A Note from Scott and Marsha
December 9, 2021
I'm not sure if you have been around lately since we took in a few more baby goats late summer of this year. I have sort of named them but I'm not gonna lie. It's been a crazy fall and I didn't want to pick lame names. I wanted to take my time and study their personalities. So far, the smallest is Little Bit and I think I will stick with that.  

Over a month ago, Little Bit injured his leg. We weren't sure how he did it but our guess was he was jumping on the boulders and sprained/cut his leg above his back hoof. We called out the vet and they came to treat him onsite. He was bandaged, given some pain meds and antibiotics. Fortunately, we still had the smaller fenced area set up from the last goat that needed to be contained for a period of time. So Little Bit had a comfy spot to recover.  

All was well and he had a repeat vet check. Even though it looked like a hot mess, he was on the mend. But weeks later, his leg was swelling and looking worse again. What in the world?  
The vet returned to have a look.  

Keep in mind, you can always count on something happening as soon as you leave town. It's a given. Leave town, the house will flood, the fridge stops working and the toilet won't flush. Am I right?  

So there I sat on vacation enjoying the cool breeze, sun on my face and toes in the sand, now completely distracted and somewhat distraught over Little Bit and his leg. Will meds work? Can we give him cream as well as antibiotics? What if it doesn't heal? Is it too late? I am not about to tell Scott. These goats have cost a dang fortune this fall. Nobody wants to hear "I told you so."  But they are so sweet. How can you not love them?  

Was it too late? Well, you will have to wait until next week. Until then, we have all the medication you need in the form of living, green leaves. And it is especially joyful this year as we are quickly wrapping up 2021! It's gonna be a new year before we know it! 
Edible Trees & Shrubs
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If you are looking to fill your home with festive, indoor plants for the holiday season, look no further. The Christmas cactus makes a great addition to your house decor! They bloom right in time for Christmas and are stunning to look at when they flower. When they bloom, they produce colorful, tubular flowers in pink or lilac colors.  Luckily, these plants are easy to maintain and their blooming period is long-lasting, over the course of several weeks. Keep them in bright, indirect light and water when the top feels dry, but don't let it sit in water.
Plants that bring winter beauty in the garden are limited and none deserve more recognition than Edgeworthia! Filling the late-winter garden with intoxicating fragrance, this well-branched shrub displays yellow flowers on it's branches. The foliage drops in mid-December to reveal both the wonderful bark and the large, silvery flower buds. It prefers light to moderate shade, plenty of moisture, and well-drained, humus-rich soil.
Did someone say plant pets? When you combine plants and animals it’s a recipe for cuteness. These animal pottery pieces are perfect for succulents, air plants or small terrarium plants! We have SO MANY different sizes and styles, you are sure to find a pot that suits you. While you're at it, you probably need a new houseplant, too. Find the perfect combination for your plant loving friend and give it as a gift!
Holiday Gift Guide
The Garden Center has a ton of great gift ideas for the holidays! Make sure to check our Instagram and Facebook for our new "24 Days of Christmas" Advent Calendar series this year!

New gift ideas will be posted every day leading up to Christmas, with a variety of price ranges to help you find the perfect gifts for your plant-loving friends, family, and co-workers.
Landscape Design and Installation
Are you ready to sit back & relax? The holidays can be a stressful time but when it comes to your landscape, it doesn't have to be! We are here to help you plan ahead as we are scheduling design appointments for January and February now! Check out our website for more info and to schedule a consultation.

Need a holiday present this year? Gift an FGS gift card that can be applied to your design appointment!
Thursday, December 9, 6PM

Join Alfredo Salkeld and Jackson Brinkley—professional beekeepers from Buddha Bee Apiary—as they dive deep into the fascinating world of bee behavior. We all know they’re important for the environment, but there’s a lot more to bees than meets the eye. By the end of the class, you’ll know about bee “dances”, secret clubs where queens go to get lucky, what challenges bees face, and how you can help. They’ll also provide craft beer brewed with their honey!

Fee is $20.00; includes honey beer samples!
This class will be held in The Robin’s Nest.

Registration without payment will be disregarded.

Plant Tip of the Week:
If you want your poinsettia looking fresh through the entire holiday season but aren't sure where to start, check out this blog post on our website! It's a great place to get some quick tips before stopping by to pick out the perfect poinsettia. Don't wait too long, because they will sell fast this year!
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