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Faith Promise Fuels Missions at Highland!
Join us this weekend as we celebrate what God is doing around the world Faith Promise giving. Check out the video below to see how your Faith Promise giving is making a real difference globally. Go to www.hpcc.church/blessed to learn more or make a pledge.
Check out our recent podcast with Pastor Mike Fackler as he shares his heart for missions and some of the challenges he overcame to discover that passion.
Be a Rescue Mission Mentor. Meet 6 times in 6 months and make a difference in someon's life as they journey to freedom in Christ.
Mentor Training: Sunday, March 7th at 9:15AM in room 1326. Contact Darren for more information: darren@hpcc.cc
Our global missions focus partner for 2021 is Heart for Lebanon. Click here to watch a video about the amazing work they're doing in partnership with our Faith Promise giving.
Join us for an open house at USI on Saturday, March 20th from 12-2PM
1514 E 12th St. Bldg. F.

USI is looking for weekend mentors to hang out with the teens living there. Also, here's a list of the latest needs for USI. Please contact Kory if you can help: 307-220-6454
Stay updated with the latest local and global missions news. Follow us on our new Facebook page for missions! Click this link to follow.
Darren Adwalpalker
GO Pastor
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