God at Work
One of the most amazing aspects of The Barnabas Group ("TBG"), is having a front-row seat to many of God's miraculous divine appointments.  God regularly uses TBG meetings as a platform to set forth His divine plans.  The following interview with TBG member, John VanZandt, is another inspiring example of "God at Work" through TBG:

"My wife, Bibi, and I have been members of TBG for three years.  During a TBG meeting, our non-profit, Built To Last Mission connected with TongueOut ministry.  This divine connection led to a joint mission trip to Vietnam.  Our original mission focus was to share God's love with the people of Vietnam through work at medical clinics and orphanage visits.
While enjoying breakfast with some locals, we met a missionary couple who were spreading the Word to the mountain tribes in Northern Vietnam (the Hmong, Dao, and others).  They showed us a large, printed book of 50 beautifully illustrated Bible stories in English.  This couple had a two-fold plan:

    1) Hand out the book to as many non-believers as possible; and
    2) Translate the book into Vietnamese, and have it printed.

Bibi and I took one look at the book, and then looked at each other.  We knew God was speaking to us!  One component of Built To Last Mission consists of  using technology to spread the Word.  Our ministry recently created technology to turn illustrated children's books into mobile apps.  It was clear that we were to create a multi-language set of apps containing these Bible stories.  This would eliminate expensive printing costs, and facilitate distribution.  It would also provide a spoken audio track for the entire text.  The app platform would work well in Vietnam, as it seems like everyone in Vietnam has a smart phone.

Our mission trip was in July of 2015.  By June of 2016, we had released ten apps (five on Apple's App Store, and five on Google's Play Store) in both English and Vietnamese.  We are currently working with another missionary to create a Hmong translation as well.

We are actively looking for additional partners who can use these apps to spread God's Word, either with the existing translations, or with new ones.

For more information about the Bible apps referenced in this interview, or for more information about Built To Last Mission, please visit www.builttolastmission.com

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