Zone 9 HOTY Hunter Championship Coming Up
Sept. 13-17
Northwest Autumn ClassicMonroe, Wash. 

Qualifying Criteria: HOTY Championship classes are open to all competitors who meet the minimum eligibility requirements outlined here.

Good luck to all our competitors! Stay tuned for results from this Championship and the Zone 9 HOTY Jumper Championship, which kicks off tomorrow!
Congratulations to our Stable Challenge Winner!
Stable Challenge winners receive an exciting prize pack from USHJA Sponsors! 
Congratulations to Zone 9's Morgan Thomas and Parkside Stables, winners of the 2017 HQC Stable Challenge, presented by The Plaid Horse

Members in all 12 USHJA Zones put their horsemanship knowledge to the test during the 30-day HQC Stable Challenge and the top scoring trainer from each zone, will be receiving prize packages for their barns! 
Last Chance to Participate in the 2017 Horsemanship Quiz Challenge!
Don't miss the chance to participate in the Horsemanship Quiz Challenge, presented by The Plaid Horse

HQC is a fun online quiz members 21 and younger can take for a chance to attend HQC Nationals and win prizes and scholarships to Lake Erie College. Participants must take the Level One and Level Two quizzes no later than September 1 to be eligible to attend HQC Nationals

Can you answer these practice questions?

1. What substance is applied to shoes in the winter to provide added traction?
a. Pam
b. Borium
c. Hoof oil
d. Furazone

2. How many beats are in a canter? 

3. True or false? Good quality hay can meet all of a horse's nutritional needs?

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USHJA Zones 9 & 10 Jumper Team Championships Coming Up

It's not too late to apply to have your points count toward qualifying for the USHJA Zones 9 & 10 Jumper Team Championships! 

National Sunshine Series II  
November 10-12, 2017 
Thermal, California
Points Lock: September 26

This is your chance to get identified by sport leadership as part of the NEW USHJA Emerging Jumper Rider ProgramAll riders who applied and met the criteria at the time of the original application closing deadline of May 1 will be invited to the Championships.
FREE for Members: Ask the Judges Clinic with Mike Rosser and Ken Smith
Join us for the
USHJA Zone 9 Committee presents
with Mike Rosser and Ken Smith

This tremendous educational opportunity is FREE for USHJA Zone 9 Members! You won't want to miss it!

September 15
Northwest Autumn Classic
Important Dates and Deadlines
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Date Event Additional Information
Aug. 30-Sept. 3 Zone 9 HOTY Championships-Jumper, Northwest Spectacular, Wilsonville, Ore.  Click for more info
Sept. 1 Deadline to nominate someone for the USHJA Youth Leadership Award and USEF Youth Sportsman's Award Click for more info
Sept. 13-17 Zone 9 HOTY Championships-Hunter, Northwest Autumn Classic, Monroe, Wash.  Click for more info
Sept. 15 Ask the Judges Clinic, Northwest Autumn Classic, Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Monroe, Wash.  Click for more info
Sept. 26 Points lock for USHJA Zones 9 & 10 Jumper Team Championships Click for more info
Oct. 5 Deadline to nominate someone for the Vital Horse Show Staff Award Click here for the application
Oct. 31 Deadline to apply for the Trainer Certification Program Grant Click to apply
Nov. 9-12 EAP National Training Session, Painesville, Ohio Click, for more info
Nov. 10-12 Horsemanship Quiz Challenge Nationals, presented by The Plaid Horse, Painesville, Ohio Click for more info

Click here  for the Zone 9 calendar of events.
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HQC Answers:
1. b. Borium
2. Three
3. True

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