Dear Friend:
When I tell people I work at the Fleet they often say, "I loved that place as a kid!" While it's always gratifying to hear about a connection made to the Fleet, statements like this miss the bigger picture. A science center isn't just for kids. It is a giant community hub for STEM, connecting everyone (yes, even adults) to the power of science.
Science is "magic" that you never outgrow. Personally, I think watching a superconductor float in midair is awesome no matter what your age. But even more exciting is connecting to the amazing work being done by scientists and engineers right here our community in fields from astrophysics to molecular biology. And the Fleet is even bringing STEM to you, right in your neighborhood.
Have a burning question about immunology, preclinical addiction research or any science topic? Just head on over to Thorn Brewing in North Park on Thursday, March 12 and there will be two scientists having a beer ready to have a chat about science. These are just two of the 50 "STEManists" that are participating in the Fleet's special all-female edition of Two Scientists Walk into a Bar , which will be in 25 neighborhood bars throughout San Diego County on Thursday.
This month I urge you to  Go Out With the Fleet and peak your science curiosity at any of a number of special Fleet events and programs for adults including Suds & Science Pop Culture Science , Fleet Night of Science (Pi Day at the Fleet) and more.
During March and every month, the Fleet Science Center is your connection to some of the most fascinating science topics and latest research. We are your science center. After all, why should kids have all the fun?!

Steve Snyder, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

Spotlight Event

Go Out With the Fleet: Celebrate Science Madness with Beers, Bears and Brains

J oin us for an adult takeover! Adults will enjoy seeing the Fleet at night, as well as throughout San Diego County!
Go Out With the Fleet to grab a pint of beer, hear about the latest in scientific achievement, and get to connect personally with San Diego scientists.



Corporate and Foundation Partners

We thank the recent High Tech Fair sponsors for their involvement and support in connecting 2,000 students to the power of science!

Bristol-Myers Squibb
Heron Therapeutics
Lockheed Martin

Collins Aerospace
Northop Grumman
Solar Turbines
Jack Zimmerman
Thomas C. Ackerman Foundation
Patrons of the Prado
An Additional Shout Out to ASML for Inviting the Fleet to participate in their employee Volunteer Fair!




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