October 14, 2019
Announcement: Go Public Strategy and Leadership Comparison

To: 3 registered canvassers, 38 reporters and commentators; 27 trustee candidates and trustees; 34 of the many voters who are very concerned about our "one-size-fits-all" school boards; and 70 generally interested folks including members of the Social Mavrik Federation.

From: Bob Bray, Charter School Petition Proponent

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CAMPBELL RIVER: Bob Bray, proponent of the province-wide petition titled "Initiative to Allow the Voluntary Formation of Twenty Charter Schools", announces the Go Public Strategy and the Leadership Comparison
Go Public Strategy
The Go Public Strategy is for a voter who wishes to declare, in a public forum, his or her view that our school system is in urgent need of reform and that a good spark for reform is more pedagogical competition, which would result from having a few charter schools in BC.

The public forum mentioned above is the list of names maintained on the Elections BC website.

A voter adds his or her name to the list when they become a registered canvasser for the public charter school petition.

The name goes on the list immediately and remains there until the petition period winds down, which will be by the end of November in the case of this Charter School petition.

The current list of registered canvassers on the Elections BC website can be seen here.
Leadership Comparison

Neighborhood School Board Trustees
- elected every 4 years

Charter School Society Board Directors
- elected every year

Principal reports to
School Board Superintendent

Principal reports to
Society Board President

Superintendent has two supervisors:
Board of Trustees and Minister of Education

Society Board President has one supervisor: Board of Directors

Teachers must join the
BC Teachers Federation

Teachers can join the
organization of their choice

Two Questions and Answers
I s a charter school the same as a private school?

Yes, it is independent and no, it is public.

What is a simple description of a public charter school?

A public charter school is a non-profit society with its own board of directors and a charter from the Minister of Education.

It does not need a school board or the usual administrative overburden.

Its teachers do not belong to the BCTF and its parents avoid anxiety about job action
Bob Bray, Initiative Petition Proponent
Phone: 250-900-2422
Mail: 422-1434 Ironwood Street, Campbell River, British Columbia V9W 5T5
Email: bob.bray@socialmavrikbc.ca
Website: socialmavrikbc.ca
The Social Mavrik Federation is a registered society in British Columbia dedicated to cultural politics through endorsing MP / MLA / Trustee candidates and supporting initiative petitions, as directed by its members.
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The link to obtain a printable copy of the volunteer canvasser application form is:
You can "Go Public" by printing and mailing the canvasser application form to:
Bob Bray, Proponent, 422-1434 Ironwood Street, Campbell River, BC V9W 5T5
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