Opinions Throughout History:

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Opinions Throughout History:
This volume covers the origins of America’s response to globalization from Colonial times to the present, and how the interplay with the world’s many governments has shaped an increasingly borderless world. It discusses America’s unique position as a country that has always relied on global trade, as well as the current divide between those who see the value of America’s continuing international involvement and those who believe that we are better served economically and culturally by isolationist policy. The history and rise of nationalism are also analyzed as the Trump administration argues against the "globalists," and European nations debate the future of a unified Europe. Readers will learn how globalized institutions have grown to be part of the fabric of worldwide business and economies, and how the American public views this trend. Source documents include treaties, speeches, international legislation and agreements, and articles from today's most respected periodicals.
Pub. Date: August 2020
ISBN: 978-1-64265-476-9
Price: $195
This comprehensive, timely volume is a must for large public libraries, university libraries and social science departments, along with high school libraries.
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