How did America arrive at the place where God is barred from public schools and sex and aberrant sexual practices are promoted? Someone must be held accountable .

Last week we quoted from a public school program for 13 and 14 year olds: “Oral sex, anal sex, sexual fantasy, masturbation, touching each others genitals, and vaginal intercourse all equal to saying, ‘I like you’.” Public schools and Higher Learning have become the prime movers and promulgators of America’s reprobate culture. (Read that message here .)

How did we arrive at the place where knowledge of God is banned from public schools, while “oral sex and anal sex” are deemed “equal to saying, ‘I like you’?” The correct answer to that question would be ‘militant secular humanism’, also known as ‘pagan Secularism’.

Since no culture lasts forever, it remains to be seen whether the Founders’ original vision can be reinvigorated. Restoration and renewal of religious faith in the public square is the sine qua non of America’s spiritual resurrection.

It is quite apparent what’s going on. Russell Kirk observed that “Every grand question has to be argued afresh in every generation.” However, we have now reached a turning point that demands that focus and energy should be directed toward cultural rehabilitation. Simply put, “ we must retrace our steps or perish.” [1]

Today’s crisis resulted from the time when the Founders’ religious vision got separated from the culture. “If a culture is to survive and flourish, it must not be severed from the religious vision out of which it arose.” [2]

The liberal Warren Court (SCOTUS, 1953-1969) first removed prayer in 1962, and then the Bible in 1963, thereby minimizing Christianity’s influence on morality and culture. In early American education, the Bible was to be “the principle text in our schools,” according to Founder Fisher Ames [1758-1808]. The reasoning behind this was that since virtue and liberty are inseparable , freedom cannot long be preserved in the absence of righteousness in the people. [3]