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Video by YouTuber "And The Color Green" (Marie)
featuring our new Eternal Youth Elixir!
Eternal Youth Elixir on SALE :D
Our own You Tube Channel with
Skin Care Application Videos
and a few fun videos about our shop.

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Featuring Marie from And The Color Green You Tube Channel!
Check out her video on our new Eternal Youth Elixir!

Eternal Youth Elixir on SALE!!
25% off!
Since Marie did such a beautiful job on the
You Tube video, we decided to put this product
on sale! Many of you did request this item be
put on sale in our recent Survey, so here it is! :)

This is our BEST Anti-Aging Serum YET!
This is packed full of the top anti aging ingredients
on the market at the moment. Actives that have been
proven over the years clinically as well as actual
people who have given back credible and desirable results.

Find it here!

Our own You Tube Channel!    
We have a few videos on here that may be of interest, including videos on skin care routines, and Apple Stem Cells.    

These are our newest samples available for adding onto your orders. 1 per order please read disclaimer on the page for these samples.

GoW Es-Care-Go H20 Hydrating Serum
Our latest hydration serum featuring Snail Secretion Filtrate, Panthenol D, White Licorice Root and L-Arginine, this serum is meant to hydrate the skin deeply while protecting the skin barrier.

GoW SebDerm Soothing Serum (seborrheic dermatitis)
We formulated this to be soothing and preventative for Seborrheic Dermatitis, and would love your feedback!

GoW Shingles, Soothing and Calming Serum
There is a story behind this. We have a customer/friend here in town. She had a severe case of Shingles and was so miserable. It broke our hearts. She had been reading everything she could find for a natural way to soothing the itching and burning that is associated with Shingles. I have suffered from them many years ago and can understand how miserable she was. She came to us with the information about "Jackass Bitters" and we added what would be soothing and healing to the blend. She did go through a lot of the product. About 8 ounces every few days. Although we can't make any sort of miracle claim, she was pretty astonished with the results. :-)

GoW Snow Flower Stem Cells AntiAging Serum
This new sample is pretty fantastic if we say so ourselves. We have combined peptides, antioxidants and other anti aging ingredients for a power pack punched dose of "See ya later lines and wrinkles!"

GoW Follicle (scalp) Stimulator Serum
Promotes thicker hair growth at the follicle level by stimulating the hair shaft. Would love to have feedback on this!

Signature Confirmation

We are strongly suggesting that our customers add signature confirmation to every order, as the post office has had an upswing in improperly delivering packages recently.

To thoroughly protect your valued items, we do suggest adding this service.
We have been replacing packages that the post office has been not taking responsibility for. With a GPS tracking system in place we are incredibly disappointed that they are still making so many mistakes. We are hoping perhaps they have a shift in employees to take care of these mistakes. 
If this happens too often, we might need to require Signature Confirmation.

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