God's Multiplication
by Rachel Billups, Senior Pastor
You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.
Paul in his second letter to the Corinthians reminded Jesus followers that generosity has this supernatural multiplying effect. I cannot explain it; I am not even exactly sure how it works. But, when we open our hands in faith to God, God takes the money and resources we give and multiplies them. It’s an act of faith and trust. And it’s not our math: one plus one may not equal two. God sometimes feeds more than five thousand men, women and children on a hillside with only one lunch. God’s math meant that a widow’s oil jar never ran dry, even though the prophet Elisha had allegedly received what was supposed to be the last few ounces of her oil. It’s that moment in worship from a few weeks ago when a young woman placed her trust in God to make a way to see her grandfather before he passed, and you, Ginghamsburg family, freely gifted her with ones, twenties and hundreds until her trip was more than paid. Not only did Meg see her grandpa before he passed away, but she spent the week with her family honoring his life. It’s God’s math, not ours.
Let me be honest. There have been weeks throughout this pandemic season when I wasn’t sure how we were going to pay future bills, when I wondered for how long we could sustain ministry in weeks when offerings were $20,000 to $30,000 below the weekly budgeted need. Some weeks I still do. And yet every time, God has provided. Some of that provision has been through Paycheck Protection Program loans, yes, but also through your continued generosity. Every single week, God’s mission is multiplied as we care for the sick, provide food for the hungry, counsel the grieving, pray for the hurting and guide those longing for a purpose. We are able to invite everyone to Jesus’ table for faith, family and food. I am inspired by the Upstanders in this faith community who go the extra mile, who bridge the gap and who stand up for the marginalized and oppressed. You are changing the world one precious life at time.
Every week God’s mission is deployed through Ginghamsburg Church with a weekly need of $63,000. In the last twelve months we’ve averaged $54,000 in weekly offerings. We know that times have been tough for you, and so it’s not out of obligation that we are inviting you to give. It’s out of faith. We are trusting for God to provide for you and your family, and we are trusting for God to provide for our church.
Because of God’s mission in and through Ginghamsburg Church, six schools systems have access to counseling services through New Creation Counseling: Upper Valley Career Center, Miami East School District, Covington School District, Tipp City School District, Bradford School District and Miami County Educational Resource Center.
Because of God’s mission through Ginghamsburg Church, 112 elementary-aged kids across 5 locations have been loved and mentored by 6 teen interns, as well as 64 teen and adult servant volunteers, for 8 full weeks of summer through our Clubhouse teen mentoring program.
Because of God’s mission through Ginghamsburg, New Path has been multiplying its reach into Piqua, providing 30,548 pounds of food through the Piqua pantry alone in the first six months of 2021.
Twenty-seven children have given their lives to Jesus, 20 students deployed to love their neighbors regardless on mission last week and 12 folks have already signed up to experience baptism in the river this August, with many more to come.
Ginghamsburg family, God is on the move in and through us and I am trusting God to provide. The mission is alive; people are on the move; lives are being transformed.
God, we trust you and we thank you for the multiplying generosity of your people.
P.S. Mark your calendar for our upcoming Vision and Financial Update lunch on Sunday, August 29. We will gather in the Tipp City Worship Center following the 10:30am worship celebration. Click here to register now! Lunch will be provided, and all are welcome. It’s an opportunity to share about how God’s resources are being deployed throughout our community and around the globe.
On Mission With You,
Pastor Rachel
Rachel Billups
Senior Pastor
River baptisms return in three weeks!

Sunday, August 22, 12:30pm, Canal Cove Shelter, Taylorsville Metropark
In baptism we are cleansed, we are claimed and we are called in. Celebrate saying, “Yes!” to the Jesus life or reaffirm your dedication with baptism in the Great Miami River. Registration and a one-time class are required to take part. Click here to register and choose a class time.
By the Numbers...
  • Offering this week was $35,793 from 204 individual or family givers.  
  • In-person worship was attended by 478 individuals across both locations.
  • Online worship was streamed over the weekend by 1,327 unique devices on three platforms (YouTube, Facebook and ginghamsburg.church).

This Weekend at Ginghamsburg!
Yep - our world is broken. But the final chapters of the book of Daniel call us into the hope of broken alongside beautiful. It's a fresh word for UPSTANDERS in a bystander world.

Don't miss this weekend's worship online or in-person as we welcome guest speaker and good friend of Ginghamsburg, Nick Cunningham, to share this powerful message of hope. 
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Sunday: 10:30am

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