What is vacation, anyway?
I am not sure it's this, but I don't think it's not this, either.
Coach Sarah is in California this week with the family, so this is going to be a short newsletter! If you want the highlight reel version, her Instagram has got you covered. If you want to hear the really real version, tune in next week for our regular edition of the Coached and Loved newsletter. HERE ARE SOME TAPAS-STYLE BITES of what's going on in the Coached and Loved world in Sarah's absence!

  • We talked about sleep hygiene on the Fitness Protection Podcast this week! Coach Sarah is definitely not counting herself in the most-sleep-hygienic category while sharing a room with her 4-year-old, but she is sure hoping to get back to better habits next week when she's home and in her routines. Routines are super important for sleep, and Coach MK has a LOT to say about her own in this episode!
  • EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY, please follow along with Coach MK's announcements about the Holiday Strength Challenge! It's going to be AMAZING! This year, we will be supporting two charities that have been hit hard by federal grant cuts this year: The Blue Bench, which provides services to survivors of sexual assault, and Play University, the nonprofit arm of an afterschool program in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. You’ll learn more about them, later. The madness begins as soon as MK is recovered from the New York City marathon, coming up on 11/3!

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE RACING THIS WEEKEND! We have people at Marine Corps (marathon and 10K) and at the WC-50 Ultra Trail Marathon! WE CANNOT WAIT TO HEAR RACE REPORTS!

You are coached, you are loved, and you are winning at life,

Sarah (and sunny beachy Ros)
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