We are walking through very different days. But praise the Lord, we have no need to fear. Our God is in control and He is always at work to bring about good to accomplish His perfect will and plan.

We are still making plans for future ministries with our national leaders in Central America, East Africa, and India:

-Evangelism, discipleship, and church planting trainings
-Leadership development: training pastors and church leaders.
-Women's Bible training (in person and by Skype)
-Clean Water Ministry: Digging wells and giving Water Filters
-Providing Bibles for pastors and church leaders
-Church planting project: leaders in each country training
evangelism in many villages
-Living Water Open Air Crusades by Skype in villages where we
have dug wells
-Continue to study new technology that that will enhance our
Preaching and Teaching ministry around the world

Women's training in Kenya by Skype in March
Candace Jenkins and Link Ellis of HIckory Withe Baptist. Stef Deck of Bellevue Baptist. Amanda Allen of FBC Rison, ARK, and Barbara Akins teach a women's Bible training in Kenya.
Barbara taught the ladies, "What does God say about Witchcraft?"

Because of the strong influence of witchcraft in the African culture many believers continue to seek help from Witch Doctors. They think, "we do Witchcraft in a Christian way".

God deeply spoke to many of the ladies once they were confronted with the truth of God's Word.
Prayer request for well in Oropoli, Honduras

The country of Honduras has had severe drought this last year. In the town of Oropoli the river is dry. Within 1 or 2 weeks there will be NO water at all for the town and surrounding villages in the mountains.

We have received a contribution to drill a well and have sent the money. Our leader, Gustavo, cannot leave his home to go to the bank to get the funds and to contract the well company to dig the well. Please pray that God will intervene to enable Gustavo to travel to the city to get the money and have the company dig the well.
We thank you for your love, support and prayers.
Many Bible school students and women church leaders desperately need Bibles:

To give Bibles to church leaders in Africa:

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Jesus Loves you and
Thank You!!