July 30, 2020

Dear friends and fellow disciples, 

We’re all learning to do things differently, aren’t we?

This week we had our normal July Presbytery meeting, but it was on Zoom.  More than 200 of us fumbled through getting connected, but you know what? It was a really nice experience. Members from across the Presbytery (including Alex) contributed elements for worship. We received a few updates. We met a number of new ministers to the Presbytery, who introduced themselves to us from their homes and porches, one in the car with her family, another holding her infant son. These personal touches were really meaningful. I was so proud to hear Rebecca Mattern’s name called; Rebecca was enrolled by the Presbytery as an Inquirer, the first step in the process for ordination in the PC(USA). Natalie Wolf eloquently shared her sense of call to ministry and was approved as a candidate. These two talented people are already sharing much with the larger church and are a wonderful example of the ways you all nurture leaders.

Westminster is also in the midst of our annual leadership transition. The Nominating Committee has been working hard, meeting and praying and calling some of you to ask you to serve as Deacons or Elders. I am so grateful to those who have agreed to serve (you can read about them below). Now we need your help. 

We 'll hold a congregational meeting after worship on Sunday, August 2, for the purposes of voting for the slate of candidates for the Class of 2023 officers and the two empty spots for the elders in the Class of 2021. This will be a virtual meeting, so you’ll need to connect through the Zoom video-conferencing app to participate. H op on Zoom shortly after worship, and we'll get to see each other’s faces for a moment, and vote on the talented, committed folks who have agreed to serve Christ’s church in this crucial time. I hope you will plan to join us - w e do need your participation very much. 

Also on Sunday, we will share in another important ritual: our Senior Send-Off at 6:00pm via Zoom. Parents and youth will gather around these seniors, offering prayers for the transition they are in. This is always a beautiful and touching evening.

None of these things are happening the way we'd like them to right now - and that’s a source of grief - but they are still happening. God is still at work in powerful, powerful ways, in and through and among us all. The call to serve remains.

Blessings on this day for you,