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In October, we kicked off our 2021 - 2022 season of Healing Conversations with a focus on "The Wisdom of Healing Through..." You can watch our previous conversations at our new Ministry site or on our YouTube Channel.

The intent of our Healing Conversations is to have safe and engaging conversations that inspire healing, hope, and awareness around issues that impact our own lives and the lives of others within our communities.
Join us Thursday, May 26th at 7:00PM for the next conversation in our series where we will explore the idea of unity of purpose.

God wants us to learn the ‘art’ of selfless love because it makes one of his and his son’s greatest desires—unity among his spiritual family—possible. God desires unity because it’s the glue that holds ‘the church’ together. Without it, you can’t have genuine fellowship nor the possibility of harmony and respect among church members.

The Bible offers five everyday strategies for carrying out your responsibility of supporting spiritual unity. 

#1 Concentrate on Shared aims 
When we focus on how people in your church (or of other faiths) are different from you, it becomes impossible to feel unified or help all find each other’s unifying points.

#2 Don’t Assume Excellence means Perfection

#3 Inspire and Encourage Others
Passing criticism on others is damaging in multiple ways When we criticize others, we are arrogantly putting ourselves in God’s place—only God can judge his believers. 

#4 Shut Down Gossip 

#5 Demonstrate Backing/Supporting Leaders 
We can show leaders our support by praying for them, loving them, making known our appreciation for them, and encouraging them. We can also urge others to do the same.

“If there is unity of purpose, there is no limit to what we can achieve.”

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Russell Snyder
Russell Snyder is the President & CEO of VOACC. Since his arrival in January 2009, the VOACC affiliate has grown from $21 million to $46million in total revenue through program and service expansion.

In 2012, Russ lead the adaptive re-use development of an old warehouse in Baltimore into a community corrections facility that is currently serving over 650 returning citizens to the community annually.
He has successfully acquired eight properties in the District of Columbia that serve as permanent supportive housing for adults with intellectual and physical disabilities. In addition, the affiliate recently developed and opened 35 new apartments and a day resource center for formally chronically homeless men and women.

As the lead minister for our affiliate, VOACC ministry continues to grow and flourish in our communities. Russ serves on the VOA National Board of Directors and had the honor of chairing the Church Governing Board the past three years to expand our church without walls.
Carlos Duran
Carlos Duran is passionate about the importance of the family for the success of our society, the role of the men in its community and the future of our youth. Speaking from his own experience as an immigrant, a man, a husband, a father, and active member of the community. Carlos brings a message that promotes people to reach their potential and become family and community changers. He is a popular speaker around the country.
For the last 25 years, Carlos Duran has been an entrepreneur and business owner in the Washington DC Area and has worked with faith-based organizations and churches across the Country promoting development and programs for the Hispanic community. In 2009, Carlos Duran founded "Hombres de Palabra" (Men of their Word); an organization dedicated to “equipping men to reach their maximum potential through education and training." In 2011, he was recognized by the White House as a “Champion of Change” for his work on behalf of men and families in the country. 

He worked for “Promise Keepers” for over 12 years, reaching and serving Hispanic men and communities across the country. He served as the Executive Director for the Evangelical Association of Hispanic Ministers in the Washington Metropolitan area, the chapter Director of Washington DC for the NHCLC and program manager for projects concerning education and issues related to the Hispanic community across the nation.
Angela King
Angela King is the CEO for VOA Texas. She began her VOA Texas career as a program coordinator in 1986, rising to the position of COO. She then joined the national office in 2000 in the position as Senior VP of Aging and Disability Services. Her experience includes program management of social services, including residential and in-home supports, senior services, treatment programs, independent living, and medical coordination. She is the current Past President for ANCOR, the national trade association for providers of services for people with intellectual disabilities. 
Angela has coordinated VOA’s disability network and served as the internal expert on these services for several years. She has spoken at numerous state and national conferences on disability and aging, housing, person-centered planning, leadership and other topics. Ms. King is also a co-author of several articles related to best practices for end-of-life care for people with intellectual disabilities. She has participated in Volunteers of America’s National Outcomes project and the organizational transition to a robust data driven system. Ms. King has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of South Alabama and a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington.

Angela grew up in Alabama and moved to Texas over 30 years ago, settling in Arlington.  She enjoys music and has taken responsibility for leading the VOA choir and music participation in various VOA worship services. Angela is active in her home church in Ft. Worth, Celebration Community Church and has encouraged their participation in many VOA holiday giving events. 
Sharon Jones-Eversley
Dr. Sharon D. Jones-Eversley is an Assistant Professor at Towson University Family Studies and
Community Development Department.

She earned a doctorate degree in Public Health from Morgan State University School of Community Health and Health Policy.

She obtained her B.A. from Morgan State University and her M.A. from University of Baltimore.
She has interdisciplinary expertise in social epidemiology, nonprofit leadership and management, human services and community capacity building. At Towson University, she is the Campus Executive Director of the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) and Interim Director of the Business, Communications and Liberal Arts (BCLA) Program.

Academically, she involved with the following professional organizations:

  • Editorial Board for the Journal for
  • Nonprofit Education and Leadership
  • National Council on Family Relations (NCFR)
  • Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA)
  • Association of Nonprofit Educators (ANE)
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