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A special note from Director of Placerville Camp Kerry Steever - the camp is a ministry of the South Dakota Conference UCC...
Are you excited for summer? I think we have all had our fill of cold weather and these never ending two-day snowstorms. Through the snow, my hope is that in our churches, we have been able to think about outdoor ministry that is coming up and coming fast. Do you think that Jesus was on to something special when he spent a great majority of his ministry in the outdoors? Yes, I think so too.
Camps have played a very important role within our local and wider churches. You don't need to ask many clergy before you find one that dedicated their life to the call of ministry from attending camp or even while at camp. Strong church leaders are also cultivated in outdoor ministries.
I consider my ministry here at Placerville Camp as the ministry of the clean toilet. We want all of your basic needs taken care of so you can focus on growing your relationship with God and others. We focus on hospitality and giving all of our guests the best experience we can offer. We want to do our best to host people over and over again. Please remember, camp is not only for our youth. There is something for all ages whether you are a camper, program leader, or a staffer. You can even play an important role of sponsoring someone to attend camp. When I visit churches I like to share that I would like to see you at Placerville, but more importantly, just GO TO CAMP. Getting away and unplugging is more important than ever in our busy world. Why not get fed physically and spiritually while making life-long friends and memories.

Kerry Steever
Director of Placerville Camp and Retreat Center

(How do you  get to Placerville   Camp?  How do you   register for Placerville   Camp? What all is 
Our prayers...

Rev. Arthur "Art" G. Hermanson, 88, passed away on April 28, 2018 in Sioux City, Iowa. Services were held in his residence town of Kingsley. Pastor Art is remembered for his dedicated service to the Community Church of Christ in Sloan from 1986-1988 and Congregational UCC in Kinsgley from 1989-1996. 
More details in obituary linked here.

Our prayers are with his wife Lois and their family.
Unite our country...
The Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival is bringing together people across the country who are organizing to build a broad and deep national moral movement-led by poor, impacted, clergy and moral agents and reflecting the great moral teachings-to unite our country from the bottom up. This spring, we in Iowa will join others in state capitals across the nation and in Washington DC as the Campaign launches with 40 days of moral action, from May 13 through June 21. By engaging in coordinated and collective nonviolent civil disobedience and direct action across that nation, we will confront the enmeshed and inseparable evils of systemic racism and other forms of discrimination, poverty, the war economy, and ecological devastation; begin to shift the moral narrative of our nation; advance common demands for trans-formative change; and build power to continue this fight long after June 2018.
For more information,
join now at .
June 19-22, 2018
Grinnell College
Learn more:
by going to

Questions:  contact Samantha Houser by  clicking here .
Training Workshop

1) Date:           August 30, 2018
Time:             Check-in at 8:30am & Class at 9am - 3:30pm
Location:         Mayflower Community-Carmen Center (2nd floor Health Center), 600 Park Street, Grinnell, IA
Cost:               $30.00/person for Iowa Central Association members in good standing. $50 for all others. Includes materials/lunch.
Trainer:            Des Moines Pastoral Counseling Center. 
Register:           HERE !
These trainings meet the authorization requirements of any of the committees on ministry in the Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota Conferences. They are open to Authorized Ministers from other conferences or denominations as well.
Reminder: Ministers who have taken boundary training need to provide a certificate/proof of attendance. Send electronically to at the Conference office. The date of completion and document are forwarded to your COM to complete the requirement for good standing.
what's up in our conferences...
  • ...May 3-4 = SD COM Meeting.
  • ...May 4-6 = SD Annual Meeting. 
  • ...May 5 = IA Northwestern Association Spring Meeting.
  • ...May 6 = IA Southeastern Association Spring Meeting.
  • ...May 10 = IA-NE-SD Boundary Training.
  • ...May 11-12 = SD work weekend at Placerville Camp.
  • ...May 13 = Mother's Day.
  • ...May 15 = IA Central Association - Exempt Status (formerly Omega) Standing Presentation.
  • ...May 20 = Strengthen the Church offering.
  • ...May 20 = IA Ordination of Brittany Hanlin.
  • ...May 25 = IA Central Association - Exempt Status (formerly Omega) Standing Presentation.
  • ...May 28 = Memorial Day - offices closed.
  • ...June 1-3 = SD Dakota Association Annual Meeting.
  • ...June 3 = NE "Spare Change-Changes Lives" - fundraiser at NE churches to designate loose change in the offering plate which goes to Kamp Kaleo.
  • ...June 8-9 = NE Annual Meeting. Watch for more details coming.

Camps info = NE Kamp Kaleo = click here! SD Placerville Camp = click here!

Prairie Lakes Association in South Dakota offers a rural ministry internship during the summer. Interested or know someone who would like to explore rural ministry - click here.

Please notice that we are placing event details on the web calendar when info is shared with our offices. If you have details, please send an email to View the web calendar at any time at Listed on the above calendar are the events by names - go to the web calendar to get details.
what's up in wider UCC...
ALiCE Training hosted at Urbandale:
FREE here to sign up for this workshop with Jeremy Butler (IA Insurance Board representative) at .   DEADLINE = May 11!   Actual  FREE class  with ALiCE certified expert on May 18 at 9:30am, Urbandale UCC, 3530 70th St, Urbandale, IA.

Interim Ministry Training Announcement - Interim Ministry Network:
Primary focus of this   3-day onsite workshop  is on the work of the
leader during a time of transition. Prior to arrival at the workshop, participants
read 3 foundational theories of Interim Ministry (General System
Theory, Bowen Family System Theory and William Bridges' Theory
of Change and Transition). On the first day participants discuss the theories
as applied to sacred stories and to congregations in transition. Tools
for the Leader are the second day focus. Topics covered include appreciative
inquiry listening and grief, learning styles, role of the interim leader
and congregational context. The third day addresses the Tasks of the
Interim Leader in the Congregation in Transition: join, analyze, connect,
focus on responsibility, exit, and evaluate. ( THIS IS BEING HELD IN DUBUQUE !)
Church Building and Loan Fund:
Partners in Building Event on September 20-22 in San Antonio, TX. This event helps new (30 years and younger) and renewing churches to answer questions about purchasing, building, renovating, financing, repurposing. More details  here .

Ames UCC:
is seeking a Youth Director who will report to the Minister to Children and Families. Find more details by  clicking here .

Eagle Grove UCC - items for sale/donation:
Hymnals, choir robes, candelabra, pew candles with globes, religious choral music, melodee bell ringing sets for children.    Contact Anita Idio at 515.851.2159 and leave message on cell phone for return call. (Eagle Grove located 90 miles north Des Moines.)
Des Moines Office:
5609 Douglas Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50310
Sioux Falls Office:
3500 S. Phillips Ave, STE 100
Sioux Falls, SD 57105
Tri-Conference Ministries UCC Staff:
 Brigit Stevens, Executive Conference Minister
Jonna Jensen, Associate Conference Minister
Gordon Rankin, Transitional Associate Conference Minister
Diane Leggett, Support
Jo Ordway, Support
Karen Peters, Support
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