Christmas is a time to celebrate the immense generosity of God!  It is a great time of giving and receiving that should transform our lives!


I love Christmas and everything about it. From the old sentimental music, to the hope of snow on Christmas day. But it goes far beyond the traditions and trappings. Embracing the immense generosity of God causes us to celebrate and enter into the greatness of God and Spirit of His birth!


Personally, part of the celebration is the receiving of the gift. It is a time for us to give and receive. It isn't the size nor cost of the gift but the intention of the gift. Each year one of the most meaningful gifts I receive comes from my son, Robert, Jr. He takes the time to write a long and very personal note to me. He shares an intimate and personal view of our relationship and what it means to him. This intimacy is a very generous sharing of himself and a longing for me to know how he feels.


God shares generous and intimate gifts with us too. When I was with Astronomer Hugh Ross, he remarked that after studying the heavens, the more than 300 six trillion stars and the rest of the universe were created with the purpose that earth could flourish and sustain human life. It seems that the universe was created with one possible reason; life on planet earth.


So here is an immense God who is beyond my mere comprehension. He is a God who knows each star by name and still comes to earth in a very humble and gentle manner. He comes to bring us His joy and redeem men from their despair.


God's desire is to give us all that is in His Kingdom. As His friend and His Heir, we inherit all that He has. He loves to give.


As I reflect on God's most precious gift of sending us His son, I am humbled by God's generosity and for His desire for me to enter into all that He has for me. I continue to be amazed at His unfailing love and grace that He gives to us so freely. My prayer is to continue to extend and accept God's grace and love for myself and a world that feels unloved and bitter. I want to continue to give more and more of my life to God and His Kingdom and to a world that doesn't know Him!


The Naivity
Merry Christmas!



May the spirit of Christmas transform our lives! 

Bob & Jeanne Arnold


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