´╗┐September 15th, 2017
XANADU has more puppies & MORE COMING between now and the first week in Nov. THERE WILL BE HOLIDAY LITTERS. Please contact me any time BY PHONE if you want a puppy or want to make sure that YOU have a puppy for the Holidays, or if you want a pup this season--2017. After current available puppies and upcoming Holiday Litters go to their new homes, there will be no more XANADU pups before the spring of 2018. Please, no texts or cell messaging; I welcome your phone call. Bringing a new family member home is a big decision, please call anytime with your many questions.

XANADU Phone Numbers follow:
Home / Headquarters: 970 626-9747 (Try this number first)
Cell: 970 708-8030 
Information about Puppy Pricing, Deposits & Payments, and Shipping possibilities follow Photos & Litter Descriptions below. 
A. CASHMERE & CEDAR have a wonderful tri-color-pup litter, DOB Aug. 20. THE GUARDIAN FEMALE IS AVAILABLE and has not been selected. Two
photos featuring the lighter and darker females are below--and represent the possible female Guardian choice AND the possible available pup choice. Pup selection is at 6.5 weeks when eye color has stabilized somewhat--about Sept. 30-Oct 2. Puppies will go to their new homes between Oct. 13 & 15. Final payments are due on Oct. 2.

Deposits / payment for the two available puppies in this litter are being accepted at this time. Please call me if you are interested in a Guardian pup. Guardian information is attached. 

The darker females will have lower-shed coats, but will shed seasonally like other Goberians--in the springtime or early summer. The rest of the year, Goberians are wash-and-wear / have very easy-care coats. As adults, these pups will grow to between 40-45 lb. Please call if you are hoping for a tri-colored female Goberian puppy from this litter. 
B. ENCHANTE AND ELVIS'S Pups: We have eight BIG new puppies, both male and female, although more males in this litter. All are various shades of Momma- Enchante's colors--cream and white. Puppies were born on 7 Sept.

Our Litter Pick Female is sold and will go into service training. This is exactly the litter for service temperament, intelligence, obedience, good-heartedness, and just the right size, too, for almost any service training.
Sire, Elvis Jr. has a no-known-problem genetic history--as does XANADU'S Enchante'. This is Enchante's second and last litter.
Those of you who prefer "warm" brown eyes--from golden brown to dark brown will find a pup in this litter (Enchante' has one blue and one amber eye.) We expect a blue or bi-eyed pup or two in this litter.'

This is the litter for people who want a "calm" adult dog. For those who want easily- trained dogs that are NOT barky--your neighbors will be pleased by your selection of a Goberian. Also, this is a litter for people who want cream or white with dark noses and dark foot pads. (Please see above litter photo.) An F1b litter is genetically heavier with Golden Retriever genes. And I think the F1bs are fantastic--like Rio Coco and Rio Vida. Calm indoors, ready for fun outdoors. Friendly, too--NOT guard dogs, even if they look like serious business. (Please see XANADU Breeding Goals which are included in this Pup Alert.)
Deposits are being accepted for Guardian, Litter Pick Male, and Pet Home puppies. 
C. MISHKA'S POMSKY LITTER BY WOLF Mishka's three puppies were born here at XANADU HQ yesterday. There are two males (one that looks just like Mishka, and the other is a tri-color white, black, and silver--masked and spotted. See oh-so-VERY-CUTE photos. The Guardian from this litter is reserved--selection at 6.5 weeks, 27-28 Oct. Final payments are due on Monday, Oct. 30. Pups can go to new homes on Nov. 3-5. Pups should be about 10-15 (+/-) pounds as adult dogs. These wonderful--beautiful small XANADU Pomskies are expected to be highly- trainable, sweet, not barky, and family-oriented, too! Mishka is a delight to have here at XANADU. Two puppies are available as Pet Home puppies. We hope for some blue eyes, but brown eyes are dominant, and those of you who prefer "warm brown eyes" may be in luck. 
D. ZOE' & PAZ A sonogram to determine pregnancy is possible about the 18th of Sept. These puppies are due about Oct. 11 . This is a Holiday Litter of our largest- sized Goberians (about 62-66 lb. or so as adults). Puppies will go home in mid-Dec. Please do not ask XANADU to hold your puppy u ntil Christmas Eve. In bad weather, Santa would get frustrated and might miss his delivery to good little boys and girls. The XANADU HQ is at a high altitude, and it is snowy, and cold here in Dec. Note that airlines do not permit puppies to fly to new homes immediately before Christmas. If you need a flight for your puppy, early booking is necessary.
If you want a larger wolf-like Goberian, this is your litter, although we could have some solid-color puppies, too. Zoe' is a red American Golden Retriever with excellent hips / no known genetic issues. Paz is a quadra-color multi-gen Goberian male with one blue eye and one brown eye, and with perfect symmetry. What a wonderful boy! Guardians, Litter Picks, and Pet Home puppies will be available with payments / deposits accepted AFTER pregnancy confirmation--Sept 19 or so. 
E. CAFE' OLE' & ELVIS -- This is a second Holiday Litter and XANADU's last 2017 litter. Pregnancy confirmation will be about 10 Oct. Pups due on 6 Nov. These puppies can go to new Holiday homes in late Dec. OR can be picked up just after the Holidays on (January 2--no later, please). Puppies are on the eastern slope, and puppy pick-up will be more convenient for some of you.

Cafe' is a favorite of mine because of her personality: Super-sweet and calm. Smart. Good. She is a multi-gen XANADU Goberian and a low-shed. Elvis is as perfect as the already-perfect Golden Retrievers get. This litter is best described as an F1b. We do hope for some tri-color puppies in this litter, but what you will really get is personality. As adults, these pups will grow to be standard-sized Goberians of 48-60 lb. We've just gotta keep two Guardian pups from this litter! Litter Pick puppies and Pet Home pups will ALL be available. 

In the future, XANADU puppies may be paid in full and reserved for new owners after parent dogs have been bred and we have a pregnancy confirmation. At birth, sexes and coat colors are apparent, of course, but not eye color. Deposits of $400 will be accepted after puppies have been born and deposits cannot carry over to future Goberian litters. Full payment for a puppy/pups is due at 6 1/2 weeks (when we hope eye color is stable). If you hoped for a puppy with blue eyes and your pup doesn't have at least one blue eye, you may request a refund of your deposit at that time. When another Goberian litter is born--and with the hope of blue-eyed puppies in that litter--you are welcome to make a deposit for a puppy from that litter. The best way to get a blue-eyed pup is to request a male or female Litter Pick puppy; blue eyes are recessive, and there are fewer blue-eyed and bi-eyed puppies.

Please go to the PayPal website (www.PayPal.com) to pay for your puppy's balance or to pay the total price for your puppy. Our XANADU website (xanadoodle.com) accepts initial deposits of $400 which can be made after litters are born--but the xanadoodle.com website does not accept total payments or balances. Payments and deposits should be made using sheron.steele@gmail.com. Please remember that the selection of Pet Home puppies is in the order payments/deposits are submitted.

Note also that all XANADU puppies are equally sweet, friendly, smart, healthy-- whether a Guardian or Pet Home or Litter Pick. You are guaranteed to love your puppy and puppy is guaranteed to love you back. ALL XANADU pups are guaranteed for temperament, genetic soundness, and health. 

Guardian Home puppy price with a 2-litter Breeding Agreement is $1250 (XANADU will pay taxes and PayPal fees). Guardian pups are usually females. Call me if you are interested in XANADU'S Guardian Home Program. These are our "best" pups, according to our XANADU Breeding Goals (please see attached Goals).

  • Litter Pick puppies are $2885 (total cost). You may choose any eye color you desire.
  • Blue-Eyed Pet Home pups, including bi-eyed puppies, are $2625--no taxes or PayPal fees; we pay those fees.
  • Brown-Eyed Pet Home puppies are $2150 -- total pup price.

If you need Shipping for your new pup, that price is in addition to your puppy's price and is $475. I recommend an increasingly common practice: Fly into the Montrose, CO airport (MTJ) and pick up your pup (sometimes other airports are closer to the XANADU Guardians. Please ask about flying into Grand Junction or Denver.) I can deliver to the Montrose airport (or when pups are at a more distant Guardian home, you can rent a car and drive to the Guardian's home to pick up a puppy), and puppy can fly home with you in the cabin of the aircraft. It is also pleasant to fly (or drive) in one day, go skiing or to the hot springs, have a great dinner, a restful night at a local motel/hotel (book early), pick up puppy and fly (drive) home the next day.

We no longer ask that clients pay for sales taxes or PayPal transaction fees--which are quite mysterious anyhow. We just roll this amount into your payment with NO extra costs other than transportation/shipping, and you can pay for shipping (through United PetSafe Air Cargo) at the time you pay the balance for your puppy. IF you want a Litter Pick puppy after there is a confirmed pregnancy in the litter you select, you may pay the total price for your puppy through PayPal.
Deposits of $400 will only be accepted when we know the number and gender of available puppies.

You've got choices:
A. Pay for your Litter Pick puppy: $2887.50, and when puppies are born if there are no females/males (whichever you wanted) in that litter, you may have a refund.
B. Wait until puppies are born, and XANADU will accept your deposit of $400 at that time (which, of course, counts toward your total purchase price of $2887.50). At birth, we will know if there are male/female puppies . We can be more certain about eye color when puppies are 6.5 weeks old. At 6.5 weeks, eye color is more stable and doesn't change so much! Pups with one blue and one green/gold/brown eye count as "blue-eyed," and they are priced as blue-eyed puppies. And here is the mythology: The blue eye sees into the spiritual world; the brown eye sees the physical world. 
Thank you all for your interest in XANADU of the Rockies and our XANADU Pups.

My very best,
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
Cell Phone (no texts):  970-708-8030