A Note from Scott and Marsha
December 16, 2021
So I'm back to part two of last week's story where Little Bit's leg was needing treatment. Was this possible? Did Scott and I stay married?  

Because I was sitting on the beach with Scott and we were having a short reprieve that I didn't want to ruin, I had to talk to someone about the goat. And I needed some expert, unemotional advice. So I called John because he is logical, unemotional when he needs to be and has good sense. He is a very well-rounded person and a pleasure to work alongside.  

I call him and he gives me the options. One, I can try treating the leg with antibiotics and if it doesn't work, the infection will turn septic and Little Bit will die. Two, I can take him out back, old school, and take care of him. Three, I can ask the vet to take care of it if I don't like option two and would like to avoid nightmares. Or four, we could let the vet amputate. John and Sunshine, who also work with us, offered to take Little Bit home with them where John's wife is a nurse and home all day. She would be in charge of his recovery. Seriously... I love my tribe.

The vet was also willing to do this herself instead of involving an orthopedic vet surgeon to save cost and it would be an educational experience for them for future should they have to do something like this quickly.  Wait, orthopedic vet surgeon is an option and a small fortune? I went with option 4 for educational training and less than half the cost of an orthopedic vet surgeon.  

My friends, we have a three-legged goat and I can't make this stuff up. Thanks to amazing care, Little Bit is back with his herd and hobbling around. My emotional breakdown was avoided.

During his recovery, he enjoyed carrots and apple slices. He resorted to standing at the back door wailing because he realized that was where the good stuff was. John even found him in the kitchen at one point because the door was left unlatched. But he is back and living his best life and healed beautifully.  And Scott? We are still together. He just never asked after I told him we have a three-legged goat. (Insert his eye-roll here.)

But the herd? They were a bit confused. I wasn't sure if it was the three legs or the red/black fleece jacket to keep him warm. Either way, they were certainly concerned they might be next.  

Cue the circus music behind the Christmas music and stop in for some festivities beyond our clown show. We still have wreaths and poinsettias along with some pre-decorated wreaths perfect for your front door. And yes, don't forget Little Bit. He could stand the extra attention.
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Plant Tip of the Week:
You may have read that houseplants go dormant in the winter, and while many of them do, this does not mean that they don’t still need care. In fact, many houseplants die in the winter due to improper care. Following our tips will help insure that your houseplants survive winter happy and healthy. Check out our blog post to learn more! 
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