August 2019
Juvenile Justice Team Adds Family Support Specialist
We Welcome Jonathan in His New Role
We are excited to have Jonathan Mobley, Youth Program Manager, as the newest Family Support Specialist for the North East Region. He will offer a unique perspective as a father and a young man that has lived experience. Last year, Jonathan worked hard with Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiatives (JDAI) leadership to empower youth voices and this year he will be part of an amazing collaboration.

PPAL is continuing to partner with the Department of Youth Services. PPAL has also been working to increase communication with local police departments to better support young people with emotional, behavioral and mental health needs. We are thankful for our recent connection to the Mansfield, Lincoln, Brookline, and Cambridge police in working to provide the best approach for all youth.

H ow Family and Youth Voices Inform Our Data Process
View New Infographic
Collecting data from the families and youth we work with is a vital part of our job at PPAL. Data helps amplify family and youth voices to legislators, community partners, and other agencies to make positive change for everyone! Take a look at our updated infographic that explains how family and youth voices inform our data process. Also available on our website here.


New: Find Support Programs and Groups on Our Homepage
Visit Our Website to Learn More

We now have statewide family support programs as well as an updated list of support groups up on our homepage! Visit to find the resources that best fit your family's needs.

Youth M.O.V.E. Finishes Up Internship Program
Group Continues to Teach Life Skills 

The month of August was amazing for Youth M.O.V.E.  From August 5 through August 16, Youth M.O.V.E. held its annual paid internship.  This year, the internship supported youth from Central Massachusetts.  The youth spent several weeks learning administrative and life skills. The interns also learned proper workplace etiquette and budgeting.  

After overcoming recent loss within the community, Youth M.O.V.E. decided to facilitate a "Box Up the Stress" workshop.  The goal of this program was to give transition-age youth positive coping mechanisms for dealing with stress.  The event was held on August 14at the Kiva Center in Worcester, MA, and was a great success.  With school just around the corner, the youth were excited to return with some new ways to deal with stress.  

Youth M.O.V.E. September Calendar


Blog Alert 

Check out our newest blog post! PPAL's Executive Director, Lisa Lambert, discusses how she borrowed from other women, especially those she admired, to meet the challenges of raising a son with mental health needs.

"My son needed an advocate, a persistent, smart, untiring mom who knew how to collaborate but hold the line.  He needed a different version of me."

In our latest youth blog, Rae LaBrie explores how their academic experience impacted the process of healing from trauma. 

"Leaving high school was equally the happiest and scariest day of my life. On one hand, I was finally free of being in a space that re-traumatized me every time I stepped foot inside. On the other hand, I had to figure out a future."

You can now subscribe to the PPAL blog and never miss a post.  Look for the subscribe information on the blog page. 

Back to School with PPAL Workshops

As our children begin their new school year, PPAL is offering some important training opportunities for parents.

Our September line-up is as follows:

September 4 - Understanding Your Child's IEP
September 10 - Working with School Resource Officers (Framingham)
September 11 - Safety Planning and the IEP (Worcester)
September 18 - Bullying Presented by the Worcester District Attorney's Office (Worcester)
September 25 - IEP Transition Planning (Worcester)
September 26 - Q&A with Special Education Law Attorney (Gardner)

In October you can expect to see:

October 3 - Safety Planning and the IEP (Leominster)
October 9 - Transition and Post-Secondary Education (Worcester)

In addition to all of these excellent training sessions, we have additional topics such as special needs trust planning, college disability services, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, and using mobile crisis services.

All of these events can be found on our Facebook page or you can email for more information.

September Monthly Meeting: School Resource Officers

During August's statewide meeting we learned about guardianship from Sarah R. Boonin,
Clinical Professor of Law at Suffolk University Law School. It was a great opportunity for education, finding resources, and networking with peers and other people in the field!

Remember to RSVP for our September meeting! We'll learn about School Resource Officers from Lisa Thurau, Director of Strategies for Youth. 
  • September 10th, 2019
  • 10am-2pm
  • Plymouth Church, 87 Edgell Road in Framingham


Register here to reserve your spot.

Latest Poll Results

We are trying out polls on our Facebook page! Make sure to 'like' our page to participate in our monthly polls. We want to hear from you!

August Poll Results

If you use system support for your child, do you feel it:

A: Creates more challenges ... 61%
B: Meets your family's needs ... 39%

September Poll: 

Where do you find the most useful mental health resources for your child?


A.  Through their school

B.  Outside of their school

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