January 2018 Sustainability News
Articles include: 
Clean Energy Options, Rain Barrel Sale & Rebate, Discounted & Free Mulch, Arbor Earth Month, Unusual Items Not for Trash Bins,  FREE irrigation & landscaping workshops and other FREE events!
Thousand Oaks to Offer Clean Energy Options

If you've been waiting to "go green" in regard to your energy use, but are unable to install solar on your property, this program will offer you a way to participate in clean energy options. On December 12, 2017...

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April is Arbor Earth Month 

This year's event will take on a new format that allows us to better engage with our residents by providing a setting to host both indoor and outdoor activities, and by adding additional activities throughout the month of April. Our main event will take place on... 

Unusual Items That Don't Go in the Trash Bin

At a loss trying to figure out what to do with something you have a feeling should not be going into your trash bin? Here we hope to provide the answers to your questions regarding... 

Last Call for Rain Barrels - Ends Jan. 28

Time is running out! Last weekend to order! If you missed out on past rain barrel promotions, here is your chance to purchase up to two rainbarrels and receive a rebate. To see if you qualify...
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Free & Discounted Mulch Available

Mulch saves water, prevents erosion, moderates soil temperature and suppresses weeds. There are a few options available right now. Besides the City's free mulch at the Thousand Oaks Library, Peach Hills Soils is extending a special discount promotion...
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Get Informed About Emergency Preparedness!

Click this link to find out about how to be in prepared in case of emergency and to be notified in case of various emergencies and alerts in our city and county. 

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