God Fights for Us!
It was not by their sword that they won the land, nor did their arm bring them victory; it was your right hand, your arm, and the light of your face, for you loved them.
Psalm 44:3
Are you one of those people that beats yourself up when you try to do something well, and the outcome doesn’t match the effort? Do you feel a weight of responsibility for decisions, even when they are small? If so, this verse might bring you some relief!
You see, David is sharing that oftentimes things are not accomplished by our own efforts. There is no mistaking it; God does want us to do a good job with what he has assigned to us; however, He also wants us to remember that He is with us!
This is a difficult concept in our hardworking society! But believe it or not, God doesn’t want us to try to harder! He wants us to be interdependent with Him. So I ask you, how do we flesh this out? How do we work with God and not by ourselves? How do we become interdependent? Let’s ponder that thought together.
Oftentimes, God is waiting for us to simply lay down the burden of responsibility. He perhaps wants us to realize that it doesn’t all depend upon our own decision-making. There will be times when we feel like if only we had obeyed a little more or if only we had done a little more, then everything would be alright. But this isn’t true, because it is never really enough! 
Perhaps we have started believing satan’s lie that doing more will accomplish the goal. The truth is more is a person. It is Jesus Christ! Any time this lie works, it is because we believe it all weighs on us! We have the Creator of the universe on your side, and He is longing to show up on our behalf. He is waiting, like a gentleman, for us to ask Him for help!
Sometimes God just wants to give us rest, unknowingly, of course, we fight the gift He offers. And once we turn it over to Him, amazingly He receives us with open arms and tells us, He loves us and He is there to take on the responsibility! We can then begin to enjoy the journey because we see Him as a loving father! God paid a HUGE price (his son), so we could have this privilege of walking with Him. So why would He make it so HARD since He has already done the work? He wouldn’t. Again, this is a lie that the enemy wants us to believe. For you see, satan has been defeated, but the only way he can attack us is if he can convince us of the lie, and we operate in it. You see, a strong nation cannot be taken down by outside forces. But oh, one can take it down from the inside out. The way you do this is to make the people believe a lie, and they act out of fear. Once this is accomplished, the nation is taken from the inside out, because they defeat themselves. God wants us to believe Him and His promises! That is the way out!
So I ask you, my friend, are you ready to lay down your sword and doubts? Are you prepared to allow God to fight the battle for you? He says in the above verse that He will fight for us because He loves us. He says, if we pray and ask for help, He will show up. So my friend, let us no longer believe the lie but seek the truth! Let us run to our heavenly Father and ask Him to show us the truth and help us recognize the lies because when we do, nothing that comes against us will prosper because He fights for us!
Brenda Lewis
Executive Minister
Woodbine Church
5200 Woodbine Road
Pace, Florida 32571