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  • a note to parents from Rebecca
  • Jubilee Choir gathers in the Choir Zoom on Wednesdays
  • Celebrate Wonder is launched and wonder-full
  • how to be an online Acolyte or Bible bearer.
  • an invitation to watch the Children's Moment during Sunday worship
Parents, your children face lots of challenges, ask lots of questions, and feel big emotions. Their joys and stressors and busy-ness take different forms, but your children's lives feel just as complex to them as yours does to you. Remember that I am here to support you in your parenting journey. I have resources and recommendations for all kinds of conversations. And I am always praying for you--that you find wisdom, objectivity, patience, and love to meet each parenting moment.
I invite you to contact me, whether for information or prayer or conversation. In your sadness and in your gladness you are not alone, even when we can't be together.
Rebecca Dyck
919.929.7191 x22
The first ever Jubilee Choir rehearsal on zoom
("zoom-hearsal") was lively, fast-paced, a little silly,
very musical, and a BIG success.
The rehearsal included Jolly Ranchers...and 3 cats and 2 dogs!
You can join too!
If you are in 2nd grade on up, meet me in the Choir Zoom
on Wednesdays at 3:30pm.
Click->Contact Rebecca for the zoom-hearsal link.
Celebrate Wonder is a spiritual formation and faith exploration experience for your children and your whole family.
The current session has begun, and a new 4-week session will begin in October. Your family can join anytime.
Click the logo above to ask Rebecca about CW!
Think back to in-person worship.
At the start of the service, the Acolytes carried in the Light, and the Bible bearer carried in the Bible.
Think about online worship.
No Acolytes, no Bible bearer.
Let's bring back Light and Bible!
I'm looking for volunteer families to record Candle Lighting and Bible bearing, to be used in our Sunday morning worship.
Contact Rebecca to learn more.
Charlie and Rebecca talk about Gathering together. Even though they are NOT together. Or are they?
´╗┐Join them this coming Sunday morning, during the 10am online worship service on the University UMC
Rebecca Dyck,
Director of Children and Family Ministries
Join us Sundays at 10am
for "distance" worship