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July 2011
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House of Joy - exterior painting

The new House of Joy is being painted!


GREAT NEWS About the House of Joy!

We are CELEBRATING! We recieved all the money needed to finish the 1st floor of the new House of Joy Maternity Home!!!


A prolife ministry from another city in Romania had property to sell and their Board voted to give all the proceeds from the sale to the House of Joy building fund. It took over a year for the sale to be complete but finally, on May 17th, we received a gift from this ministry of $44,000!!! This was just the amount needed to complete the first floor of the new maternity home!


Since we received this contribution, we've been working hard to complete the first floor. Right now the interior doors, tile flooring, sewer system, fences and sidewalks, and the bathrooms and kitchen are all being installed and finished up! If all goes as planned, we should be done with construction by end of July. Once we've completed the construction of the 1st floor, we expect licensing to take one to three months. Please pray with us that the licensing process will go smoothly so we can open our doors to four unwed mothers as soon as possible!!!


2012 ~ Phase V & VI of the New House of Joy


After the first floor is fully licensed and functioning, providing a home for four unwed mothers at a time, we will focus on raising the funds to complete Phase V and VI, the second and third floor. Once the whole building is complete, the larger home will make us much more fruitful, enabling us to minister to 12 mothers and their babies at one time. 


Please keep the House of Joy Maternity Home in your heart & minds as you consider your giving for 2012!


Phase V - 2nd Floor - interior doors & paint, flooring, staircase, bathrooms, lighting, furniture = $45,000


Phase VI - 3rd Floor - interior doors & paint, flooring, staircase, bathrooms, lighting, furniture, dormer windows, driveway = $55,000



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Fall 2011 Celebration of Life!

For those of you living in the Kansas City area, please plan to join us this fall for the Living Alternatives Celebration of Life event as we CELEBRATE the grand opening of the new House of Joy Maternity Home! Details of the event will be sent out in August. For more information or to join the planning committee for this event, contact us at We would love your help! 

Thank you so much to all of you who have prayed and given generously throughout the House of Joy building project.  We are so very thankful for your prayers and for your generous and sacrificial giving to make this vision become a reality. Because of you, very soon we will open our doors to four unwed mothers in need!


Together for Life!

Kathy Miller, Executive Director
Living Alternatives Romania