Dear Friends of the Meadow,


I received this email a while back but wanted to share with you the thoughts of one of our participants in the Meadow's Spiritual Development Forum. (SDF)


 "It is a hot humid spring Saturday morning and I find myself being nudged to email you (Bob) and just let you know that this past "year" at the meadow has meant so much to me. It has been eye-opening and very helpful in my personal journey of self-acceptance and finding God with me more and more!


 I'll be 50 this summer and realized that over 38 years of my life (seriously, since I was twelve) I've been seeking peace. I've found that every day, since joining the SDF, I've been able to find that peace more and more, and only because of the love and message of Jesus.   You've supplied the tools for self-reflection and life-realization that have changed how I see God's peace.


I am going to spend the next half of my life seeking freedom; freedom to be me; to be me in Christ and to love myself so that I can love others better and deeper. I learned that if I can accept myself and keep peeling back the layers; finding my true self, then I will be more prepared for what God has and how I can be used by Him!


 I want to again express my deepest appreciation and encouragement for your effort, hard work, acceptance, and love of God that has permeated into a desire for me to see myself and others grow."    A SDF Participant


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Holding on to His Peace, Love and Joy,

Bob Arnold