March 23, 2021
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow? North Livermore Valley is spectacular at this time of year. The winter rains have turned our valley and rolling hills 40 shades of green, even in a low rainfall season. Oat hay has been planted to feed cattle and horses. The Board of Supervisors decision earlier this month to approve the Aramis solar project sets the precedent for the industrial development of the entire valley and rural areas in East Alameda County.
Go Fund Me Campaign Launched To Support Lawsuit To Overturn County’s Approval Of Industrial Solar Power Plants In Agricultural Districts
Save North Livermore Valley has commenced a Go Fund Me campaign to fund a lawsuit to overturn Alameda County’s approval of the massive Aramis industrial solar power plant. 100% of all donations will go to the Save North Livermore Valley litigation fund.

“Our Supervisors have failed us. The only way to stop the conversion of North Livermore Valley into a barren landscape of steel, glass and silicon is to file a lawsuit,” stated Chris O’Brien, chairperson of the Save North Livermore Valley steering committee.

“I ask that all persons that care about preserving the agricultural heritage of Livermore Valley and East Alameda County contribute to the litigation fund. We, the members of the community, must provide the leadership necessary to safeguard our precious open space, scenic vistas and habitat for endangered and threatened species today and for future generations.”

While Save North Livermore Valley cannot offer any prediction on the outcome of a lawsuit, we strongly believe in the strength of our legal arguments. We will argue that Alameda County's approval of the solar projects violates state environmental law, the county's own General Plan and Zoning Code, and voter-approved initiative Measure D which preserves open space and agricultural land in rural Alameda County.

Thanks to a handful of generous donations collected so far, Save North Livermore Valley has enough to file and pursue a lawsuit. But, litigation can be complicated and often includes unexpected costs. We are seeking donations to ensure that we have all expenses covered and can take the lawsuit to the finish line.

“The financial burden of the litigation need not fall too heavily on any of us. We just all must step forward. If 1,000 people will each donate $100, or 500 persons each donate $200, we will quickly reach the goal set for the Go Fund Me campaign,” added Chris O’Brien.

How intrusive will the Aramis Solar Plant be?
The Alameda County Planning Department never required Intersect Power to produce a complete and accurate visualization of the Aramis Solar Plant. The Board of Supervisors approved the project without this critical information.

The above image is our attempt to show what the project may look like. But we are not industrial architects. Our visualization lacks key components including the overhead electrical transmission lines, some mounted on towers 10 stories tall, miles of internal access roads, security fencing, and the 5-acre, lithium-ion battery storage complex with new power substation and an operations building.

A single image, however, can not convey the full size and impact of the Aramis Project. Please watch our video to gain a greater understanding of the extensive destruction the Aramis Project will inflict on the agricultural land and open space of North Livermore Valley.
About Save North Livermore Valley

We started as a group of farm and ranch families and other members of the North Livermore Valley Rural Community. We have been joined by over 400 concerned residents in the City of Livermore and Tri-Valley area united for the purpose of preserving the open space, agricultural land and wildlife habitat of North Livermore Valley for future generations.