Randy Riggins and Charles Juma re-engaged with youth pastors/leaders, trained in JFYM during Reach Out’s trip to Liberia from six months ago, via Zoom on May 23. Here are a few quotes from (and comments about) that Zoom call: 
“Through the scripture, current trends, and statistics you shared when you were with us, we now understand the urgency of getting to these young people NOW. Once you guys left, we started to pray about next steps. God has placed a large burden on our hearts for the young people in our country. We started a new church in our area several months ago and everyone attending but me is under the age of 30!” 
- Ugo (Pastor on the outskirts of Monrovia) 
“They are so inspiring. You can tell this is the air that they breathe. You can see it on their faces. The passion of these youth leaders is so encouraging!” 
- Charles Juma (ROYS Continental Leader for Africa) 
“One of the churches in our area has started using the resources you gave us and they have seen an explosion of young people attending their church. Please pray for us this summer as we begin hosting evangelistic student camps.” 
- Nyanda (Leads a “school-based ministry” in Liberia) 
“It is exciting to see these youth leaders begin to take what was absorbed in the seminary classes and forum that we taught and begin to follow through with the action plans that they created from those teachable moments. Leaders are building leadership teams, engaging schools, and creating atmospheres of prayer in their ministries. God is at work in the lives of the youth leaders of this country!” 
- Randy Riggins (President – Reach Out Youth Solutions)