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“Kids from poor families are normally rejected by the community, but I wanted to be part of that change, to really prove to the community that these kids also, from poor families, can learn well and it has worked!” said Nsernimana Vigney, Principal of Kigali Christian School (KCS).
Youth for Christ in Rwanda, as part of their strategy to raise up life-long followers of Jesus Christ, is providing quality Christian education to kids irrespective of their socioeconomic background. Opening in 2006, the Kigali Christian School in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda, now serves over 700 primary and secondary students.

“It was amazing,” said Molly Oitzman, a Youth for Christ supporter from California who visited the school this year with her entire family, including husband Tim, son Teddy, and daughter Megan. “We were impressed with the quality of the education, the caliber of the staff and teachers, the love, honor and respect at the school. We were overwhelmed with hugs. It was a life-changing experience for us all.

“What makes this school special is its inclusivity,” said Emomeri Richard, KCS Primary Director. “The Kigali Christian School serves children from all walks of life. So a child who will not even have a meal when they go back home, or they don’t have access to electricity, they come here and they are performing at the same level as everyone else.”

“I’m happy that even the rich families are changing their mindset. Kids from poor families can add value, they can perform well, making no difference whether this kid comes from a poor family or a rich family. When they are at campus they are the same. They study the same things, they eat the same food, they are the same” Vigney said.

Niyonshuti Christine, mother of some students at the school said, “Their father passed away six years ago. I’m currently a single mother. This school helps find sponsorship for my four children and for some school materials. One of my sons wants to be a pilot, another wishes to be a doctor. This gives me great joy.

“We went away understanding how the money we spend on little things here can really change lives over there,” said Tim Oitzman after his time there. “We left saying ‘we want to do more!’”

“I tell you what makes my days is coming to the office and hearing the noise of the kids,” said Mugarura Jean Baptiste, National Director of YFC in Rwanda. “I walk around and see the teachers, I love it. This is the future of Rwanda. We see business people, we see political leaders, we see church leaders. The bottom line is how do we address the whole person? Soul, spirit, and body? I believe we are addressing that. My dream is to bring more kids in the system, build more schools, that we can sponsor more kids.”

“We were there ten days. And every day we thought ‘this is the best day’ ” Molly Oitzman said. “Go and see.”
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