Pup Alert  Newsletter
August 2nd, 2016
Xanadu Summary
Our Goberian Pups and Network Breeder’s Pomskies are the last litters of this 2016 litter, except for a possible Holiday litter of moyen Doodles. Descriptions of our litters follow along with attached photos and links to the most recent photos of these litters. Selection order for puppies and my request for confirmation that you do want a 2016 season puppy follow. Following Confirmation of your pup, are descriptions of all puppies—and new photos are coming very soon. If you are interested in a Pomsky puppy, please email Suzi at sjgoudzwaard@gmail.com

Confirmation of Deposits for 2016 Goberian Puppies

Puppy Selection by those who have paid for their pups begins today. Some of you have already confirmed that you can take your mid-August selection or your mid-Sept. selection. If you have not confirmed that you can take your little Goberian this season, please do so. New Guardian human and new pup owners’ names and the selection order follow. If you are one of the first four persons on this list (Guardians— Mandi, Kyle, Shawn, Joel) and have indicated that you want a Guardian puppy, please select a couple of puppies that you could love. You should select two pups in the order of preference, in case someone else who is ahead of you in line selects the pup you prefer. Please reply by phone to this email by the end of the business day, Aug. 4. (I’ll be out in the morning.) Links to pup photos have been provided OR those photos are attached to this email. Please remember that Sprite’s pups will be here on Sat. and ff. And if you have chosen her Guardian female, you may pick up your puppy this coming weekend.

On Aug. 5, those of you who want a Litter Pick puppy may select a puppy from photos provided. I’ll try to get photo updates for you before Friday. Again, please select several pups that you could love in case someone else just ahead of you in the selection process chooses the pup you were considering. If your selection is from Ivory’s litter, those puppies can be picked up on the 15th of August. If your selection is from Sprite’s or Uhura’s litter, new Litter Pick owners are welcome to choose a pup. Call me; let me know which pup you prefer. Uhura’s litter will be ready for pick-up between the 28th and 31st of August.

Call me to discuss pups and payments, if you have questions. Complete the payment for your pup by the time your puppy is six weeks old. Those of you who will select Pet Home puppies will select next and in the order deposits were submitted. The Pet Home male from Sprite’s litter may go to his new home after the 15th. As puppies are selected, I’ll remove their names from the selection list, so you will know which puppies are available.

Following are our August Litters that are available for selection and that will go home by the end of August.

24. Litter Pick--Light-Colored Goberian Sheera/Chase’s Litter (only one possibility—light silver female)—Are you willing to have a blue-eyed Guardian female? No light-colored pups available in this litter. 

Deposit $401
Feb 12

6. Goberian Guardian from Ivory/Polar or Sheera/Chase

Deposit: Date:
May 13

19. Goberian Uhura & Adom Guardian? MUST HAVE NO-SHED—Kelly, Please contact me about Guardianship. 

Kelly O

Deposit: July 8

25. Goberian Guardian Male from Enchante’ or Uhura, also int. in Bob


Deposit: July 24

13. Goberian Litter Pick female from Uhura. Please contact me ASAP, I need your contact information. 


Deposit June 28

Confirmed 15. Litter Pick Male

Jamie and Kate
Deposit June 3

16. Litter Pick Male

Kenny S

Deposit on file


One Guardian Female; Two Available Males Sprite’s Litter with Ashoka:

These puppies will be here at XANADU this Saturday, the 6th, and are ready to go home. There is one blue-eyed tri-color female Guardian. I do not expect her to be very big (35 to 40 lb.). But the two males will be standard sizes as adults—45-50 lb. The boys are super-sweet, one is champagne-colored and one is white. Photos are attached of parents ‘n pups. It is difficult to choose between these boys, but a Litter Pick male has been reserved.

Guardian Female

Two Goberian Guardians; Ivory and Polar’s Litter:

This is an F1b Goberian litter (heavier on the Retriever side). Polar is a Goberian with beautiful markings and a deep, soft coat, like Egyptian cotton. Both the little white female and the milk-chocolate & white male are Guardian puppies. These puppies will be here at XANADU on the 15th of August and available for their new homes after that time. This is XANADU’S first F1b Goberian litter, and I cannot wait to meet these pups. Photos of Ivory’s two available Guardians are below along with photos of Polar and Ivory. 


TWELVE Goberian Puppies!!! Guardian Females Available and Other Non-Guardians, too
Uhura’s BIG GOBERIAN LITTER with Adom:

Goberian Litter Pick female from Uhura

Please contact me ASAP, I need your contact information.

It’s a given that both Uhura and Adom have vry calm, alert and sweet personalities...All of our XANADU pups are great; some are more active (like Ashoka or Comet, Chase, Teddy, Wyldfyr, or Fyre); some are calmer (like Adom, Uhura, Quanah, or Ireland). None are couch potatoes, but this is an especially calm litter—or they are expected to be as adults. Several puppies will be low-to-no-shed Goberians and are for those who need a hypoallergenic dog for health reasons. XANADU will try another low-shed litter in 2017, but right now, we have 12 little pups to place. This is our unusual litter—some blue eyes, some brown; some low-to-no-shed, and some little wolves/Huskies with Husky-type coats and markings; some bi-colors black & white, brown & white, some spotted, some symmetrical, some tri-colors, etc., etc. We get such variety in BIG litters.

Two female Guardians are available—one tri-color (may have dark eyes) and one black and white beauty with blue eyes for sure. Selection very soon! Link to Uhura’s pups’ photos: https://goo.gl/photos/KUTJwbiSevmjybD96

The Following Puppies Will Go to New Homes in mid-Sept.:

Eight 2-week-old Puppies; Guardian Female/Male / Six More Pups Available 

Enchante and Ashoka's Litter:

Usually, XANADU breeds for Wolfy-Husky-tri-color-marked Goberian puppies with blue eyes. Often we have solid color whites and champagnes and other patterns--spots! (like those in Uhura and Adom's litter). We love the variety; many new XANADU pup owners do, too. In Enchante's litter of eight, four of the five lighter-colored champagne or white pups are females; one is a male. The other three are wolfy- husky-marked pups:

The female tri-color is a Guardian
The male quadra-color MAY be a Guardian, IF he has blue eyes. (Colors: Rust, Silver, White, Black)
And there is a gold pup with white Husky markings. Try this link to see new photos of these pups: https://goo.gl/photos/GHnzHSfRRNMznkpi9 The Pup Alert photos you see of this litter will have another color, too-- eyes will be open at the time of our next Pup Alert. While blue eye color may not be stable in pups who are new to sight, its fun to see the
dark blues and hazels that could turn green, hazel, or brown. And it is especially nice to see the blue eyes stay blue. This is such a chubby, fun litter!

Guardian Females & Available Males

F1 Standard-Sized Litter; Sheera’s Litter with XANADU’S Chase:

In Sheera’s litter, there are four puppies: Two males and two females. Both females are under consideration for Guardianship, and a selection will be made very soon.
Both males are available to new homes. This is a standard-sized litter— adult sizes will be between about 45-50 lb. Sheera’s babies’ photos are attached with parent photos, too. Our next Pup Alert newsletter will describe eye color at that time.


Thank you all for your interest in owning a XANADU puppy. If you are interested in a medium-sized very pretty Doodle puppy for the Holiday season, a few are still available. Breeding for next season’s puppies—Doodles and Goberians and Pomskies and all will begin in Dec., if any of our females are in heat at that time. Breeding season runs through the end of June. XANADU does not ordinarily breed for fall and winter litters.

We’ve got your pup. S/he just may take a few months in the making. Also, after Goberian pup selections, I’ll let everyone know about available puppies this season. 

My best to all,

Sheron and Pups at XANADU

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Xanadu Dogs, LLC

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