Vol. 80 Issue 8 | Week of February 21-28, 2022
God's Faithfulness During Change

Over and over again through our first century, we have learned that change happens. Yet, through every change we have rediscovered God’s faithfulness is dependable. Our faithful God will guide us into and through our second century as well.

The past two years of pandemic have caused us to deal with constant change. Some of these pandemic changes and unknown factors have added emotional anxieties to our lives. As we step into our second century, we are walking through a season of change. And we will persevere through each change depending upon the dependable God. Although we seem to be slowly emerging out of this pandemic, we are dealing with an increased amount of change because decisions and actions were delayed or put on hold for the past two years.

Let me offer a few thoughts to help you deal with change. This is not a comprehensive list, but you may find these practices helpful.  

First, acknowledge change. Denying change or fighting against change will actually increase your anxiety – and can increase the anxiety of persons around you.

Second, acknowledge that change can also provide new opportunities for growth.

Third, remember that most things are stable although a few changes are occurring.

Fourth, practice self-care in your diet, exercise and social relationships.

Fifth, seek emotional support by asking for help, speaking with a counselor, etc.

Sixth, make a list of potential positive outcomes from the change.  
Even amidst this season of change, I am VERY EXCITED about our future. We have several positive changes unfolding below the surface like the daffodils now springing into bloom from winter’s soil. I am extremely thankful to be the senior minister guiding and coordinating leadership for St. John’s into our second century. Beloved, let us embrace the opportunities God presents to us in every change as we step into our second century with active faith. I love you!
February 22, 2022

Dear St. John's,

Ecclesiastes reminds us that there are seasons in life. After serving St. John’s since late May of 2013, my season at St. John’s is coming to an end. I am resigning from my position as Minister for Spiritual Growth. For a season, St. John’s was the place God was calling me to serve, and now God is calling me to the next right thing. I am being called as Associate Pastor to a church in another state.

After carefully considering the calendar and all of the special events and celebrations on the horizon, my last Sunday will be March 13, my last day in office will be March 17, and my last day of employment will be April 1. My unused vacation time should make this possible. 

In the days and weeks until my departure, I will work to make sure there are good notes left behind and will gladly work with any volunteers or groups to help make this big transition as smooth as it can possibly be. You will certainly be in my prayers as I know this transition will have a large impact on both the staff and the congregation.

I am deeply grateful for my time at St. John’s. This congregation has helped me to grow as a minister, and I will treasure the memories and relationships I have made here. I look forward to seeing where our paths may cross again.


Rev. Allison Benfield

We are so thankful for Allison's ministry over the past 8 years at St. John's. We will celebrate her in March. More details to come.

2022 Community & State Missions Offering

The Mission Resource Team has set a goal of $5,000 for the 2022 Community & State Missions Offering, collected in February and March.

Every spring, we present financial gifts to our Community & State Mission Offering. These gifts are beyond our tithes and offerings to the Annual Ministry Budget Plan. We will give half our gifts to Refugee Support Services of the Carolinas and the other half to The School of Divinity at Wake Forest University.

Currently, Charlotte is home to more than 17,000 refugees and former refugees from all around the world. Refugee Support Services (RSS) is a post-resettlement organization that helps refugees make Charlotte their home. The organization’s mission is to facilitate programs and intercultural relationships that promote refugee self-sufficiency and enrich the community. RSS has been a mission partner of St. John’s since 2018. Several St. John’s members have taken the Refugee 101 class and have volunteered in various ways during the past 4 years. The gift from St. John’s will be used where it is most needed to support the various programs that Refugee Support Services provides.

Although Wake Divinity School is less than 25 years young, it has already received national acclaim as one of the best centers for holistic and significant theological education preparing leaders for God’s Church in this age. St. John’s was a founding member congregation of what we lovingly refer to as Wake Div. Today, Wake Divinity School touches the world as an agent of justice, reconciliation and compassion serving God by preparing architects of equity, hope and healing to serve God’s Church. They help people of all ages and abilities cultivate self-awareness, discern vocation and develop the knowledge and skills needed to live out their calling with faithful effectiveness.

Help us reach the $5,000 goal by giving today!


We cannot fully tell our story of one century in one worship service. Therefore, we will treat Sundays, March 13, 20 and 27 as a trilogy.

On Sunday, March 13, we will REMEMBER how God has been faithful to us throughout our first century. We will remember moments, people, commitments and actions that have brought us here.

On Sunday, March 20, we will CELEBRATE our centennial. On that day, we will identify some of the values we have embraced; values which have served as signposts along the past century and where we are today in relationship with these values.

On Sunday, March 27, we will ENVISION our future. We will consider ways to begin our second century through spiritual renewal and clarified commitments.
Please make plans to be present in person or on livestream for this trilogy of Sundays.

Ash Wednesday at St. John's

Our Ash Wednesday Sacred Space is returning next Wednesday, March 2 from 10am-7pm in Broach Hall. Come walk the labyrinth and participate in other reflective stations for as long as you like. A minister will be present for the imposition of ashes.

As you arrive, please use the Broach Hall doors. You will have access with your key fob or can buzz the office to be let in. After 4 (when our school programs are gone for the day) we will have the door unlocked.

This is a beautiful and meaningful way to begin the season of Lent. Don't miss out!

The Wholeness of God: God Beyond Gender
Women's Retreat, March 4-5, 2022

Register on Realm by this Friday, February 25!

Women of all ages are invited to participate in this year's Women's Retreat on March 4-5 in Broach Hall at St. John's! This year, our facilitator will be Rev. Dr. Martha Kearse. Beginning at 6:30pm until 9:00pm on Friday, March 4 and going from 9:00am-3:30pm on Saturday, March 5, we will gather to travel from the ways God has been historically presented through the traditional, patriarchal language, into the under-represented feminine expression of Divine Wisdom, and ultimately beyond either of these dualities of God.

If you need assistance registering, please contact Mallory Brown at 704-477-3349 or mbrown@sjcharlotte.org. The cost to register is $40.

Register at the button below!

Happy Birthday, St. John's!

The people of St. John's will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of our founding on March 20.

A wonderful service will be held that morning including special music, some of which has been composed especially for the anniversary celebration. Items from the Heritage Room will be on display. Please plan to attend and invite others, former members, and friends
of St. John's, to attend. We are hoping several of our former staff members will also be able to attend.

A gathering time will be held after the service, possibly on the lawn if nice weather; otherwise in Lasater Hall. A photo of the congregation will be taken that morning-- details to be announced.
Throughout the year, one decade will be celebrated each month beginning with "The 1920's" in March.

Other events--concerts and programs-- and opportunities for fellowship will be held during our Anniversary year.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Fredda Kimball or Linda Crowder.

Happy Birthday St. John's!
Easter Lilies 2022

This year, we are offering assorted Calla Lilies in order to reduce the pollen and help everyone enjoy this glorious Sunday of worship. The cost is $18.50 each. Be sure to indicate if the Lily is In Memory of or in Honor of a loved one. 

All orders must be placed by Sunday, March 13. You can order via Realm with the button below OR click the second button to print and fill out the form to be turned into Jenny in the office.

Please be sure to indicate if you DO NOT plan to take your Calla Lily after the Easter service.
Church Basketball Updates
Masking This Season & End of Year Celebration


We will continue masking in the gym for the remainder of this basketball season. We realize that Mecklenburg County indoor mask ends February 26 and Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools go mask optional on March 7. The last Saturday we host games in our gym is March 5th and our end of year basketball celebration is March 6. 


On Sunday, March 6, we will conclude the season with an end of celebration to wrap things up. The schedule of the evening for each team is listed below.

  • 6 & Under Co-Ed "Mean Green" & 8 & Under Girls "Green She-Hulks"
  • 4:00-5:00 pm Gym - Players and Family Basketball Game, Cha Cha Slide, & Trophy presentation.
  • 5:00-5:45 pm Lounge (across the hall from Gym) - Pizza

  • Both 8 & Under Boys Teams "Eagles" & "Green Snakes"
  • 5:00-5:45 pm Gym - Mixed team Fun Basketball Game & Trophy presentation
  • 5:45-6:30 pm Lounge - Pizza

  • 10 & Under Boys "Venom"
  • 5:45-6:30 pm Gym - Parents vs Players Fun Basketball Game & Trophy Presentation
  • 6:30-7:15 pm Lounge - Pizza                                                                    

  • 15 & Under Girls "Electric Green Machine" & 18 & Under Girls "Green Dragons"         
  • 6:30-7:15 pm Gym - Mixed Team High School Girls Fun Game
  • 7:15-8:00 pm Lounge - Pizza

  • 18 & Under Boys  
  • 6:30-7:15 pm Lounge - Pizza
  • 7:15-8:00 pm Gym - Players & Friends Pick-up Game

Prayer Concerns, Thanks, Sympathy

Shirley Ballard, Katherine Barr, Martha Brown, Stan Brown, Tamara Edwards,
Caroline Godsey, Tish Philemon, Carole Ann Simpson,
Jerry Stephens, Don Swofford, Elma Thomas, Dee Turner

Congratulations to Dan & Carly Redding in the birth of their daughter,
Margaret Grace Redding, on February 23. Dylan is the proud brother.

Please email info@sjcharlotte.org to share a prayer request, thank you, or celebration.
Financial Ministry Plan Report
Week of February 15-21: $31,162
Income through February 21: $169,086
Annual 2022 Ministry Plan Budget Goal: $1,135,000
Community & State Missions: $125
Goal: $5,000
Recipients – Wake Forest Divinity School & Refugee Support Services
You can make contributions, view your giving history and pledge status, as well as update your pledge and giving information anytime by accessing your personal Realm profile online or via the Connect App.
Ministers On-Call Schedule

Feb. 21-27- Dennis Foust
February 28-March 6- Kevin Gray

Staff Contact Information

Jenny Godfrey, Administrative Assistant - 704-333-5428, ext. 11
Dennis Foust, Senior Minister - 704-359-7234 (cell); 704-333-5428, ext. 12
Lee Gray, Minister for Congregational Care - 704-451-1309 (cell); 704-333-5428, ext. 15
Allison Benfield, Minister for Spiritual Growth - 828-448-8412 (cell); 704-333-5428, ext. 18
Kevin Gray, Minister for Music and Worship - 803-524-0287 (cell); 704-333-5428, ext. 14
Jacquelyn McAbee, Church Administrator - 434-579-1177 (cell); 704-333-5428, ext. 20
Mallory Brown- 704-477-3349 (cell)