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Your Quarterly News & Updates
9 March 2017

What are you doing to get to where YOU want to be?
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Here we are in the 3rd month of the 1st Quarter, how are you?  Need to re-group or you are running full stream ahead.  Are YOU in 'your lane' of growth, peace and happiness?  Or, have you strayed into someone else's lane?  Make your necessary corrections, dust yourself off and get moving on YOUR right direction.

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1.  Be confident in what you want to do; and how you set your steps to accomplish your goals and dreams.
2.  Who do you have assisting you on your journey?  They say you are the average of the 5 persons you spend the most time with!  Who are they?  
3.  Your behavior style helps you to know your STRENGTHS - YOUR strengths are what you should be working from ... not someone else's.
4.  Become an expert in your area of 'gifting'/knowledge/vocation.  It could be video games; it could be accounting; it could be time management; it could be space exploration.  What do you do well and makes you happy in the doing?  
5.  Now ... go and do!!
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Quote to share - "This is the year to get better at saying "NO".  It's rarely easy, and it is not always popular, but it is necessary for your sanity - not to mention your over packed schedule" -- Jennifer King Lindley
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Gloria-Jean Brown,  {SDVOB}
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