November 2010: In This Issue
~ Call for Pictures
~Family History at the Table
~ Ask Maureen
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Call for Pictures!
Now that the Last Muster book is in print it's time to think about what's next.
Last Muster

The Last Muster: Volume 2
If you have photographs of individuals who lived during the American Revolution, I'd love to see them. You can email images to me at using "The Last Muster" as a subject line. '
Preserving Your Family Photographs

Preserving Your Family Photographs is back in print! So many folks asked for copies I decided it was time to update the 2001 edition with up-to-the minute preservation news.

Don't miss it! There is expanded coverage on everything from daguerreotypes to digital imaging. Order it from my estore.

Fashionable Folks: Hairstyles 1840 - 1900
By Maureen Taylor

Fashionable Folk: HairstylesFollow the hairstyle history in this book to date the photos in your family album.

It's available through my estore.
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The Photo Detective

Digitally Preserve Your Photos

Bring new life to your old memories by converting them to digital format- it's not only a space saver, but also ensures your precious moments are preserved for future generations!

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Here in New England, it's winter. Dark at 4:30ish and cold. We've already had a little bit of snow and there is sure to be more to come.

I hope you'll be able to join me for a webinar on the Last Muster on December 7th at 8:30 pm EST. I'll be talking about my search for these men and women.
Last Muster Webinar

All this indoor time gives me a chance to work on projects, especially those for family gifts.

There is still time to put together a few photo projects for the holidays. For instance:
  • I'm making my daughter a calendar with photos of her dog. I've been snapping shots all year of the dog doing silly things.
  • I'm also thinking about making a calendar for my Mom using pictures from the family collection.
  • Every year, my Mom makes dozens of cookies for presents. I think it's time to compile her favorite recipes for treats and dinners in one place. A heirloom cookbook of recipes and photos would be perfect.
What are you going to create with scans of your images?

This month's video is about of series of photos of the same woman. I bought them at different photo shows years apart. You'll love her hat! (yes, I'm still working on the hat project <smile>. If you need a holiday themed video to entertain family, play last year's Thanksgiving at Lulu's. It's available on my Vimeo channel.

In my article this month, I've focused on family history at Thanksgiving. Enjoy!

Lecture Schedule

November 21 Needham (MA) Historical Society, 2 pm
  • The Last Muster
December 7 The Last Muster Webinar 8:30 pm EST
  • Sign-up on EventBrite. $10.00
  • Please join me to learn about the project and how you can help.
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Take care.

Gather Round the Table: Family History at Thanksgiving

There are certain key moments in the year of a family that cry out for sharing family history. Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season are a perfect opportunity to swap stories and a whole lot more. Saving family treasures is about preserving all kinds of artifacts, but it's also about maintaining traditions and stories.

Dishes and utensils

Families often pass on furniture, dishes and flatware to descendants.

  • If you have these objects in your house do you know their history?
  • Do you know who owned them? In museum terms this is the provenance of the object-the whole history of ownership.
  • Do you know why or when the object was purchased or made?
I own my grandmother's favorite set of mixing bowls and her pie plate. They are not valuable in the antique sense of the word, but I think of her every time I use them.


Discover the tale behind the family recipes on your Thanksgiving table.
  • Create recipe cards precisely measuring each ingredient before it's added to the meal so that you'll have sense of the exact details or record the cooking process with a digital video camera. By the way, a video of grandma or great-grandma actually preparing her favorite holiday meal makes a great gift.
  • Put together an heirloom cookbook, it's not too late to do it for this gift-giving season. I'd be happy to help with that type of project.


With friends and family gathered together for a feast, don't forget your camera. Take spontaneous pictures of folks arriving, talking and eating. Just make sure you get a photo of everyone.

Ask Maureen to Analyze Your Family Photos
Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective logo
Don't let heaps of unidentified, damaged, or disorganized family photos get you down. The Photo Detective can help!

If you would like to have Maureen, the Photo Detective, analyze your own family photographs, here's how the process works. And now you can receive an audio file of your consultation with Maureen!
  • Simply supply me with a photo or photos that you would like to know more about. You can do this online at my website.
  • Tell me as much as you already know about the photo and upload your photo(s). I'll email you back with an estimate for costs and you're good to go. My new per picture rates won't bust your budget either! I will combine the skills of a private detective with those of a historian/genealogist and look at identifying characteristics in the photo such as background, hair styles, clothing styles, jewelry, uniforms, quilt patterns, make of automobiles, etc. and even facial resemblance if necessary, to begin solving the mystery of when and where the photo was taken and who is pictured. I'll compare findings against any known family history or if additional genealogical research is necessary that can be discussed.
  • I'll give you my findings in a telephone conversation which will be recorded; after the call, I'll send you a copy of an mp3 file so that you have the recording for yourself to listen to over and over again.
I hope we will have the opportunity to work together to
solve the mysteries of your historical photos!
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