse and inclusive talent pipeline. We collaborate with inclusive thought leaders and create scalable solutions, so that all students will be prepared for the jobs of the future
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