Goberian Pup Alert
July 22nd, 2017

PLEASE REMEMBER TO CALL ME to discuss an AVAILABLE PUP; NO TEXTS OR EMAIL MESSAGES at this time; I'm still behind and may NOT see your email for days and days. Thank you! 


It has been a pretty busy and crazy year with a slow start to the XANADU Goberian litters, then many births all at once, and now (Yea!) available puppies. Our Goberian wait list was a long wait list, but everyone on the list has been offered a puppy, although many could not take a pup at this time for personal reasons.


Puppies in this Pup Alert Newsletter are as yet unclaimed. If there is a pup you love, please call me immediately: Home phone, 970 626-9747 or if you do not reach me on the home number, please call my Cell phone, 970 708-8030.


My thanks to everyone who appreciates our Goberian hybrids and multigenerational litters--and our other pups, too. My special appreciation to those who hold XANADU'S Mission in high esteem: The Development of the World's Best Family Dog. I am very happy to help you find a pup THIS season. 


Photos of the following puppies are included in this Newsletter; ALL of these Pups Are AVAILABLE at this time. Guardian females/males are future XANADU parents--our best pups, and the females have a two-litter breeding agreement:

Uhura's Litter with AKC Siberian Husky, Saint (photos on website)--Currently Available for New Homes:

1. Price Negotiable w/ Breeding Agreement--Tri-Color Blue-Eyed Guardian Female, Pepe

2. $2200 Blue and Green-Eyed Female Cash--who looks like a red wolf w/ headlights for eyes. 

3. $2000 Male Coal. Black and white w/ white whiskers on that black face. This boy has the best coat and is the calm, playful bear-like male. Could go into therapy-dog work or service.


Uluru's Litter with Goberian, Pup Charming (photos on website)

4. Price Negotiable Gorgeous Guardian Female w/ two Blue Eyes and Cleopatra Mascara / Gold & White

5. $2000 Pet Home Female Black & White with Gray Eyes. Playful, friendly girl.

6. $2000 Pet Home Male with eyes that are such a dark blue that they don't count as blue--probably turn black in the future. Another calm, therapy-dog potential pup.

Guardian Female
Pet Home Female
Pet Home Male

Eve's Litter with AKC UberKhan:

7. Price Negotiable--Ava Guardian Female, Tri-Color with one Blue Eye & one Bluer Eye

8. Price Negotiable--Sky Guardian Male, Very pretty boy, BIGGEST, and w/ Electric Blue Eyes

9. $2000 Available Pet Home Male, Porter (Trying to get better photo) Thin white marking on face / dark eyes so far. Bi-Color, I think

10. $2200 Available Pet Home Female, Olive Small female bi-color with One Blue and One Bluer Eye

11. $2500 Available Litter Pick Male, Sampson, Just one Gorgeous, Calm Boy. Not shy; he's playful, attentive, sweet, but calmer--which is very nice in a Goberian pup.


All of the puppies are darling, of course. All were previously described in a Goberian Pup Alert, and I don't have newer photos to share with you at this time. But do remember that I have the uncanny ability to take a really bad photo of a darling pup...Usually, it's the photography that sells a puppy. I have requested new photos of the available puppies, but no matter what, Eve's babies will look less mature and less fluffy than the others, because they are younger. Eye colors are not quite stable, and coat secondary colors of silver and rust are spreading on faces and around ears.


Please let me know by phone if you are interested in one of the puppies from Uhura, Uluru, or Eve's litters. No pups are reserved. If you do select a puppy, please be sure that balance due + 3% is paid through PayPal to sheron.steele@gmail.com. I'll pay the taxes. And be sure to let me know that you HAVE selected a puppy and which puppy and that you can pick up your new pup when s/he is ready to come home--or let me know if you need a flight for your puppy. And of course, you are always welcome to call me: 970 626-9747 (home) 970 708-8030 (cell).


Several people have discovered that (from their destinations) they can fly to either the Grand Junction, CO Airport of the Denver Airport and pick up their pup to take home with them in the cabin of the plane for little more than the cost of Pet Safe Cargo.


In the future (after Eve's litter), XANADU will not have a wait list. As litters are born, photos will be sent to those on our Pup Alert Newsletter. At that time, deposits will be secured for that one litter only. At this time, we have deposits that are three years old; to me, it does not seem fair to others, and especially to XANADU. But we will accept full payment for pups from a breeding that has a confirmed pregnancy through the time all puppies are sold. And that is how to secure a XANADU puppy from a particular litter. 


If for whatever reason, there is a breeding failure or not enough pups to match payments, of course, you'll receive a refund. Because we are the only Goberian breeder that I'm aware of (in the world) right now, I don't have another responsible breeder to whom I can refer clients. "Responsible" means "ethical"--those breeders who guarantee temperament, genetic soundness, health, and communicative, honest business practices. XANADU'S final guarantee is that you will LOVE your puppy when you receive him/her. If you think the pup you have selected is the meanest, ugliest-looking puppy you've ever seen, you don't have to take that puppy! (And this has never happened!)


Those who encounter circumstances that would prevent their taking home their puppy when that pup is ready for a new home will begin the process anew with the same selection opportunities as others with the next available litter. Old deposits will apply, of course, but new deposits will not be accepted.


Goberian and possibly other breedings will continue, and XANADU hopes to have puppies available into December maybe even at Christmas--We DON'T KNOW about Christmas-ready pups yet; these breedings have not happened. If all goes well, these litters will be announced when they are born through our Pup Alert Newsletter. I do think you will see a puppy that you will love in the litters that are coming this year.


Thank you, and always our very best,

XANADU Pack and Sheron

Sheron Mariah Steele, PhD
Xanadu Dogs, LLC

615 Canyon Drive, Log Hill Mesa
Ridgway, CO 81432
Home Phone: 970-626-9747
Cell Phone (when traveling): 970-708-8030