Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia
 ...and who did they bring 
to help save the day???

Th e Mighty Morphin Power Rangers dropped in - and even helped clean some windows - when they joined the guys from JENKINTOWN to visit the kids at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia!

The kids at CHOP - and the amazing staff who care for them - had a great time visiting with their favorite superheroes.

The JENKINTOWN window cleaners were also touched by the opportunity to provide some theatrics for the kids and to help spread a little cheer.

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USA TODAY shared the story of 
the Power Rangers visit to CHOP!

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Photos of the Power Rangers visit were also featured on several other stations.
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In past years, JENKINTOWN teamed up with some other famous celebrities...

Last year, Spiderman and Captain America stopped in to say hello to the kids at CHOP King of Prussia!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles learned how to recycle their pizza boxes, when they visited CHOP to celebrate Earth Day!

Grover, The Count and Oscar the Grouch came from Sesame Street one year to visit the kids and help us out!

Recycle Man dropped in one time to pay a visit...

...and The Amazing Spider-Man 
is  ALWAYS one of our regular visitors!

I'm sure you'll enjoy some of these shots.  We loved doing this for all of the special kids and incredible staff at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia!  
Cheers to the wonderful Kids and the amazing Staff at CHOP, and to our great team at  JENKINTOWN!

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