Xanadu Pup Alert
April 6th, 2019
And Ready to Go to New Homes 
Between April 10-15 (no pup pick-ups after the 15th)
Included in this XANADU Pup Alert:

I. XANADU News, Links, & Litter Information
I. Because XANADU of the Rockies, LLC will be closing as a business after this litter is sold, and because no other pups are expected in 2019, this is XANADU LLC'S final Goberian litter. I do not know of another Goberian breeder in the world--even one who is not careful about genetics or temperament.

ALL pups from XANADU'S CHANDA   ASHOKA'S   GOBERIAN LITTER are guaranteed for temperament, vet-checked health, and genetic soundness (please visit our website: www.xanadoodle.com for additional information). Also, please note "XANADU Breeding Goals" link which notes the inclusion of characteristics other than Golden Retrievers & Siberian Huskies that contribute to our breeding goals and the development of the XANADU Dog, The World's Best Family Dog.

Please read the link to "XANADU Breeding Goals" so you will know what genetic predispositions you can expect in your new puppy. For example, "low barkiness" may not be something you want, given your lifestyle and environmental circumstances. You may need a breed with guard-dog tendencies built in from birth; XANADU pups have built-in love & trust from the get-go. Also included are longevity (to late teens with good care), genetic soundness, superior intelligence & trainability, etc., etc.

XANADU pups are not ordinarily discounted as young as 8 or 9 weeks, but you are welcome to make an offer on any AVAILABLE pup. At this moment, 5 pups are available. Although there is "serious interest" in 3 of these available puppies, pups are NOT being held for anyone. Puppies are reserved by payment. If transportation is needed to bring your new puppy home, cost for flights (other travel options) transportation costs can be included with the PayPal payment for your pup. Please contact Mandi at xanadupack@gmail.com for information about availability, pup-payment procedure, or additional questions about the pup(s) you are considering.

Please note also that Chanda, the Goberian-mom of this litter is AVAILABLE to a new forever home. Details follow, but simply...Chanda's family is moving out of the country and cannot take her along. Chanda is perfect!

MALE GOBERIAN PUPS are  AVAILABLE  IN TRI-COLOR AND GOLD & WHITE -- some with blue eyes and some with brown/ hazel eyes. 

Below are Photos of this current litter's proud parent-dogs, Chanda and Ashoka, as well as ALL AVAILABLE PUPPIES

PUPPIES ARE 7 WEEKS Old. If you have made a confident decision about a Goberian pup and love this very sweet, colorful litter, please contact xanadupack@gmail.com for payment information. Puppy selection is in the order payments are made. Please note links for "Puppy Supplies," "How to Select a Puppy," etc. in this Pup Alert newsletter.

Because I am traveling, I cannot receive emails easily, and cell service is very poor where I am. Please ask Mandi to contact me if special assistance is needed -- xanadupack@gmail.com.
II. CHANDA & ASHOKA'S XANADU Goberian babies are very sweet pups. We expect to see consistent XANADU breeding goals / characteristics in puppy personality, just as the Golden Retriever or Boston Terrier or Beagle dogs or wolf pups are known for personality characteristics.  

Chanda (Mom) is an exceptionally gentle Goberian and a Best Service Dog Candidate -- 62 lb. / 2 photos. Chanda is out of tri-colored  Cafe' Ole'  and sired by Mr. Perfect Golden Retriever,  Elvis Jr.  (Photos on XANADOODLE website:  www.xanadoodle.com.)

Ashoka (Proud Pop) 43 lb.  Gorgeous multi-color plush coat (including merle freckles in coat),  blue-eyed  sire. Very sweet, enthusiastic hiker and camper; great family dog. 2 photos.

AVAILABLE Puppies - prices are noted with each pup. 
Contact  xanadupack@gmail.com  with your selection.
  • AVAILABLE ARAGORN, Male beautiful gold & white w/ 2 blue eyes. Guardian Todd's report: Aragorn is a doll, a bit mischevious and enjoys his toys. He loves to play. Aragorn's Pet Home Price: $2650 / OBO Contact xanadupack@gmail.com
  • AVAILABLE PUP: CHOCO, Male mahogany-color w/ tan & white markings, 2 hazel-green eyes; eye color that could turn golden brownThis pup's unique mahogany color makes him very special to XANADU. We want one litter from Chaco after he is one-year old and are willing to reduce his price for someone who will permit one (successful) natural breeding or two semen collections for freezing at the CSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Ft. Collins. Breeding males can be successfully collected after they are a year old, and Goberian males shouldn't be neutered before they are a year old anyhow. So, someone could have a XANADU favorite pup for a One-Litter Agreement; that is, very limited Guardianship and Reduced price = Very Good Deal. Guardian Todd reports: Choco is "a teddy bear lover" with soft wooly fur, very affectionate, and a big boy. CHOCO'S Price -- $1250 / OBO. Please contact Sheron through Mandi at xanadupack@gmail.com.
  • AVAILABLE PUP: GABRIEL, Male brown-eyed, very cute puppy -- tri-color (black, silver w/ white- tip tail). Gaurdian Todd reports: Gabriel is the most gentle of the pack. He is always happy with a great smile and quite affectionate. Pet Home Price: $2250 / OBO Contact xanadupack@gmail.com
  • AVAILABLE PUP: GANDOLF, Male pretty blond male w/ sapphire blue eyes. Guardian Todd reports: Gandalf is the most laid back, a sweet, mellow pup. He likes to be held. Pet Home Price: $2650 / OBO; Contact xanadupack@gmail.com
  • AVAILABLE PUP: MICHAEL, Male tri-color black, silver, & white w/ warm brown eyes, white-tip tail (XANADU breeds for tri-colors (that is, for wolf-like / Husky markings). Micheal is exhuberant, a playful guy. He is curious and probably quite bright. Pet Home Price: $2250 / OBO; Contact xanadupack@gmail.com
Aragorn (Male)
Choco (Male)
Gabriel (Male)
Gandalf (Male)
Michael (Male)
Our Perfect Guardian Female, Chanda, has completed her Breeding Obligations to XANADU with this one big litter of a dozen pups. Her Guardian family is moving out of the continental U.S., and cannot take Miz Chanda. XANADU is offering Chanda for sale. She has been trained by a professional trainer (a review course is in order after four months of puppy-ing) and she has no bad habits at all--well, she might dig a hole; Goberians and Golden Retrievers do that from time to time. Following is a report from someone who just met Chanda:

"We met Chanda last night (and her absolutely gorgeous and charming puppies! What a treat!). She is everything you said she is - very sweet, gentle, affectionate, and calm. Also well-trained - she responded to my commands readily even though we had just met! A very very sweet disposition. Chanda's temperament is perfect..."

Chanda could be offered to a breeder for $2000 plus a pup from each of three litters / other arrangement. XANADU has never sold a breeding dog to another kennel or private home before, and above all, Chanda must have a great forever home. If you are interested in exploring this option, please contact Mandi at xanadupack@gmail.com. Mandi will get in touch with me, so we can talk.
Chanda was selected to be a XANADU Guardian exclusively for her remarkable people-centered, gentle personality. She never met a stranger, human or dog. She is lower-shed, and she and her lineage provide great therapy/service candidate pups. Goberians are seasonal shedders and need to be groomed in the spring to remove the winter undercoat. The rest of the year, Goberian grooming needs are minimal. Right now, and after rearing this litter and the beginning of spring, Chanda IS shedding and will shed for about a month longer before being a wash-and-wear dog for a year. Her body-type takes after the Golden Retriever more than the Siberian Husky.

Chanda was tested by Cornell University's Embark Genetic Program for dogs. Of the 165 common-dog genetic issues, Chanda's results are perfect: Her results are "clear," "normal," and "not a carrier" of these 165 testable issues. XANADU of the Rockies provides the best pups possible, and both Chanda and pups are absolutely guaranteed against these testable genetic issues.
Your new XANADU pup is a family member. XANADU breeds for longevity, and for this multi-breed lineage, you might expect between 15 and 19 years of healthy companionship with your new best friend.

Happy Spring to ALL! And all my best to you in your search for a furry BFF. 
Always our very best to you and yours,
Sheron Steele & Xanadu of the Rockies
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