APRIL 2021
We have a lot in store this Spring – so take some time to catch up! We are now offering complimentary "Slower Speeds Safe Streets" yard signs, working to grow our Market Street Corridor with updated bike lanes and pedestrian features, and giving you a sneak peak of upcoming mobility and sustainable virtual events. Be sure to follow @GoActiveLB on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to stay informed of our latest activities around Long Beach. 
Safe Streets Yard Signs
The City of Long Beach is launching the “Safe Drivers Make Better Neighbors” campaign which aims to bring awareness about speeding and encourage safe driving behavior. As part of the Safe Streets Long Beach Action Plan, which was adopted by the City Council in July 2020, residents can pledge to adopt safe driving habits and reduce their vehicle speed. Participants will receive a complimentary yard sign reminding neighbors to slow down for vulnerable road users. Take the pledge today to help the City reach its goal to eliminate traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries by 2026.
Market Street Corridor
Improvements to Market Street are coming this year! As part of the North Long Beach Street Enhancement Plan, added features and bike facilities between the Los Angeles River and Deeboyar Avenue will improve mobility for all ages and abilities. Along the 2.2 mile stretch, 8 intersections will receive additional lighting, crosswalk striping, pedestrian bulb-outs, and landscaping. In addition, Class II, III, and IV bikeway facilities will offer various levels of protection for bicyclists. This project is designed to improve safety for both pedestrians and bicyclists, and provide better access to parks and schools. To learn more about this project or take a quick survey, please visit http://bit.ly/LB_MarketStCorridor.
Earth Day 2021
For this Earth Day Summit, the City of Long Beach Office of Sustainability hopes to gather the local community of environmental professionals, students, activists, and concerned residents to discuss the future of sustainability in Long Beach. The City is working to create a Sustainability Strategic Plan to guide its priorities for the next 5 years. This Summit will be focused on discussions about the major topics in sustainability today and what actions are most needed to make Long Beach a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient city. Please register for the event.
Long Beach Bikeshare Expansion Survey
Help us plan future locations for our Long Beach Bikeshare hubs! The City of Long Beach recently acquired 800 new bikes and your input is needed to plan for future hub locations. Take this quick survey to pin a location on the map and comment why you think it would make a good hub. The information gathered from this survey will ensure that Long Beach BikeShare adequately addresses the mobility needs of all Long Beach community members. 
May 2021 Bike Month
Bike Month is just around the corner! Get your wheels ready and stay tuned for fun announcements coming your way in May. Although in-person events are limited this year, there are still a variety of ways to participate with self-guided tours and infrastructure highlight videos. Bike Month 2021 will feature tons of information that will guide you through Long Beach with safety tips, public amenities, connecting bikeways to local businesses, public art, and more! Make sure to follow @GoActiveLB on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
COVID-19 Protocols While Biking
Just a reminder that riding your bike can still be safe under COVID-19 restrictions. When planning your next bike ride, take the following safety precautions:
  • Wear a mask
  • Keep your distance
  • Ride during off-peak times, if possible
  • Avoid high-touch surfaces (although studies now show this is not the primary way COVID is transmitted); if unavoidable, do not touch your face after and use elbows to push traffic buttons
  • Always carry hand sanitizer and wash hands as frequently as possible
  • Riding solo is safest, only ride in small groups, following safety protocols (e.g., wearing masks and physical distance), avoid crowded locations and trails
Long Beach Department of Public Works
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