March 2016
Concur Fusion Highlights fusion
Concur Support and Commitments:
  • Concur has doubled the size of their travel development team in 2016!
  • Compared to 2014, 2015 had 40% fewer critical incidents, and the resolution time of those incidents were 60% faster. 
  • Concur commits to putting the customer first. Concur will direct the problems to the  appropriate department instead of passing the issue around multiple departments. 
Concur Travel:
  • A redesign of the air, car and hotel search results page is being phased in.  Travelers should expect to see concise language instead of icons and color coding. This change should help bring clarity to the policy and inventory.
Concur Expense:
  • A new feature, "Expense Assistant" offered beta testing to all Fusion attendees.  Expense Assistant is auto-imported, provides itemized hotel folios, distributes weekly emails on expense to-do's, and so much more....
  • The enhanced "attendees" function will have the possibility to auto-import attendees from your calendar, this function will be available soon.
Travel Incorporated has fun at Fusion:

Travel Incorporated tries to raise the bar every year with our booth experience. This year we incorporated a touch screen presentation to illustrate all of our solutions in a fun way. To see pictures from Fusion  click here. To learn more about our vision of the perfect trip click here

Let Them Use Apps Apps
More than half of smartphone owners used an app to buy something last year, almost half of them for the first time. Increasingly, managers who want to meet their travelers on travelers' terms should consider mobile apps. 

In 2015, Smartphone owners used an app to...
  • Conduct a banking transaction 
  • Reserve a table
  • Purchase a flight
  • Order a ride 
With countless travel apps available, how can you help ensure your travelers are using apps that are appropriate and useful for business travel? Let Travel Incorporated help! Check out our selection of preferred apps our travelers like to use. 
Industry Snippets Snippets
JetBlue And Travelport forge ahead with a new deal.  After a two month negotiation, JetBlue and Travelport reached a new global distribution agreement.  Their prior arrangement expired Dec. 1, 2015, making the airline's schedules and fares unavailable to Travelport GDS subscribers.  JetBlue confirmed a multiyear agreement that is mutually beneficial. An airline spokesperson noted subscribers of Worldspan, Galileo and Apollo are once again able to view and book  all JetBlue flights and fares.  To learn more click here
United Airlines is offering new Economy Class fare. United's new Economy class "Flexible Fares" are now available for travel between the continental U.S. 48 states and Las Vegas, New Orleans and Florida. Fares offer customers greater flexibility in their travel itinerary. Benefits include refundable fares with $0 change and cancel fees, fares are available  through Travel Incorporated.