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Church Calendar
We are doing our best to bring worship & other church activities to you virtually. Please check the calendar below & links to join our virtual meetings.

April 2020
22nd -  Weekly Zoom Check in & Prayer

26th -  In Person Service Cancelled
            Recording Will be made a vailable via online 

29th -  Weekly Zoom Check in & Prayer

May 2020
3rd -  In Person Service Cancelled            
         Recording Will be made available via online 

10th -  In Person Service Cancelled            
     Recording Will be made available via online 

17th -  In Person Service Cancelled            
    Recording Will be made available via online 

24th -  In Person Service Cancelled            
     Recording Will be made available via online 

31st -  In Person Service Cancelled            
    Recording Will be made available via online 

If you can't come to the church for Bingo, then Bingo will come to YOU.  Watch this space, as we will be announcing the date of our first ever:
Virtual Online Quarantine Bingo Session

If you'd like to take part it online Bingo, please let us know as soon as possible. Drop us a line to: & we will then send you out your Bingo cards. 

We'll have 5 games & winners will receive a gift card in the mail. As soon as we know how many want to participate, we will announce a date, time & send out a link to take part. Watch this space. 

We invite you to please continue to support God's Acre MCC, by sending in your weekly offering. God is good, but we do to ensure that our doors can open when we can resume meeting in person.

Because of your financial support, we are able to keep ministering through the medium of Text,  Facebook, Zoom, Email, Phone, Newsletters, even Snail Mail

It's now even easier to give your weekly offering; you can donate online, by clicking on the button below, or you can mail your offering check, payable to God's Acre MCC, to our PO Box address, until services resume.

Huge thanks to everyone who continues to send in their check or donated online; your financial support really helps us to be able to pay our bills, insurance, postage and keep our services going; it means a great deal that you are supporting your church, especially at this time.

God's Acre MCC
PO Box 770240
Fl 34477-0240

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, and in line with local & national government guidelines, our face to face worship services will be cancelled until, at least, the end of May 2020.

We WILL REOPEN & services WILL RESUME again, as soon as possible, but for now, we are doing our best to bring you pre-recorded services uploaded to our Facebook page, and also via a YouTube link, in this newsletter each week. 

The church building will remain closed to all until we receive the all clear, whenever that may be. We are following guidelines from the CDC & Florida officials.
We are also responding to the FL Surgeon General's request that anyone over 65, or with an underlying health problem, stay at home.

We WILL also continue to send out the weekly, daily prayers & reflections, check-ins & other important information via our Facebook page. Please hold on to any shoes that you have been collecting; as soon as church is open, we can begin to sort them again; please do not drop anything off at church for the time being.

Please make sure you not only 'Like' our page, but that you are also 'following' our page to receive the updates into your feed.

We would ask you please to keep Rev. Janice, the board & all of our members in your prayers in the coming weeks; we would also ask you to continue to financially support God's Acre MCC; we still have bills to pay & we need to ensure our doors can reopen as soon as possible. Information on how you can send your gift is available in the side bar.

Please check-in with Rev. Janice via text, email and/or Facebook; if you need prayer or just want to chat, Rev. Janice is always available to you.
Board Members & 
Lay Delegate Info
ModeratorRev. Janice Bowker
Vice Moderator: Alan R
Treasurer: Maureen P
Clerk: Gena T

Lay Delegate & Social Media Admin: Marina L
Next Board Meeting 
26th April 2020

Board members will meet virtually for the foreseeable future
Don't forget to 'Like' and 'Follow' our God's Acre MCC page, to receive our posts directly into your daily feed
Ongoing Fundraiser  at 
Just enter the 4 digit code: 7070 
when you select your preferred wash 
God's Acre will 10% from every wash

You can still help God's Acre & still maintain a safe social distance!

3065 SE 24th Street
5199 SW 49th Court

Just because we are currently on lock down , doesn't mean that we aren't still collecting shoes; we are! We still have our goal of 2,500 pairs to reach.

During the current outbreak, however, I am asking folks to please hold onto shoes for the time being; please don't drop them off at church, as we are not able to process them right now. 

We now have no deadline so that will help us immensely.  The church building will remain closed to all until we receive the all clear, whenever that may be. 
Through our work with, your shoes will help many people around the world, in developing countries AND help God's Acre raise some much needed funds, at the same time.
Email us at:

20th April 2020

Let Us Be Encouraged
I want to salute Captain Tom Moore - a 99-year-old British war veteran - who has now raised more than £25 million UK or $31.3 million US, for the UK health service by walking 100 laps of his garden, which was 82' long.  
The World War II veteran, who has used a walking frame with wheels since breaking his hip, set himself the target of walking around his garden 100 times before his 100th birthday on April 30. He completed his task on Thursday, but has since kept on walking.

Captain Moore's original target was to raise £1,000/$1250, but that modest aim was blown away as media attention from around the globe zoomed in on his garden in central England.
Tom said, "I am still amazed by the amount of kindness and generosity from the UK public, who continue to give despite it being an uncertain time for many," in a statement on Saturday. This is the sort of story that fills our hearts with joy, in the knowledge that we will make it through this crises.
If Captain Tom can do it, so can we. So, let our hearts be lifted and be filled with hope for the weeks to come, knowing that we are all doing our bit to keep our country safe.
Whatever situation we find ourselves in, in life, we will always find someone who will go the extra mile for us. May you all have a blessed week.

In Christ
Rev. Janice

Rev. Janice Bowker
Senior Pastor | God's Acre MCC 
This Week's Easter Sunday Service

In case you missed it on Facebook
God's Acre MCC - Sunday Service - April 19th 2020
God's Acre MCC 
Sunday Service
April 19th 2020
Thanks for Your Photos

Many thanks to the folks who sent in their photos, which we pinned to the seats in church. 

There's still time to send your photos in - just email them to: & we'll print them out & pin them on seats so you can be part of the virtual audience.
Communion Wafers by Mail

So that everyone can participate during communion, we will be mailing out communion wafers this week, to see you all through the end of April & all of May.
There will be enough for one wafer per person and hopefully, by the end of May, we will have a better idea of whether or not we can meet in person again. If we can't, we will send out more wafers. Be safe & be well.
T his week we ask for the following prayers:

*Special thanks for Rev. Janice; we wish her a very Happy Birthday & thank her for her hard work, guidance & strength; especially during this time of worldwide pandemic; we thank you her continued leadership & for being our shepherd in times of trial
*For the world battling with the Coronavirus pandemic; please keep everyone safe & as far from infection as possible; protect each person in our church, in our county, in our state & in the world; keep our families safe - whether they are nearby, or overseas. 
*Extra healing & care for KP; we know that you are holding her in your hands Lord
*Continued healing, strength & comfort for Nick D, Jim, Kaye, Uncle Dick, Pam & Wayne, Phil, Diane, Midge, Richie, Megan, Hettie, Bob, Tom & David K, Roger, Larry, Letty, Crystal & Elaine, Jeremiah, Noah, Joel & Erin, Val in PA, David S & Fred L in CO
* all who are seeking unemployment benefit; we ask that their applications will be processed as soon as possible
*Comfort for all in need
*For our Moderator - Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, the MCC staff, Governing Board & Council of Elders.
*Guide our world leaders to make good choices
*Guide our doctors & health care workers; give them strength for the long hours they are working
*Help every person to know peace, patience & kindness in these coming weeks
Let's ZOOM Again Together
Check In & Prayer
Rev. Janice would like to invite you all to join her again this week, for another online group check in & prayer.

The meeting will be:
Wednesday 22nd April
at 5:30pm

This way, folks can connect virtually with each other.

You don't need any special equipment, just use of a computer, iPad, iPhone, Android . You will be asked to allow access to you camera & microphone ; you will also be asked to use internal audio. Just say yes to all of these & you can join in the virtual meeting.

Below is a link - all you have to do is click on the link, at the prescribed time, and you will be able to talk online.  Rev. Janice is looking forward to seeing as many of you online, as possible.


8th - Donna W
19th - Rev. Janice
27th - Betty Lou H

If you have a birthday or anniversary, and it is not listed, please let us know, so that we can add you to the list.
God's Acre MCC  Website

Please check out our website; it is regularly updated & we have the links to all of our online services now listed; we also have our COVID-19 page & information about the church & how you can donate online.

Our church is now also listed on the WESH2 local news pages for churches with online services. 

God is good & our services are now being viewed all over the world; we are receiving some wonderful comments from MCC members in many other countries - through the ministry of technology, we are now able to bring the word of God & our services & ministries to people who would never ordinarily be able to visit our church.

God is good & we are so thankful for the blessings we receive.
Yard & Garden Landscape Team

Alan R | Gena T | Keith S
Worship Address: 700 NW 57th Avenue, Ocala, FL 34482
Mailing Address: PO Box 770240, Ocala, FL 34477-0240