Goberian Pup Alert
August 22nd, 2018
XANADU of the Rockies' 2018 season is winding down. We have 5 more Goberian puppies AVAILABLE from two of our regular Goberian litters: Anise's litter (1 male pup) and Sheera's litter (four male pups).

ALL XANADU Pups are GUARANTEED for Temperament, Genetic Soundness, and Vet-Checked Health. A few Pups that are 10 weeks old + are still AVAILABLE AT SALE PRICES. Dams & Sires of these litters are pictured on our xanadoodle.com website OR email
[email protected] for photos of parent dogs.

XANADU Breeding Goals are below. For Information about XANADU Litter Pick & Pet Home
Puppies, Please Contact Mandi at [email protected] Contact me (Sheron) about our Guardian Puppies who will have Future Litters for XANADU; (970) 708-8030 (I don't text.) See below for Guardian Information .
& Delta Airlines & private-car transportation provide shipping options if you cannot pick up your pup from the Guardian or from XANADU HQ on the western slope of Colorado.
1. EASTERN SLOPE of the ROCKIES: Many new puppy owners choose to fly into a nearby airport to get pup and fly home with puppy inside the cabin of the plane -- Denver International or the Colorado Springs Airport.
2. WESTERN SLOPE PICK-UP: The Montrose Airport is closest to XANADU Headquarters, although some people choose to fly to Grand Junction and rent a car to come pick up puppy. Please check the airline carrier you choose for regulations about pups-in-cabin (size of soft-sided crate, ticket price for pup--usually around $100 -- etc.) The various airline carriers have company-specific regulations.
3. PRIVATE-CAR DELIVERY: If it is difficult for you to drive from Denver / surrounding area to pick up your puppy at XANADU Headquarters in Ridgway, a reliable Pup Transporter (one of our Guardian couples) is available to pick up your puppy and bring it to your doorstep. The phone number for Pat and Kelly is 719 351-8884 if you would like to have your puppy delivered to you.
PUPPY AVAILABILITY: As often noted in XANADU Pup Alerts and on our website, XANADU of the Rockies is organized as a Guardian Breeding Program. We cannot board puppies for later pick-up. Please select your new BFF from a litter that is available for pick-up when you are ready to bring your new puppy home, and please note that the puppies advertised in this Pup Alert are the final regularly- scheduled litters of our 2018 season. We do not expect to have pups available in the fall months -- October or November.

PRICES ARE REDUCED for any pups that are at XANADU when they are 10-weeks old. And this year, we flooded our market! Most of our females were in heat at once, gave birth all at once, and so XANADU had many puppies available ALL AT ONCE. Clearance prices will be in effect until these pups ALL go to their new forever homes. EACH puppy is well-loved and socialized by my visiting grandchildren and by XANADU house dogs and adult humans; puppies are up-to-date with core vaccines and vet checks; house training routines have begun; pups are guaranteed and are good, sweet pups (that my granddaughters cannot take back to Madrid!). Please contact us for information about any of the pups advertised.

Please see below documents: Goberian Characteristics & Bernedoodle Characteristics. These attachments and XANADU Breeding Goals will let you know if you want to see XANADU'S Breeding Goals in your new BFF. XANADU'S Mission is the development of the World's Best Family Dog.
ALL of these litters' pups will be intelligent, attentive, highly-trainable adult dogs that, as noted in descriptions below, are expected to be GREAT SERVICE DOG CANDIDATES. 
One brown-eyed cream & white Male puppy, ROMULUS. Contact [email protected] for information and purchase.
DOB: July 15, 2018
AVAILABLE for Pick-Up in the Denver Area: August 30 - Labor Day, Sept 3, 2018 
2. SHEERA'S GOBERIAN LITTER of THREE MALE PUPS by GOBERIAN RIO COCO. XANADU has waited a long, long time for a litter with a good RED male--and now we have three red pups to choose from. ALL pups' ears are expected to stand up, giving the pups more of a wolfy-look. At this time ALL pups have blue eyes.

PRICING for GUARDIAN MALE: $1350 w/ four-litter Breeding Agreement
DOB: June 26, 2018

CONTACT [email protected] for information & purchase.
A. GUARDIAN MALE SHYLAH--Navajo for Male Wolf-- Red, White, and Blue-Eyed
PRICE: $1350 w/ Breeding Agreement
Contact Me for Guardian Information: (970) 708-8030 (NO Texts, Please)
All of these pups are very sweet. Shylah was selected as our Guardian male, because he is a bright red and has beautiful white markings.
B. SEQUOIA, also Red with White, and blue-eyed. Like each pup in Sheera's litter, Sequoia is playful, friendly, and calm. See Pricing Above for Litter Pick / Pet Home Pup.
C. CHEYENNE, a Golden-Red with White markings, Parents Sheera and Rio Coco are exceptionally calm dogs. ALL pups in this litter are expected to be calm and exceptionally beautiful.
FEMALE, TIKA -- who has a soft coat that is no-shed. Doesn't get any better than Tika! Meets XANADU Breeding Goals to a "T," and absolutely guaranteed, of course. Medium - Hazel eyes.
SALE PRICE $700 w/ Breeding Agreement for 5 puppies.
Please contact Sheron at 970 708-8030 for more information (no text messages, please; I do not text).
DOB: May 20, 2018
AVAILABLE NOW; Pick-Up at XANADU Headquarters in Ridgway, CO / by United or Delta Airlines flights, or she can be delivered by Arranged Colorado Transportation (Please call Pat and Kelly at 719 351-8884), or Flights from the Grand Junction Airport will bring Tika to an airport near you.

Tika's litter was bred especially for new owners who HAVE ALLERGIES or PREFER LOW-TO-NO-SHED MINI-SIZED, GOBERIANS. This is a LONGEVITY litter -- and very low bark, exceptionally well-socialized, and Tika is a favorite friendly, brave, no-problem puppy. With your great pup-care, Tika expected to be an active, healthy family member throughout your children's entire childhood. Tika may be 20 - 25 lb. (+/-) as an adult. XANADU offers very FEW LOW or NO-SHED puppies and few minis, and Miss Tika is our best! 
4. GOBERIAN LITTER out of RIO VIDA & sired by MOOSE SALE PRICE Goberian Rio Vida is just so sweet; that's all! And Mr. Moose is a gorgeous tri-color AKC Siberian Husky with blue eyes -- calm and obedient. With very calm Rio Vida for a mom and calm, obedient Moose for the daddy, THIS IS A FAVORITE CALM XANADU GOBERIAN LITTER. Our LITTER PICK MALE is YOSHI. GUARDIAN ROSANNE, is also AVAILABLE.

For those of you who like the Siberian look, ears are expected to stand up. Puppies are dog-socialized by a pup- loving Border Collie and 60-lb. XANADU Goberian. Puppies are at XANADU Headquarters in Ridgway, CO--playing with my granddaughters; transport to your Colorado home is available, and flights to an airport near you are also available via the Grand Junction, CO Airport.

DOB: June 2, 2018
Price: $700 with Breeding Agreement (negotiable).
A. GUARDIAN FEMALE, ROSANNE, (Photos Attached 17 - 18). Alarminglybeautiful! ,sweet, playful,tri-color,Husky- marked female. Our Guardian will have a Breeding Agreement for a minimum of 10 pups. This is a bi- eyed, blue & brown-eyed) UNUSUAL tri-color female. Rosanne's markings are often called "agouti."
Please contact Sheron Steele for more information: 970 708- 8030 (no texts please). Note that Guardian Information is Attached so you can check your candidacy for XANADU partner Guardianship.
B. (Only Available Male) YOSHI -- Photos #19 & 20. DOB: June 2, 2018
Price: $950

CONTACT [email protected] for information and purchase.

Yoshi has a cream-colored coat that is thick and a bit wavy around neck & shoulders, and he has brown eyes with black eye-liner like Cleopatra. Yoshi is a confident, gorgeous boy. He is playful, and loves to explore. He will snuggle up & fall asleep in your lap. Yoshi is a smart, good boy and our Litter Pick Male.
5. CADENCE'S MINI-BERNEDOODLE CROSS by Sire, The DURANGO KID. ALL PUPS EXPECTED TO BE NO-SHED Dam, Cadence, and sire, Durango Kid's Photos are online at xanadoodle.com
Please note that Bernedoodle X Pups are multigenerational crosses to calm both the Bernese & Poodle influence. Puppies from this litter should be between 30-35 lb. (our no-shed, blue- eyed male could be much larger, however). They are sweet, friendly, good pups. Cadence & Durango's pup-family will have calmer characteristics than other Bernedoodle Litters, mini or standard. ONE GUARDIAN FEMALE & ONE PET HOME Pup AVAILABLE NOW at XANADU HQ or Pups Can Be Flown to You / Alternate Transportation is possible, too. 
A. GUARDIAN FEMALE, (I CALL HER "VESPER.") I am extremely impressed our highly people-oriented female with a blue eye and a brown eye. She has an unusual characteristic for which XANADU breeds, & her PRICE IS NEGOTIABLE as a GUARDIAN. Call me for more information about this dominantly-black female w/ white markings and bi- colored eyes & thick, soft, no-shed coat: Sheron at 970 708-8030. 
B. CADENCE'S BOY ...h as one blue eye loves playing with siblings. This boy is larger than his siblings & is adorable. His coat is long and straighter and absolutely no-shed -- very fluffy like his daddy's coat. CONTACT [email protected] for information and purchase

DOB: 5/24/18
HOW to Reserve Your XANADU Puppy:
PayPal payments is due at this time.

For Litter Pick and Pet Home Puppies, please contact Mandi: [email protected].
For Guardian Pups, please contact Sheron Steele, XANADU Proprietress at 970 708-8030 (no texts, please). Pups that require flights will have their airfare, required vet- check, crate w/ furnishings, etc. paid at six weeks, as well. The cost of a pup's Pup Cargo ticket through Delta Airlines or United Airlines, the pup's crate and furnishings, requisite
flight vet-check, transportation to the airport, etc. is $575.

Contacting XANADU directly for a Guardian, Litter Pick, or Pet Home pup OR receiving and responding to this newsletter is the fastest way to get the pup you want, especially when there is a SALE in progress. Always try to have several pups in mind that you could love to pieces, in case your favorite has already been selected. ALL XANADU pups are equally healthy, sweet, smart, and loving regardless of puppy-selection order.

Please refer to the document, "How to Select a Puppy," which will help you no matter which breeder may have the new BFF you want. Also, many of these puppies will be going to their new homes immediately. The document, "Supplies for New Pup Owners" will help you plan for your new baby. If your new pup is flying to you, please note document, "Airport-to-Home Procedures." Also above is a "House Training Guide." These XANADU'S babies are eating Science Diet Puppy (either large breed or regular for Tika, depending on pup size). This is a well- balanced dry food and veterinarian recommended. If you choose to use a different food in the future, please transition over several weeks to prevent tummy upsets.

Thank you for considering a XANADU puppy. Remember that you are always welcome to contact me with any questions -- for the life of your dog. I may not always know the answers to your questions, but often can refer you to someone who is knowledgeable -- I am not a veterinarian.
To qualify for ownership of a XANADU dog, excellent care of your new family member is required in the rearing of a loving,
responsible, good furry-family- member: Love, exercise, training, a great diet, excellent vet care...Also required is that you LOVE your new puppy when you receive him/her. Your puppy is guaranteed to love you back. 
Always my very best to each one of you,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu of the Rockies
Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
Cell Phone (no texts):  970-708-8030