Bright Red
Bright Red

God loves ORIGINALS--He doesn't make copies!
Anyone that knows me, would acknowledge that I’m “An Original.” I have dared to allow the uniqueness that God created in me to play itself out. Yet, I have met untold individuals who are constantly trying to live up to the expectations of their parents, their families, their churches, the peer pressure of friends and fellow employees. Few ever find or enter into the unique identity of what God has created them to be and is calling them to live out.
You should never, ever hold back from God’s present calling upon your life! Each of us always needs to be “God Directed” and “God in Charge” of our lives and not man or circumstances.
Why? Because God loves variety! In His creation you don’t see “Cookie Cutouts” that are all the same. You can explore billions of snowflakes, yet no two are the same. You can examine billions of fingerprints, yet no two are an exact copy. Just consider the birds and tropical fish of every color and variety. God has created your uniqueness and even numbers the hairs of your head. Luke 12:7
Therefore, we shouldn’t be concerned with erasing all the differences among ourselves in the church or the society around us. Some of us have the firmer virtues, others have the softer virtues and still others have a unique blend of both. Thus, we should celebrate, not change, the differences of our brothers and sisters especially if they are conscientiously seeking and determined to obey the will of God.
God has created each one of us with unique qualities, and we honor Him when we unite our differences in the common goal of “Coming Under God” in all our daily living and embracing each other in our desire to demonstrate His love to the world in which we live together. All this in the context of being in conformity to God’s will and way as outlined in His Holy Word!
I love to spend time in nature and I have never found two settings or creatures the same, praise God!
Originals In Christ,
Jim & Sally
Empowered Living MInistries
Jim & Sally Hohnberger
Empowered Living Ministries